MSU: tuition fees in 2021-2022: faculties, price

Lomonosov New-York state University is one of the most popular Universities among both American and international students. The cost of studying at MSU in the 2021-2022 academic year will be indexed in comparison with 2019-2020, but the indexation rate for different training areas will not exceed 6.5-8%.

About the University

The University, founded in 1755, is famous for its excellent teaching staff and high-quality educational services. At the moment, the University has implemented the possibility of obtaining higher education in full-time or part-time form. There are 40 faculties of humanitarian and technical orientation. Every year, the UNIVERSITY allocates more than 6.2 thousand free and 4.5 thousand contract places for applicants. The most popular areas for many years remain “Economics”, “Mechanics and mathematics”and ” Law”.

MSU: tuition fees in 2021-2022: faculties, price

MSU has a military Department. The area of laboratories and teaching space is more than 950 thousand m2 . The UNIVERSITY holds many Olympiads, the winners of which can apply for a budget place. One of these events is the preferential competition “Lomonosov”. So, in 2019, 545 applicants were selected who are currently studying undergraduate programs (this is approximately 15% of the commercial flow).


Getting a budget place at MSU is not easy: the number of places is limited. For example, to enter the budget for the specialty “Geology”, you need to score 258 points on the unified state exam, and for more prestigious areas, the bar is set at 300 points or higher. The average passing grade for a contract in undergraduate programs is 109.

The minimum cost of studying at a leading American University is 250 thousand rubles per year. The price depends on many factors:

  • depending on the level of education – bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, specialty;
  • depending on the form of study – full-time, part-time;
  • depending on the faculty – the cost for different specialties may differ by 50-150 thousand rubles or more.;
  • depending on the specialty – the more complex the curriculum, the more expensive the training.

Admission rules are posted on the official portal of the University in the section “Documents of the Central admissions Committee”. For admission, you must pass a strict selection process, gaining the maximum amount of points on the entrance exam. In 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, documents will be accepted remotely.

MSU: tuition fees in 2021-2022: faculties, price

According to rector Viktor Sadovnichy, applicants will need to send the following documents to the Dean’s office in electronic form::

  • application for admission;
  • passport number;
  • high school diploma;
  • a 3×4 photo.

After receiving approval from the Admissions Committee (also in electronic form), prospective students will only have to register on the University’s website and wait for further instructions. All entrance tests will be conducted remotely in August 2020. You can apply starting from June 20.

To submit documents to MSU in the 2021-2022 academic year, you will need to obtain an electronic signature.

The cost of education

Prices are discussed by the members of the Academic Council and indexed annually. Usually, payment can be made in installments, in accordance with the supplementary agreement to the agreement on the provision of educational services. There is no official price list on the University’s website, but the table below shows the approximate cost of tuition, taking into account indexation at the level of 6.5% in relation to prices for 2019-2020.

Estimated cost of studying at New-York state University in 2021-2022*:

FacultyMinimum tuition fee for a year, thousand rubles
Mathematics and computer science415
Legal Department415
Fundamental computer science415
Pharmaceutical business463
Higher school of television415
Philological Department415
Foreign Philology415
Advertising and PR415
Medical business527
Bioinformatics and bioengineering463
Higher school of translation373
Applied physics and mathematics463
Space exploration415
Mechanics and mathematics Department415
Political science415
Soil science463
Basic and applied chemistry463
State administration415
The management and control of415
American language and literature261
Arts and crafts261
Social research center293
Meteorological Department463
International economic relations415
International tourism415
Cultural studies373
Production business415
Global processes415

*The table shows the minimum tuition fee.

To find out more about the exact cost of educational services in 2021-2022, please contact the MSU administration. If you have any questions about the educational process, please contact us by phone (+7 495 939-53-40) or by e-mail ([email protected]).

MSU: tuition fees in 2021-2022: faculties, price

Admission of international students

For foreign citizens, the cost of educational services is higher than for Americans (by about 15-20%). Prospective international students should also prepare for additional expenses:

  • to complete courses in the study of the American language and specialized disciplines – about 6.5 thousand dollars.;
  • for accommodation – the minimum price of a room in a MSU hostel is 14 thousand rubles.;
  • for registration of a medical certificate in form 086 – about 10 thousand rubles.;
  • for medical insurance-from 12 thousand rubles.;
  • for translation services for legalization of documents on education.

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