Mom’s gifts for the New year 2021: what to give, ideas

Ahead of winter holidays and you begin to think that this time to give parents on New 2021 we know what gifts will please the mother and offer original ideas for creative gifts “under the tree”.

Remember that everyone has their own ideal gift and it is necessary to choose based on the tastes and preferences of your mother. Before you start choosing a new year’s gift, analyze what your mother is interested in, what she dreams of, how you can make her life brighter, easier or just more interesting.

Symbolic links

If the New Year in your family is not a reason for expensive purchases, but an opportunity to please your loved ones with symbolic gifts, pay attention to such products as:

  • new year’s Souvenirs with the image of the symbol of the coming year (in 2021 it is a White Metal Bull);
  • collectible figurines with specific themes;
  • handmade figurines made of glass or ceramic;
  • family collage photo frame kits;
  • “family tree»;
  • jewelry box;
  • miniature mirror;
  • wallet or business card holder;
  • interesting book;
  • exclusive Cup;
  • teaspoon (just original design or made of silver);
  • exclusive Christmas tree toys.

Mom's gifts for the New year 2021: what to give, ideas


If the mother works, often goes out in society and pays special attention to her wardrobe and appearance, you can present:

  • fashionable scarf or shawl;
  • sweater or cardigan;
  • gloves;
  • a stylish handbag;
  • umbrella of cheerful colors;
  • beautiful home dressing gown;
  • fun or just cozy pajamas;
  • a beautiful set of underwear (if a gift from your daughter);
  • hair dryer, iron or Styler;
  • jewelry (there really is an incredibly wide selection).

Mom's gifts for the New year 2021: what to give, ideas

Important! You should not give cosmetics, body care products, and certainly anything from anti-aging lines. First of all, most women prefer to choose all this stuff on their own. Secondly, a reminder of the age of many can spoil the mood.

If you still intend to present your mother with perfumes or cosmetics, give her a certificate for a certain amount (taking into account the cost of the selected product). Even if you don’t guess correctly, mom will have the opportunity to buy something else from the store’s assortment.

Amateur cook

For a mother who spends a lot of time in the kitchen and gets great pleasure, treating her family to delicious dishes of her own production, a great gift for the New Year 2021 will be beautiful dishes, as well as:

  • small household appliances (from a mixer or blender to a coffee machine or food processor);
  • chocolate fountain;
  • fondue stand;
  • baking pans;
  • pizza Board;
  • kits for making and serving sushi;
  • sets of utensils for the tea ceremony;
  • gadgets for the kitchen (timer, meat baking thermometer, scales, portable salt meter, etc.)

Mom's gifts for the New year 2021: what to give, ideas Mom's gifts for the New year 2021: what to give, ideas Mom's gifts for the New year 2021: what to give, ideas

The seamstress

Please note that every creative woman has her own interests – someone likes to embroider, someone enthusiastically draws, someone crochets openwork things… it is Desirable that the gifts correspond to the hobby, although the mother, who is open to experiments and is always happy to try herself in a new direction of creativity, can present something from this list for the New 2021 year:

  • the scheme for embroidery;
  • ready-made set for embroidery with beads or counted cross;
  • set for creating a personal picture (canvas with contour drawing + oil or acrylic paints);
  • kits for the manufacture of Souvenirs;
  • everything for quilling;
  • kits for working with diamond mosaics;
  • kits for making home decor with your own hands;
  • convenient handmade hook;
  • exclusive thimble with an original design;
  • large multi-tiered tool storage box;
  • a machine for sewing and automating the embroidery process;
  • digital loop counter for knitting;
  • a book with rare patterns for knitting or crocheting.

Mom's gifts for the New year 2021: what to give, ideas

An interesting gift can be a certificate for a master class in an interesting area of decorative and applied arts.

Summer resident (lover of outdoor activities)

Parents like to spend time in nature or have their own dacha, where they are happy to do gardening – the answer to the question of what to give for the new year 2021 to their mother can be one of the items on this list:

  • garden furniture made of rattan for decorating gazebos;
  • garden swing;
  • hammock;
  • mini fountain;
  • frame pool;
  • garden figurines for decorating the territory;
  • rocking chair;
  • cocoon chair;
  • mobile air conditioner for cottages;
  • infrared heater (it will perfectly warm you up in the off-season, even in an open area).

Mom's gifts for the New year 2021: what to give, ideas Mom's gifts for the New year 2021: what to give, ideas Mom's gifts for the New year 2021: what to give, ideas

Gifts for the home

If the mother is happy to think through the design of each room and periodically makes changes to the interior of the house or apartment, we suggest that you pay attention to such gifts for the New year 2021, which will definitely appeal to your creative mother:

  • lighting fixtures: chandelier, sconce, floor lamp, table lamp, night light…
  • author’s picture;
  • coffee table;
  • designer housekeeper;
  • decorative pillows;
  • magnetic Board (on the wall or on the refrigerator);
  • tray table;
  • cozy blanket;
  • storm glass (the weather prophet);
  • original bedside Mat;
  • stylish flower pots;
  • forged coasters for floor or wall flowerpots.

Mom's gifts for the New year 2021: what to give, ideas

Gadgets and accessories

This gift is sure to be appreciated by mothers who keep up with the times. Win-win options include a smartphone, tablet, or e-book. Accessories will also be relevant (if your mother already has a good gadget from the ones listed earlier). These can be:

  • covers;
  • headphones;
  • flash drives;
  • mini keyboards;
  • stand;
  • wireless charging.

Mom's gifts for the New year 2021: what to give, ideas

Mom will also appreciate the smart set-top box to the TV, which will allow you to watch your favorite movies and programs over the Internet on the big screen.

We give you emotions

What is most lacking for people who already have everything? Of course, bright positive emotions. If you do not know what to give your mother for the upcoming New Year 2021, because from year to year, various holidays have already been presented with equipment, items for the house and cottages, and a wide variety of jewelry, give your beloved mother pleasant moments. It can be:

  • 2 tickets to a good movie or theater performance;
  • subscription to the pool or water Park;
  • certificate for visiting a cosmetologist or beauty salon (preferably without specifying a specific procedure);
  • family photo session;
  • a tourist trip (but such a gift should definitely be discussed in advance).

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