Minimum scores Exams 2021 in all subjects

For pupils of 11 classes the new school year begins, and with it, intensive preparation for Exams 2021 – proposed to start with the introduction of tables that contain the minimum and maximum marks in all subjects of the Unified State Exam. Also in this article we will touch upon the subject passing score and tell you what result you need to focus on compulsory and elective subjects those who claim to be of the most popular Universities in the capital and regional universities in USA.

Testing and evaluation Exams 2021

If the structure of KIMS for 9th grade this year will occur major changes (read more), the tickets Exams of the academic year 2020-2021, as well as methods of assessment of the examination papers will not change.

Minimum scores Exams 2021 in all subjects

Large-scale reform of the system of estimation of knowledge of graduates completed. FIPI experts believe that the current Kimy fully meet the requirements of objective assessment of the level of theoretical knowledge and formation of practical skills of 11-graders.

At the end of 2018 in his speech, Olga Vasilyeva drew journalists ‘ attention to the fact that there will not be major changes in the format of the Exams and the structure of KIMS.

So, in 2021, the principle of assessment for all subjects will be unified – all of the primary outcomes, assessed the examinee in the course of the audit work, the Exams will be summed and translated into a test score. At the same time:

  1. a test piece of work for an automated test will be digitized (that is why it is very important to fill the form №1);
  2. the written part (#2 and # 3) with detailed answers will be checked by independent experts.

To get the document about education graduate must in all subjects Exams 2021 to overcome the threshold that set the minimum scores, voiced by FIPI.

To avoid confusion, just specify that when assessing the results of the State Final Certification for graduates 11-x classes, there are different kinds of points:

  • the maximum and minimum primary different for each discipline Exams;
  • certification – a concept that exists for compulsory subjects (the minimum result required to obtain certificate).
  • test (1 to 100) – the result of which is stored in the certificate and will count towards admission to the UNIVERSITY;
  • pass threshold, taken into account by applicants to evaluate their chances to become the student of one or another institution of higher education.

So, we propose to deal with each of the presented types in more detail.

Primary score

This is the total result obtained after a full check of examination work.

Minimum scores Exams 2021 in all subjects

For the primary outcome provide:

  • the maximum score – the maximum that can obtain the examinee after verifying all of the work units;
  • minimum score the result, which gives the right to receive the certificate (but does not guarantee admission to the UNIVERSITY).

Offers read table showing maximum and minimum scores for all subjects Exams relevant to the 2020-2021 school year.

Minimum scores Exams 2021 in all subjects

Test scores

After calculating the primary result of the experts translate it into a test score. Maximum result for all subjects Examinations 2021 – 100 points.

Full gradation given in the tables. Please note! Highlighted minimum and review points sufficient in 2021 for a positive result, GEE – compulsory items are different, and in all disciplines at the choice match.

Please note that the list there is a table for foreign languages, as it is the only subject for which the primary and test scores are identical.

Passing scores

In 2020 when selecting applicants the universities focused on the minimum scores established by Rosobrnadzor, but in 2021 the Ministry of education decided to raise the threshold for those wishing to study in universities in USA for undergraduate and specialist.

Not overcome the minimum threshold in subjects that are mandatory for entry into a particular course, the graduate will be able to apply even to the contract form of training.

Important! New minimum scores in 2021 will be made in 352 Universities controlled by the Ministry of education. For other universities of the country will be actual points in 2020, as recommended by the service.

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