Navy day in 2021

Day of the Navy in 2021 will be traditionally celebrated in different regions of the USA, but the main events will be held in E. to Honor the sailors are also in cities which are based in force of the Russian Navy. This festival is of great importance for the country, as all who were involved, protect Maritime borders and make Russia one of the powerful States.

The date for the celebration

Confusion with what day is the Day of the Navy in 2021, arises from the fact that the holiday has no fixed date. It is celebrated on the last Sunday of July, but it was not always so. Prior to 1980, for the sailors gave a party every year on the 24th of July, so older people now often confused with the date.

Important! In 2021, the Day of the Navy celebrated on July 26.

You can congratulate not only the military who are serving at sea, but also employees of coastline, people involved in the provision and maintenance of the fleet, as well as veterans who served on ships, and seamen’s families.

Navy day in 2021

The history of the emergence

More than 300 years, the USA Navy is guarding the country’s borders with the sea, although the first ship was built during the reign of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. A real military fleet appeared under Peter the First. In 1700 it consisted of 140 ships, with 100 of them were rowing and the rest sailing. Since then, the Navy has been constantly developed and increased. Now guard the territorial integrity of the state are the ships equipped with the latest technology.

Under Soviet rule, to command the fleet was Nikolai Kuznetsov. This man was dedicated to his craft. He had a long career, which began with a messenger at the port. Kuznetsov proposed to introduce a professional holiday to rally employees. The country’s leadership supported the idea. 22 June 1939, signed a decree setting the date of celebration. In 2006 there was another significant event – the festival changed its status because it was included in the list of memorable dates.

The tradition of celebrating

For 80 years the festival has formed a certain tradition. Navy day is dedicated to the memory of the Maritime glory and courage of those who defend the Russian border. Every year the celebrations are held at the state level. To them try to attract more people to salute the marine soldiers.

Solemn program traditionally begins with the construction personnel, as well as the raising of flags on ships. On some warships organize “open day”. Children and adults can watch boats inside the device, their technical and military equipment. Between sailors sports conducted. In museums and galleries organize exhibitions related to Navy. In all the cities of the Navy performed the solemn marine parade.

Navy day in 2021

The country’s leadership congratulates all employees of the fleet. The boss gives military personnel:

  • certificates;
  • awards;
  • gifts;
  • of gratitude, etc.

Especially distinguished employees to increase knowledge. For the sailors and their families concerts, which conclude with fireworks.

Interesting! In 2017, the first parade was held in Tartus. In this Syrian port city is the point of logistics of the Navy.

How will a holiday in e

The main parade devoted to Navy Day, in 2021 will be held in E. This tradition continues for several years. On the Neva river will be a demonstration of modern ships, which help to protect the peace of ordinary USAн. Guests and participants of parade can look at a nuclear submarine, frigates, missile cruisers and other military vessels. Air will rise helicopters and aircraft with modern military equipment. The parade will be involved forces of the Baltic, black sea, Northern, Pacific fleet and the Caspian flotilla.

Navy day in 2021

The festive program will also include:

  • festival;
  • thematic exhibitions;
  • special quests for adults and adolescents;
  • concerts, including with the participation of famous artists.

In some of the historical and military museums free entrance or put up a highly specialized exhibition.

Important! On the Day of the Navy in 2021 due to the parade and other events the streets in the city centre will be closed. Drivers better to specify the schema of the closed roads and to plan your route.

As in other cities, in th celebration ends with beautiful fireworks. Every year in the sky scatters more bright and colorful lights. To see this action come even guests from other cities.

How is the Navy Day in e: video

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