New 2021 in Abkhazia

New 2021 in Abkhazia will appreciate the reasonable prices, the hospitality of the Caucasus, warm weather. The Republic is famous for its resorts (Gagra, Pitsunda, Sukhumi), where in early January, thousands of tourists wishing to relax from the cold and biting wind of the Russian winter. Travelers fall in love with the picturesque scenery of the country enjoy an abundance of local food, speak well about the developed infrastructure of cities, as well as a high level of service.

The climate

The weather by 2021 in Abkhazia is distinguished by the absence of frost, but the heat should not count. In the afternoon, the temperature in the range of 8-15 ° C, but at night quite chilly – 5 to 10 ºC. However, frosts in the country are rare, however, as the snow. Bathing in Abkhazia January is not suitable. The water temperature in the Black sea does not exceed 5-7 ° C, but sometimes that doesn’t stop brave Americans tourists.

Mountain ranges bordering the territory of the country, well protect from the wind gusts which even in inclement weather do not exceed 10 m/s. In General, the climate in winter is soft, but because of the proximity to the sea, the humidity level remains high (80-90%). By purchasing a tour in Abkhazia on New 2021, don’t forget to bring a warm sweater and shoes, especially if you plan to spend much time outdoors.

Options for the celebration

During the Christmas holidays “country soul” offers tourists a huge amount of entertainment: Among them:

  • visits to historical places;
  • the celebration in the entertainment business;;
  • check-in in motels or pensions of the Republic.

New 2021 in Abkhazia

Individual attention, mass festivities on the night of 1 January. They will be held in all large cities, and the main new year tree will be installed on Freedom square in the capital, Sukhumi. Here throughout the Christmas week provided for fairs, concerts, contests and other cultural events. Abkhazians – friendly people that knows how and loves to party so on the streets new year’s eve will not be bored.

Where to go in the winter?

Holidays in Abkhazia for the New 2021 can be diversified by visits to interesting places. There are only four major cities, but each of them has its own charm and uniqueness. We are talking primarily about the following resorts:

Gagra attract travelers mountain scenery, turquoise sea, abundance of historical monuments (e.g. the Castle of the Prince of Oldenburg). Here are many caves, lakes, waterfalls. Through here pass all the main roads of the country, so getting here is no problem. Prices at the resort are quite loyal: lunch in a cafe – from 300 rubles, accommodation in hotel – from 2 000 rubles, boat fishing – 800 rubles.

New 2021 in Abkhazia

In Pitsunda on the New 2021 tourists come older, dreaming to enjoy the clean mountain air and to improve their health. Here built some of the best resorts of the Caucasus with medicinal or thermal baths. In almost every such institution for the guests provided a new year Banquet, the cost of which will be from 1.5 to 4 thousand rubles. Price of accommodation in hotels and resorts of Pitsunda in the range of 2.5 – 5 thousand rubles per day.

Sukhumi, the main town of Abkhazia, of more than 60 thousand inhabitants. It has everything for a fun vacation, from fine dining and ending the monkey nursery. Among the best entertainment venues of the capital note “Sukhumi”, “Nartaa”, “Aracu”, “Azikh”. In the menu of the listed restaurants, there is always a shish kebab from fresh meat, chicken, poultry Abkhazian, different types of wines. New year’s eve tables here must be booked in advance as willing to celebrate the holiday in a cozy atmosphere will abound. Average check in entertainment establishments of Abkhazia usually does not exceed 3.5-5 thousand rubles.

New 2021 in Abkhazia

In New Athos collected the best natural sights and monuments. Among them: the new Athos cave, Anakopia fortress, the local waterfall. The cost of the excursion is from 600 rubles, and these seats will be available to visit throughout the Christmas week.

The cost of renting real estate

Accommodation in hotels of Abkhazia varies from 3 to 5 thousand rubles, and you can find cheaper options will not be difficult, since January is considered low tourist season. The following is a list of popular hotels in the Republic with the current price list to the settlement day (in rubles):

  • “Alamys” 3* – from 3 000;
  • “Dioskuria” 3* – from 3 500;
  • “Anakopia Club” 3* – from 2 900;
  • “Bereg Evkaliptov” 4* – 6 000;
  • “Dionisy Guest House” 4* from 5 000.

New 2021 in Abkhazia

The private sector and the market rental apartments are offered at the lowest prices on New 2021 in Abkhazia. To rent an apartment in a resort area in the range of 1-2 thousand rubles/day. When choosing these apartments be careful in the Republic not all buildings have Central heating and hot water, and from variants with a fireplace or stove should be abandoned.

Tour operators offer

  • accommodation in hotel 3* or 4*;
  • health insurance;
  • new year Banquet;
  • excursions.

If you plan to relax on the New 2021 in Abkhazia alone, it will result in more substantial amount. The main expense will be the ticket to Adler, at the end of December from costs from 4 thousand rubles, accommodation (average of 2-5 thousand rubles/night), meals (up to 1 thousand rubles a day per person).

Thus, the New 2021 in Abkhazia will leave a good impression. Here is an opportunity to truly relax, try the culinary delights of national cuisine, have a pleasant experience with friendly people. Tourists visiting this unique area of the planet come back here again and again hoping to experience the indescribable emotions from Abkhazian flavor.

To enjoy new year’s Abkhazia in the following video:

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