Minimum points of the unified state exam 2021 all subjects | passing points, assessment table

If you are planning to take the unified state exam in 2021 – we recommend that you read the FIPI table, which shows the minimum points required to obtain an education document, as well as find out how Universities form passing points for the budget and contract.

Use assessment in 2021

Almost all CMMS of the Unified State Exam in 2021 consist of 2 parts and combine test tasks with short answers, which examinees need to enter in the answer Form No. 1 and tasks with detailed answers, which should be recorded in the answer Form No. 2.

Minimum points of the unified state exam 2021 all subjects | passing points, assessment table

Form #1it is subject to verification using an automatic system that recognizes the correct answers on the scanned copy. That is why graduates ‘ attention is focused on the correctness of filling out forms. Failure to comply with the prescribed rules may lead to incorrect recognition of the form, as a result of which correct answers may be recognized as erroneous.

Important! Automated verification cannot be challenged. An incorrectly filled out form is the fault of the examinee himself.

Form #2they are checked by 2 independent experts, calculating primary points according to the list of criteria developed by the FIPI specifically for a specific subject of the unified state exam 2021. If the opinion of two experts differs (many tasks have their own thresholds, but most often it is 2 points), then a third specialist is involved in the review, and the opinion of which will be accepted as final.

Further, the primary points for completing the 1st and 2nd parts are summed up and converted into test scores (the official 100-point unified state exam system) according to the correspondence tables.

Thus, when talking about use scores, it is necessary to separate the following concepts::

It is calculated directly by the University and may differ significantly for different universities or different specialties within the same educational institution.

Primary score

You can evaluate the result of a graduate already at the stage of issuing a PB, based on the FIPI table, which shows the minimum points of the unified state exam 2021 in all GIA subjects.:

Test score

Test scores are the final result of the unified state exam, which in 2021 experts will determine using special compliance tables developed by the Federal Institute for pedagogical measurements.

Please note that the tables for converting the primary score to the test score differ for different GIA-11 subjects. Also, the FIPI tables visually highlight the certification, minimum and desired thresholds for future applicants.

The formation of a passing score

Most of the 11th graders who pass the unified state exam plan to continue their studies at one of the American universities. The winners of high scores will compete for budget places during the entrance campaign, while for applicants with low results, the important question is whether they will be able to apply for contract training at the chosen faculty.

For many graduates, the answer to this question is such an indicator as the passing score of the specialty, which can be found on the website of the University to which you would like to apply.

Minimum points of the unified state exam 2021 all subjects | passing points, assessment table

For the unified state exam in 2021, there is no fixed threshold for passing in all subjects. each UNIVERSITY calculates its own passing scores based on factors such as:

  • competition (number of applicants for 1 place);
  • level of applicants (results of unified state exam certificates);
  • presence of Olympic medalists among incoming students.

So, for regional Universities, the result of 70-75 TB may turn out to be a pass on the budget, while the Top faculties of Metropolitan universities often fail to enroll even with 100-point certificates, since all other things being equal, priority is always given to the winners of Olympiads and competitions.

It is worth noting that universities form a passing score based on the data of last year’s entrance campaign, so you should not focus on the lower indicators, because if in 2021 there are graduates with higher use certificates among applicants, last year’s passing threshold will no longer work.

It is also worth noting that from 2020 there is a new table of recommended points developed by the Ministry of education and science for American Universities. In fact, this table indicates the minimum score of the certificate that can be accepted for consideration by the admissions Committee.

Disciplinein the 2021-2022 academic yearPreviously
American language4036
Specialized mathematics3927
Social Studies4542
Chemistry Department3936
Computer science4440
Foreign language3036

Thus, if the result is lower than indicated in the table, but above the minimum threshold set by the FIPI, the graduate will receive a certificate, but will not be able to apply for higher Education. For such children, the doors of technical schools and colleges will be opened.

Transfer to a school grade

Important! Officially, the results of GIA-11 are not transferred to the 5-point system.

If you are interested in what grades correspond to the points scored on the unified state exam 2021 in certain subjects, use the table of correspondence between school grades and test scores.

Minimum points of the unified state exam 2021 all subjects | passing points, assessment table

For more information about what the minimum scores for different exam subjects will be in 2021, how the CMMS will change, and what to pay attention to during exam preparation, see the materials in this section. Follow our updates and be the first to find out what changes may occur in the unified state exam and what the GIA calendar will look like in 2021.

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