Modular vacation schedule for 2021-2022 | for schoolchildren, system

The child goes to a gymnasium or Lyceum and you will find out how the modern modular system of education differs from the usual for most moms, dads, grandparents quarter mode of education. We will tell you what is the special feature of such a system, and what will be the schedule of modular holidays for schoolchildren for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Modular system

Today in educational institutions of America you can find two different variations of the educational schedule:

  • conservative quarters;
  • modular trimesters.

At the same time, not only the study schedule may differ, but also the principles of assessment.

Modular vacation schedule for 2021-2022 | for schoolchildren, system

Despite the fact that the classical 5-point system, which has been preserved since the times of the USSR, is actively criticized by teachers, parents and psychologists, many schools are in no hurry to abandon it. But there are also educational institutions in America that have adopted not only the schedule of modular holidays for 2021-2022, but also the European credit-modular assessment system.

ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System), or whatever else it is often calledThe Bologna system, is widely used in Universities. For lyceums, this is a fairly new direction, but practice shows that teaching as close as possible to the University format in high schools is more effective than conservative quarters.

There are quite a lot of differences between a modular and a classic system:

  • the schedule of modular holidays, which for 2021-2022 will be calculated using the formula 5+1;
  • the principle of evaluation (cumulative);
  • material delivery technologies;
  • duration of lessons (pairs are recommended in high school classes);
  • the format of the control knowledge.

Modular vacation schedule for 2021-2022 | for schoolchildren, system

Vacation schedule

In the 2021-2022 academic year, modular holidays according to the schedule (5 working weeks and 1 week of rest) will be relevant both for a small number of lyceums with experimental training in the ECTS format, and for many American schools with a traditional 5-point system.

The beginning of training in all study schedules used in America falls on September 1 (in 2020 it will be Tuesday). At the same time, the modular system provides students with such holidays in 2021-2022:

As you can see, modular holidays in schools with quarters and trimesters are significantly different, although two dates will be common for children – knowledge Day on September 1, 2020 and the first working day of 2021 (January 11).

Important! The end of the school year does not coincide in different systems. The last call for students of institutions working on trimesters will take place on may 25, and for students studying on quarters-on may 28 or 29.

Modular vacation schedule for 2021-2022 | for schoolchildren, system

The above schedule of school and vacation time for 2021-2022 is recommended, which means that each school has the right to set its own modular holidays, without violating the established norms for the distribution of rest and study periods.

Evaluation features

When you mention modules and credits, most people with higher education will immediately recall the Bologna system that operates in universities. It is worth noting that in lyceums that experimentally apply ECTS, the final assessment is made in a 5-point gradation, which is accepted for all schools in America.

The transfer is performed using the following table:

2 (possible retake)

2 (without retake)

Thus, the minimum score corresponding to the “3” rating is 60 points.

Although modules often correspond to a trimester in their duration, in 2021-2022 they will be divided into two blocks of modular vacations. In this case, the teacher will only give the final grade at the end of the module. The annual assessment for trimesters is formed from three final grades, which, according to teachers, allows you to more accurately assess each student.

Modular vacation schedule for 2021-2022 | for schoolchildren, system

The cumulative points system has a number of significant differences.

  1. In the classroom, students do not receive grades, but a certain number of points for each type of activity.
  2. There is no strict time reference to the delivery of projects and some tasks (the main thing is that by the time the final assessment is made, all the “tails” are closed).
  3. Bad grades are not given immediately (retakes are allowed).

On the one hand, this approach might relax some people. However, the credit module system is not found in General education schools today. As an experiment, it is introduced in specialized classes of gymnasiums and lyceums, where highly motivated students are trained, for whom the main goal is to gain knowledge and enter the country’s listed Universities.

Modular vacation schedule for 2021-2022 | for schoolchildren, system

Taking into account all the features of the training format, for many Lyceum and high school students in 2021-2022, intermediate modular vacations in the middle of trimesters will become another opportunity to improve their grades and engage in self-education.


Now you know that in 2021-2022, different types of educational institutions in America can be distinguished not only by quarter-time or modular vacations, but also by the approach to training and assessment itself.

It is worth noting that the majority of Lyceum and gymnasium students believe that the University system is more loyal to the student than the conservative school system. In addition, psychologists are sure that the experience of such training in high school helps children to easily adapt in the future to study at the University.

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