Mother’s day in 2021

The month of November, rich in anniversaries and various celebrations. It is the turn quite popular celebrations of mother’s Day in 2021. But what is this holiday, what are its traditions and customs, a number of mother’s Day in USA in 2021 and when it is celebrated in other countries?

Mother's day in 2021

No doubt, what day to celebrate mother’s Day, occur annually. The reason is that it is celebrated in many countries around the world. But with such a broad geography of the United dates have celebrations there.

So, a number of States decided to celebrate this day in may second Sunday in may in Estonia and Ukraine, Cyprus and Malta; in may the third Sunday in Kyrgyzstan; the last Sunday of may in Sweden and France. Of the countries noted in the calendar March – Georgia on March 3, Egypt – 21 number. Someone thinks the most appropriate time in the autumn: for example, Belarus – October 14.

Russian mother’s Day celebration is celebrated on the last Sunday of November. In 2021, this festival falls on August 29.

Included in the number of official memorabilia and professional holidays, but a day off (Sunday) because it is not tolerated.

How to celebrate this day in the world

Mother’s day event with a rich past. The historical homeland of the celebration is England, with its centuries-old family traditions and veneration of motherhood. Over the centuries of its existence, the holiday has spread worldwide, and today his mark literally on all continents – though at different times.

Mother's day in 2021


In our country decided to celebrate two holidays devoted to women: the Eighth of March and mother’s Day. March 8 – General women’s day, when it is customary to congratulate all members of the fairer sex. Mother’s day – a warmer, soulful celebration, designed to exalt the value of family and motherhood.

Did this holiday in 1998 by a special Decree of the President. However, to celebrate it in the USSR began in 1988, when the teacher of Baku has proposed to introduce a new event dedicated to mothers, an annual calendar of high school. Yes, that schoolchildren became the first to congratulate their mothers with this warm holiday. Due to the original “binding” to the school schedule was and chosen a date – last Sunday of November.


Our closest neighbors also celebrate this day in the fall. However, the Belarusian Government decided to give the event a fixed date of November 14. Established in Belarus mother’s Day earlier than in the USA – in 1996. And as much as we do, it is celebrated primarily among school children.

Mother's day in 2021


Another neighbor, this time South, is celebrating mother’s Day in September, the third Sunday. The official celebration in Kazakhstan appeared recently – in 2012, and therefore celebrated nearly as widely as in other countries.


The people of Britain call this day a little differently – Mother Sunday, and celebrate it on the fourth Sunday from the beginning of lent. It was here, on the shores of Albion and the holiday originated. The Maternal symbol of resurrection – flowers with many petals such as roses, chrysanthemums, carnations. Mandatory dish on the table – sweet, most often almond cake, marzipan cake or cupcakes.

Americans are big fans of all kinds of traditions. They introduced the event in the annual holiday calendar in 1910. Activist Anna Jarvis asked the government of Virginia with a proposal to establish a special day when everyone could say thank you to my mother. The offer was immediately accepted, and for several years, a new holiday has spread to almost all over the States. Today in the U.S. mother’s Day (second Sunday in may) is the fifth place in popularity among the General holidays.

Mother's day in 2021


In Catholic Spain the secular traditions of Mother’s Day and religious Day of the virgin Mary intertwined, Yes, sometimes so closely that it is difficult to understand what such a large scale is celebrating the whole country. The first Sunday in may is dedicated to the memory of the Holy virgin, on this day, we also celebrate mother’s day. And today Día de la Madre – one of the most popular festivals of Spain.


Here mother’s Day is celebrated with restraint – unlike the noisy Spain or Portugal. The official founder of the event, the Association of florists of Germany, hence the main symbol of the occasion – the flower, most often in the pot. Though modest celebrations Germany gave the world the hashtag #muttertag, which is widely used today in the Telegram and Instagram.


The story is very similar to the Germany – and Switzerland initiated the formal appearance of the celebration became florists. However, here mother’s Day is celebrated quite widely, and the traditional gifts of flowers added chocolate and all sorts of pastries. By the way, in the Internet space Switzerland, the celebration takes place with the same hashtag — #muttertag.

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