Monster hunter — the movie 2021

Film 2021 “monster Hunter” is a film adaptation of the fantasy video game series from Capcom. The movie is an exciting Thriller, which takes place in a parallel world populated by huge monsters. A picture is engaged to British film Director Paul Anderson, who already has a successful experience of the film adaptation of the popular game of the same company “Resident Evil” (“Resident evil”). Release date new film scheduled for early September 2021.

Monster hunter — the movie 2021

The creation of the film

First video game “monster Hunter” the world saw in 2004. Since it is a creation of the Japanese company Capcom, the world famous corporations for the development and production of computer games has gained immense popularity all over the world. The game has become a true media Empire with its own world, a lot of sequels, reincarnated in the anime and manga.

Talk about the creation of the film began in 2012. Then, in an interview for the Japanese edition of Cinema Today Paul Anderson said it plans to develop for the big screen following an action role-playing game company Capcom. And in 2016, at the annual Convention for video games Tokyo Game Show, Capcom producer confirmed that Hollywood is starting work on the movie.

Note. “Monster hunter” — this is not the first feature film, which is removed on motives of video games from Capcom. In 2002 he premiered the first part of the franchise “Resident evil” was created on the basis of the same game. The Director was Paul Anderson.

After resolving many organizational issues filming began in October 2018. They are in South Africa, particularly in Cape town and its districts.

The plot

Artistic, the picture recounts the incredible world in which the Lieutenant of the military unit of the United Nations Natalie Artemis/Artemis (Milla Jovovich) with his soldiers. In parallel to the hostile reality they have to learn to survive in difficult conditions and resist the huge monsters. Here their ally becomes a local resident – a mysterious Hunter (Tony JAA), who knows how to defeat the monsters. Representatives of different worlds are beginning to act together to repel the monsters and not allow them to penetrate to the Ground.

Monster hunter — the movie 2021

Also, it is expected that the film adaptation will be used and other features of the world “Monster Hunter”:

  • a fascinating ecosystem with majestic forests, high cliffs, deserts, wild rivers and spectacular coastline, incredible flora and fauna;
  • typical images of heroes and hunters;
  • huge monsters like dragons and dinosaurs, and so forth.

Monster hunter — the movie 2021

The crew

The film “Hunter of monsters” has been virtually the same team that created the film adaptation of the video game by Capcom “Resident evil”. The movie rights of the film belong to the German film company Constantin Film and American film and television company Screen Gems (part of Sony Pictures Entertainment). The Director acts as Paul Anderson. He is also the screenwriter. The work entrusted to the special effects Studio “Mr. X”, which created the image for “resident evil”.

The film’s budget is approximately $60 million. the Bulk of the funding belongs to the company Constantin Film. It is expected that the pattern will bring considerable income. For comparison, in the first part of the “Lived evil” was spent a budget of $33 million, and the film grossed nearly $103 million is Planned that the film “monster Hunter” will be no less successful than the previous team’s work.

Producing patterns is also engaged Paul Anderson, along with colleagues Jeremy Bolt and Robert Kulara. Screen Gems will release the film in the US, and Sony Pictures Releasing International is distributing the picture in international rentals.

Monster hunter — the movie 2021

The cast

The main female role is played by Milla Jovovich (part-time, the wife of Paul Anderson). She will play the role of a Lieutenant of the military unit of the United Nations. At Milla Jovovich is already experience in the genre of science fiction. She coped well with the role of Alice in the “resident evil” and other cult films (“the Fifth element”, “Hellboy: rise of the bloody Queen”, “World of tomorrow”).

The main male role of the Hunter plays the martial arts superstar Tony JAA. A world known actor received after the release of the first film “Ong Bak” Thai Thriller in which the protagonist performed difficult stunts without AIDS and computer graphics. In Hollywood movies Tony JAA first appeared in the blockbuster “fast and furious 7”.

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