Morbius-the movie of 2021: release date, actors

The appearance of a new hero of the Marvel cinematic universe is slightly postponed. The coronavirus changed the plans of the creators, so the fantastic film “Morbius” will appear on screens on March 18, 2021. The Thriller was supposed to be one of the most high-profile premieres.

Survive at all costs

According to the plot, biochemist Michael Morbius, played by Jared Leto, is struggling with a deadly disease. A brilliant scientist has almost no chance, so he is ready to jump at any opportunity. A rare blood disorder is progressing. There is very little time left, but Michael continues to experiment and realizes that bats can be the salvation.

Colleagues cannot refuse a dying person. They travel with special equipment to complete a dangerous experiment. Experiments with the blood of bats give an unexpected result. Gradually interacting with diseased cells, the substance turns the scientist into a bloodthirsty vampire.

Teaser trailer for Morbius 2021:video

The relationship of heroes

Attentive viewers noticed that the footage from the set contains a link to “Venom”. An Easter egg on the fence in the form of an uneven black circle with characteristic white eyes, a crooked mouth and an iconic signature can serve as confirmation that the characters belong to the same universe. Back in the fall of 2019, there were versions that there would be a small scene in Morbius that would tell about the activities of Tom hardy’s character.

Recently, marvel likes to solve riddles, creating new characters and intertwining their stories with those that have long been known to fans.

The details of the plot

Information that has penetrated the masses can significantly reduce the intrigue of the film “Morbius”, whose release date is set for 2021. A detailed description of the plot has appeared on the WhatCulture website.

  • The main villain will be Loxias crown, played by Matt Smith. This is an ancient creature who tried to turn the scientist Morbius into a vampire. A large-scale confrontation will take place between the heroes in the final,
  • The time jump that takes place in the movie “Avengers: Endgame” leads to the appearance of jameson and Cassidy, who were in the final scene of venom,
  • The action takes place in the marvel cinematic universe,
  • The film will feature several images of spider-Man (Peter Parker – – Tom Holland,
  • Morbius will go to prison, where he will meet with Adrian Toomes and receive an offer to become a member of the team.

  • Morbius-the movie of 2021: release date, actors
  • Morbius-the movie of 2021: release date, actors
  • Morbius-the movie of 2021: release date, actors
  • Morbius-the movie of 2021: release date, actors

If the film is not shown in commercial theaters in Los Angeles during the week of the calendar year that precedes the ceremony, it will not qualify for the Oscar. Next year, 2021, the ceremony is scheduled for February 28, so the American Academy of motion picture arts will have to think through all the nuances.

A team that can do anything

The main antagonist in Morbius will be played by Jared Leto. He actively promotes the project on his Personal instagram page and other social networks. Actors who will embody the characters in the movie “Morbius” in 2021 with all responsibility reacted to the task. The main character’s companion will be Martina Bancroft, played by Adria Arjona.

Daniel Espinosa is in the Director’s chair. He shot “Live” and “access Code Cape town”.

The script was written by Burke Sharpless and Matt Sazama. The authors have a corresponding background — “Dracula” and “the Last witch hunter”. The team is aware of what viewers need in vampire movies.

The producers are AVI Arad and Matthew Tolmack, who have produced all the spider-Man episodes over the past eight years. Sony is responsible for the premiere of Morbius.

Morbius-the movie of 2021: release date, actors

The character first appeared on screens in 1971 and became an enemy of spider-Man. The film “Morbius” can be included in a whole series of projects about the antagonists of the superhero. Will viewers love stories about anti-heroes? The premiere should provide answers to many questions, but fans will have to wait until the population of the planet copes with the real threat.

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