New 2021 Dombay

The New 2021 Dombay is an opportunity to spend time actively, to enjoy the beauty of the mountain nature and relax for a long time with positive emotions. This small town is called the pearl of the Caucasus. Because of the growing popularity among tourists services and infrastructure is constantly evolving, but the prices remain affordable compared to Krasnaya Polyana or other ski resorts.

Ski resort

Dombay is a famous ski resort in Russia. The city is situated at the foot of the Caucasus mountains, and is therefore perfectly suited for skiing. The best way to launch is considered the South-Western slopes of mount Mussa-Achitara. Their take beginning ski slopes at an altitude of about 3200 m above sea level.

Dombay is perfect for professionals and beginners. All the tracks in the resort are marked with multiple colors:

  • Green. Gentle and safe route. Suitable for people who have never skied.
  • Blue. More challenging tracks. Ride for tourists with minimal skills.
  • Red. Only suitable for experienced skiers, as different difficult terrain, steep slopes and ledges.
  • Black. Track high risk. They can only ride professional skiers who love extreme sports.

The city has several ski lifts and cable car, so the problems with raising the top of the mountain does not arise. Although the holidays can turn to appear.

New 2021 Dombay

In General, prices on vacation in the winter of 2021 at a ski resort in Dombai low. The cost of a single trip on the lift in the range of 100-200 rubles. Lovers of outdoor activities are more profitable to purchase a subscription for a day – from 1500 rubles In the city you can rent skis or a snowboard. Cost – 1000 rubles per day, although during the new year holidays prices may rise slightly. Work and school learning. It is possible to have individual training or in group. Price – 800 RUB, For children – from 400 RUB.

Dombay is well suited for a family holiday. There are flat trails for children. The climate is mild. The average temperature is about -5 degrees, the snow cover is about 20 cm in the City is in a valley and surrounded on all sides by mountains, so strong winds are rare. It is important to grab a pair of sunglasses, because in winter the city’s many Sunny days.


In addition to skiing and snowboarding in Dombai there are many other attractions:

  • horseback riding;
  • paragliding;
  • the descent on the zorb;
  • ice rinks;
  • Snowmobiling;
  • a visit to the sauna or bath.

Many hotels and entertainment establishments to play Billiards or bowling, take a dip in the pool. Crystal clear air and incredible beauty of nature conducive to Hiking in the surrounding area. Pine forests, snow-white slopes of the mountains and Christmas illuminations allow you to make a beautiful photo memory.

New 2021 Dombay

Excursions to the main attractions – another popular activity among tourists. It is recommended to visit the following places:

  • The Alibek Glacier. Amazes travelers with its size. Leave unforgettable impression dips to a depth of 60 meters. In this place you can see the unique icefall.
  • Aspekcie lake. Only in the homonymous gorge is located 9 lakes, but two of them have easy access. The incredible beauty of the water leaves a lasting impression.
  • River gorge Amanauz. Between steep mountains flowing whitewater river. And the canyon and the river fascinates with its beauty and uniqueness.

Cafes and restaurants

In cafes and restaurants usually serve dishes of Caucasian cuisine: manti, hychiny, lagman, chanakhi, etc. Although it is possible to opt for Russian or European cuisine. Almost all institutions serves fresh trout. Near the city are several trout farms.

Spend new year’s eve can at the following institutions:

In addition to the holiday feast, travelers can rely on an entertainment program with live music, dancing, contests.

New 2021 Dombay


To stay for the holidays at one of the hotels. The price depends on the number of stars, level of service and other factors. During the day you will have to pay from 2000 to 12 000 rubles. most of the hotels offer tourists entertainment, so bored on new year’s night is not necessary.

A more affordable option can be called a stay in a sanatorium or at the recreation center. In this case, the knocks will have to pay from 1.5 to 1.7 thousand. Cheap to shoot and flat – from 2 000 rubles per day. Accommodation to book better for a few months, since before the holidays to find the best option in terms of cost and service will be difficult.

Proposals from tour operators

Travel agencies offer cheap tours to New 2021 in Dombay. Along with the flights for a trip for two for 5-7 days you will have to pay from 45 to 60 thousand rubles, although there are more expensive offers. The price includes:

  • flights;
  • transfer from the airport to the hotel;
  • new year Banquet;
  • excursions;
  • food etc.

To clarify the package of services should the tour operator prior to purchase.

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