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Cities around the world in the new year period are transformed and acquire an incredible number of lights, decorated Christmas trees and themed venues. in the New year 2021 is not far behind other world cities. In the gold-domed annually attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists to see the main tree, visit the Christmas exhibition, Christmas markets, ice shows, museums, theaters.

Walks in the New year 2021

Plan new year’s eve make up in advance, the main thing you need to definitely decide to hold it outdoors or indoors. Moscow parks, squares and gardens promise a lot of sites to visit. But try to visit all and to grasp it in one night or a walk is impractical. It is better to plan their activities for several holidays, and try to select for inspection those areas that are most interesting to the whole company. It is important to determine the composition of the group for whom the tours will be conducted: adults, children, mixed company. On this basis, constitute a rating of very interesting places to visit.

New 2021 in

Note! To go on a long walk should be comfortable shoes, spacious, warm clothes and a full stomach.


In the New year, besides the well-known red square, there are others where equally interesting and of equal magnitude events.

  • Red square – a traditional Christmas market, with log-cabin boutiques-shops where you can buy Christmas paraphernalia: painted bowls, wooden spoons, dolls, shawls, kokoshniks;
  • Manezhnaya square is transformed into a winter Wonderland with lots of lights and themed photo zones.
  • Revolution square involves to take part in pageants with mechanical figures;
  • Novopushkinsky garden surprised the ice theaters.

Note! The entrance to the square is free, so there is always walks a lot of people and good mood is guaranteed. There are clowns, barkers, which add humor and enthusiasm walking.


Parks and squares of the capital, offer lots of free entertainment in the New year 2021. In each square decorate their tree. The parks are cafes where you can warm up, rest and eat. Differ from areas of large size and length, so the fear of the crowd is not necessary.

New 2021 in

Parks organized skating sledding horses, sports, quests like Fort Boyard. You can skate, ski or sled, ledyankah with slides. The largest and simultaneously the most visited Park in Moscow several years remains Cpio them. Gorky. But, if you plan on visiting other cultural events or places, it is a full replacement it can be other parks: Izmailovo, Sokolniki, Fili, Kuzminki, Lianozovsky, Vorontsov. Victory Park on Poklonnaya hill expands on its territory Ice city to visit for the whole family. Each cultural center is trying to surpass the others in beauty, elegance, theme design and the richness of the program. So pick the one that best fits the other route.

By order of the city hall festivities will begin simultaneously in all the Christmas venues at 22.00 and will be completed by 3.00 am on 1 January 2021. To visit simultaneously at all events does not work, but parks are placed in advance the type of program and the list of entertainment. Therefore, it is possible to make a plan for new year’s eve in advance.

Note! You can plan trips on different days. The program will be repeated for several days, until at least 13 Jan.


Centre 31 Dec 2021 22.00 traditionally becomes a pedestrian. On stage you can see performances of Russian stars in the morning to enjoy the fireworks over the Moskvoretskaya embankment. The fireworks happening in the center of the capital. So if being in a huge crowd the wrong option, then choose other sites less crowded.

New 2021 in

Officially, the fireworks will launch over 30 platforms, among them:

  • Victory Park;
  • Poklonnaya Gora;
  • Krasnaya Presnya;
  • Alley Partisans;
  • Kuzminki;
  • Northern Tushino;
  • Town. Bauman;
  • The Park;
  • ENEA;
  • Babushkinsky Park;
  • Lake Avenue;
  • Sokolniki;
  • Philly;
  • Lilac garden.

Tip! In each area it is possible to find a comfortable place to enjoy the fireworks on the street. Walking with children is much easier not to choose the most famous and popular site, but closer to the hotel or home.

Restaurants in the New year 2021

Restaurant new year’s eve a great alternative to sitting in the apartment watching TV. Program in such institutions is always prepared very carefully, so bored just do not have. To get into expensive and trendy restaurants just will not work. So it is important to decide on a place and book a table for the right number of people.

New 2021 in

The fashionable Banquet halls booking open from mid-year, less popular in the fall. But even in inexpensive but trendy places to sign up a week before the New year will not work. When I pick a restaurant focused on the cuisine type, style, what shows are offered and the size of the company. For someone pensions of Soviet artists will appreciate and others want to relax in modern pop music. In these restaurants, cafes or Banquet Complesso as the “Roof”, “Nabat Palace”, “the Banquet Hall Empire”, “Victoria”, “Hiking”, “Marius” or “white Hole”l on the existence of the reservation will know in 3-5 months before the onset of the New year.

If the restaurant seems too pompous a way of celebrating the New year 2021, then choose bars, clubs or cafes. There you can dance well, enjoy the club music and get on the kind of show that will appeal to the whole company. Fashionable clubs such as Solyanka, 16 tons, “F-Lounge”, “Cloud”, “Mamunia” themed and stylized youth party.

Tours: New year is 2021 and in the suburbs

The capital attracts tourists at any time of year, but New year is a special time, so tours to Moscow for the holidays, too, think ahead. With this, you can order ready-made, fully booked from tour agencies with hotel accommodation, breakfasts, Lunches and dinners. With painted by day excursions booked tickets to the festivals and theatres. But there is an option to book a room only in a hotel or hostel, and organization of all cultural programmes to deal with yourself.

New 2021 in

The choice depends on several parameters:

  • group or private tours;
  • the age of participants and whether the company’s children;
  • the purpose of the trip: leisure, cultural, shopping, religious or survey;
  • the duration of the tour;
  • cost.

For Muscovites another question arises: how to spend new year holidays that they remember for a long time. The travel Agency offer a lot of fine ways to spend a weekend in the city and beyond. Long holidays are not only among children but also adults allow you to visit with the whole family museums, exhibitions, theatre shows, plays, ballet, ice shows and the Christmas tree of any size. Especially popular are trips to the Museum-reserve: Kolomenskoe, Tsaritsyno, Kuskovo. The administration of cultural sites interested in increasing number of visitors, so you can successfully save on group excursions and see the Christmas art objects in combination with natural beauty.

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