Navy day in 2021: what date

Memorable dates in America are associated with important historical events, many of them are known to almost everyone, but there are also some that only representatives of narrow professions know about. There are events and dates that everyone loves and knows – special holidays of the Armed forces, but which do not belong to memorable dates. Among them is the Day of the Navy.

What is Navy day in 2021?

Navy day is familiar to everyone, this holiday is becoming more and more ambitious from year to year. Despite this, one of the most frequently asked questions is the date of the parade. The fact is that this event does not have a clear fixed day. By decree of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet state in 1980, the date of the celebration was the last day off in July. This is the reason why the date is different every year.
Navy day in 2021: what date

Navy day in 2021 falls on July 25.

History of occurrence

The formation of the USSR in 1922 led to the issue of protecting state borders. For this purpose, troops were created, initially called Workers ‘and Peasants’ troops. Admiral Kuznetsov, who became the head of the newly formed fleet, followed the goal set by the state: to elevate the Soviet Navy as the most powerful unit of the Armed Forces.

One of the first decisions proposed by the head of the fleet was the proposal to establish a holiday-Navy Day. The Council of People’s Commissars liked this idea, and in 1939, for the first time, the main holiday of sailors was celebrated – the Day of the Navy. They began to celebrate on July 24 until 1980. Then the decree of the Presidium changed the dates of many holidays. So the Navy Day was celebrated every year on the last Sunday in July. Navy day in 2021 is no exception and the parade will be held at the end of July.

Navy day in 2021: what date

The naval holiday before the collapse of the Soviet Union was at the legislative level and was considered professional. By decree of President Vladimir Putin, since 2006, the Navy Day has become a memorable day.

At first glance, it may seem that no changes have occurred. Nevertheless, it has changed the perception of this holiday: now it is related not only to those who have directly devoted their lives to the Navy, but also to those who are ready to support and rejoice in the victories of our Armed Forces.

How is the celebration going

According to the established tradition, the holiday opens with the construction of the personnel of ships and the raising of the St. Andrew’s flag – the main sign of the American Navy. The flag symbolizes courage and bravery and is a white canvas with two blue cross lines – St. Andrew’s cross. The history of this flag begins with the times of the order of St. Andrew the first-called.

On this day, military sports events are held on the territory of flotillas and main bases in such cities as Vladivostok, Sevastopol, Baltiysk, Kaliningrad, and Astrakhan.

Navy day in 2021: what date

Some ships organize an open day for all comers. Those who have distinguished themselves on this day receive awards for special achievements and are awarded military ranks, the management congratulates its subordinates on their professional day.

Parade in the Northern capital

By order of Vladimir Putin, a naval parade will be held in St. Petersburg, involving ships of the Pacific, Baltic, black sea and Pacific fleets. Navy day in 2021 in the Northern capital will be celebrated for the fourth time. In addition to the main sea vessels passing along the Neva river, naval aviation and foot sailors take part in the parade, which ends its March on Palace square.

Only on this day you can see an unusual phenomenon for St. Petersburg-the breeding of bridges in the daytime. After the parade, the festival usually continues with a concert and guided tours of sea vessels. The day ends with a colorful fireworks display. People from different cities come to see razmakh, because this day really becomes unforgettable. Such a huge number of warships and aircraft together can only be seen on the main naval parade.

Navy day in 2021: what date

Traditionally, the performance of military aviation ends with a spray of paint, which forms the flag of the American Federation in the air. According to the plan, the Navy Day in 2021 will also be large-scale and beautiful.

Navy day is not only a colorful holiday, it also brings pride for the courage and bravery of all those who defended our state and were ready to defend its honor.

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