Musketeers – movie 2021

For 2021, the planned release of the movie “the archers”, which shows the life story of the famous football player of the USSR. A young, talented guy could have had a future in football since 17 years. But his career was interrupted at its peak of popularity and fame: twenty-year Streltsova Eduardo was charged for rape, for which he 5 years spent in prison.

Musketeers – movie 2021

What movie

The plot tells the story of the star of the Soviet football, which will of fate ended up in jail on charges for rape, but had to go to the world Cup in Sweden.

It was a crime or not – is not known. And wine Streltsov also not been proven. The case is sewn with white thread, but at the time no one could argue with comrade Khrushchev, who personally ordered the young striker sentenced to deprivation of liberty. Eduard Streltsov was released on PAROLE, and after prison some time, was an ordinary worker in the factory. But the love of the fans and amazing talent helped him to return to the sport, to play your home match.

Biography Streltsov

The life of Eduard Anatolyevich Streltsov consisted of alternating black and white bands. His childhood was difficult: his father went to the front, and on returning said that he was leaving to a new family. A disabled mother raised her son alone. Edward barely crawled from class to class, and at the end of the seven-year period settled at Moscow factory “Frazier”. There he began to play football for the local team.

In 16 years, the talented striker was noticed by the coach of the club “torpedo” Viktor Maslov and invited the young man to himself. In life Streltsov began white band: at 17, he debuted in the USSR team, where scored a hat-trick. After that career began to take off, and in 1958, Edward had to act in the world Championship, which took place in Sweden. But in may this year, after staying at the cottage on it and another two players have written statements of the girl, who also walked in the same company.

Archers did not plead guilty, but still received 7 years of imprisonment. But in his case it was a lot of controversy, so most historians agree that the fault of the player officially was not proven. The most likely reason for this behavior of Nikita Khrushchev, the differences have become Streltsov with the political branches. He allegedly refused to marry the daughter of Ekaterina Furtseva. Either the government did not like the intention of the player to stay in Sweden after the season.

Musketeers – movie 2021

After his release, Eduard Streltsov did not immediately return to the sport. But when it happened, “torpedo” has again started to win. Thanks strelcova the club won the USSR Cup in 1968. In 1970, the striker suffered a torn Achilles, and finished his career. He died from lung cancer at the age of 53 years.

Still, “the archers” is not a documentary but an artistic film, in which there is a place for fiction. And what facts from the biography of the Soviet striker will be included in the picture, and what does not – we do not know. The trailer for the film “Musketeers” yet, because filming began in 2018, on the eve of the 21st world Cup and will end in 2020-2021.

Technique Streltsov

Edward told me that he likes to play nice. He believed that the main thing in football – time to pass. The players speak the language of the pass, sharing the ball. The striker did not consider his technique an art or something unusual. But explain how he manages to score beautiful goals and skillful, could not.

The crew

The film is directed by “the archers” is Ilya Teacher, and producer – his father Alexei Uchitel (“Matilda”, 2017, “Last hero,” 1992″, “Rock”, 1987). Ilya zealous suited to the creation of the painting and not let father to set. The young Director says, “I wanted to make this film since high school, as soon as he learned that we had such a player. And he really was a legend, with a unique destiny, with the unique technique of the game. I certainly support the theory that Edward A. didn’t rape anybody. Versions do a lot, and that’s good because it gives more space for imagination”.

By the way! Consultant of the film “Musketeers” is a famous midfielder Alexander Mostovoi.

The main role

Alexander Petrov played a major role in the film “Musketeers”, which will be released by 2021. The actor was inspired by the story and biography of the football player and tried to get used to the role. Shooting at the heart of the stadium “torpedo”, where played a young Edward, allow Petrov feel the energy of that time. About the Director Alexander says: “Ilya is a great professional. He spent crazy preparing for the movie and to the smallest frame is how it will look in the film. I would like more sports, uplifting paintings, after which come out and want to do something in my life. Which give to life motivational attitude.”

How are shooting the film 2021 “archers”: video

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