Minamata – movie 2021

Jokes with the environment can lead to the destruction of humanity, but people stubbornly want to believe in it and make a lot of fatal errors. The real story of the photojournalist has become the basis for a film called “Minamata,” which will be released in 2021.

Environmental crime

The city of Minamata is located in the boonies of Japan. The settlement stands on the shore of the Bay, which is connected with the life of a great part of the population. People rest and work in this place, but once you start to notice strange symptoms. They are expressed in hearing loss, problems with speech and vision, the insanity. It looks like a massive mercury poisoning, but state in the face of the authorities and corrupt officials is not going to take action and pretends that everything is fine. The story attracts the attention of an uncompromising photojournalist William Smith, who begins a personal investigation.

Minamata – movie 2021

Johnny Depp in the film Minamata

To convey to the world the terrible details of the crime, the creators drew victims who will tell their stories and help to understand the problem.

Johnny Depp guarantees the success of the project

In the title role and johnny Depp, who is a producer of the biopic. Lately the actor has a big problem in professional and personal life, but his talent is not in doubt, and a big name in advance promises success. Maybe this will make you think about how easy it is to destroy a person’s life.

Release date of the film “Minamata” is scheduled for 2021, but the exact numbers will be known closer to the end of the project. William Eugene Smith was a real person, who was fond of aviation, but fell in love with the art of photography and became famous all over the world. His work during the Second world war were called masterpieces.

  • Waters of the Bay were poisoned by inorganic mercury, which for a long time was discharged by Chisso Corporation. After a chain of chemical reactions it has become one of the most poisonous toxins.
  • Toxic substances caused the death of 14 people. The authorities tried to hide the fact of poisoning, but the number of victims who received damage to health has increased steadily. Some victims managed to bring the case to court.
  • A book written by the wife of Smith, Aileen Mioko, formed the basis of the script, which instructed David K. Kessler. As will be directed by Andrew Levitas.

Minamata – movie 2021

Johnny Depp and bill Nighy in the film

Before the actors of the film “Minamata,” which will appear in 2021, there is a challenge. They need to create images of people who gradually lose their sight, hearing and reason, and do not understand the reasons behind it. The shock of the catastrophe is made by human hands, is huge, but the biggest regret is the fact that the villains are trying to hide the crime, and officials covering them.

Eugene Smith – not recognizing contracts

Special attention is deserved by the protagonist, which was really an extraordinary personality. It is so critical to his work that burned the first photographs made during operation by the photojournalist. The artist did not like to work under contract, and preferred the creativity and free swimming, so I terminated the contract with the magazines “Newsweek” and “Life”.

After the outbreak of the Second world war photographer for some time cooperated with “Ziff-Davis Publishing,” but then returned to “Life”. On assignment from this magazine went to Japan and learned about the history Minamata.

The image of the photographer is very complicated, but johnny Depp is not the first time you have to bring extraordinary images to attract the attention of viewers who are fond of cinema.

Minamata – movie 2021

Johnny Depp and Eugene Smith

The hero was brutally beaten in the course of the investigation, severely damaged vital organs, eyesight, but the album “Minamata” still appeared in 1975. The price of disobedience is too high, but human life and health above all! At a time when all people will understand the simple truth, will begin a new era.

Video about the victims of Minamata disease:

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