May 9, 2021: how do you relax

Like to plan a vacation well in advance – we know today, as we rest on may 9 in 2021, how many weekends in a row will give us official transfers and what day of the week will be the first work after a long "may holidays".

May holidays

Traditionally in may 2021 in all regions of the USA will celebrate the two big holidays:

  • May 1 – The holiday of spring and labour;
  • May 9 – The Victory Day.

May 9, 2021: how do you relax

The holiday of spring and labor

In 2021 the Government will give USAнам really long "may holidays" on may 1, because we will have a rest for 5 consecutive days with 01.05.20 for 05.05.20 inclusive! As of April 30, as the pre-holiday working day will officially shortened to 1 hour.

A pleasant surprise was made possible thanks to the convenient distribution on weekends, which is formed when applying the winter break on the weekend (4 and 5 January). To move two January weekend it was on may 4 and 5 suggested that the Ministry of Labour of the Russian Federation in April 2020.

May 9, 2021: how do you relax

Of course, these two days could be celebrated and once in January, received a 10-day period the new year’s holiday. But, according to psychologists, such a long break in the job leads to a difficult adjustment period after the holidays that 10 working days could undermine the economic prosperity of many companies, if you consider that "winter break" under the law are paid rest period for enterprises of all forms of ownership.

Victory Day

In 2021 we will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the great Victory!

According to the shifts 2021, on 9 may we rest not so much, as on may day. The weekend is only 3 days with 09.05.20 for 11.09.20, and the last working day before the 8th of may should be abbreviated.

Monday 11 may be formed due to the fact that in 2021 may 9 falls on a weekend day – Saturday.

May 9, 2021: how do you relax

By the way, in 2020 the may weekend was 1 day longer (5 days on may 1 and 4 any day of the Victory) due to postponed to may output, constituted the imposition of 23 February on the day.

Thus, the full workdays in may 2021 will begin with the number 12, when we will thosem Pervomayskaya long weekend and celebrate the Victory Day on 9 may. And if the leadership will take 3 days unpaid leave, you can plan a great vacation in length in 11 days!

Important! While we are talking about the draft decree, which is still to be considered by the government. During the discussion, the document can still be changed. If in the calendar the weekend will make changes, we’ll inform you the news.

Events in the USA on the Victory Day

Since 2021 on may 9 we will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Victory, in many regions the celebration will be held even more magnificent than in previous years.

May 9, 2021: how do you relax

In a traditionally planned:

  • the parade on red square, which will begin may 9, 2021 at exactly 10:00;
  • the traditional March of "Immortal regiment";
  • thematic exhibition dedicated to the 75th anniversary;
  • concerts, during which famous singers and groups will perform songs of the war years;
  • historical reconstruction in which to participate;
  • fireworks which will light up the night sky of the capital in several locations.

The parade on red square

The best way to see the main parade of the country – is a video stream, because to get to the Central area is simply wrong, the entrance is allowed only by invitation, and to accredited journalists.

May 9, 2021: how do you relax

However, once in may 9, 2021, you can see military equipment, which is returned from the parade in military units. The best locations for those who want to see tanks, missiles and armored personnel carriers – is:

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