May 2021 in USA: calendar, holidays, weekends, how to relax

For all those who are looking forward to the may holidays, we have prepared a material about what the production calendar for may 2021 will be like, how we rest on the 1st and 9th, as well as what other holidays are waiting for us in the last month of spring.

Public holidays

In may 2021, all regions of America will celebrate two Federal holidays:

Spring and labor day

May 2021 in USA: calendar, holidays, weekends, how to relax

By law, weekends that coincide with public holidays are moved to the nearest business day (usually the Monday following a series of public holidays).

Since both holidays fall on weekends, in both cases Americans will receive an additional day of rest. The day off for Saturday 01.05.21 will be moved to Monday 03.05.21, and the day off from Sunday 09.05.21 – to Monday 10.05.21.

Thus, may 2021 will give us two periods of “long weekends”, each of 3 days. Recall that in may 2020, the holidays were slightly longer (5 and 3 days, respectively).

Production calendar

According to the project presented at the moment, the production calendar for may 2021 assumes such a distribution of working days and weekends:

There are no reduced working days in may, but this will be April 30-the Friday preceding spring and labor Day.

Working time standards for the main work schedules in may 2021, with the ratio of working days and weekends indicated in the table, will be as follows::

Working hours per month

If the number of days off increases after the postponement is approved in may, the working time standards will also be revised. Follow our news and be the first to find out what the final version of the production calendar for America for 2021 will be.

Orthodox calendar

In 2021, we expect a “late” may Easter.

The bright feast of Christ’s Sunday falls on may 2, which means that on Saturday evening, may 1, all believers will go to Churches to celebrate one of the biggest Christian holidays.

May 2021 in USA: calendar, holidays, weekends, how to relax

There are many important dates in the Church calendar for may:

  • Easter – 02.05.21;
  • Antipascha (week 2 of Easter) – 09.05.21;
  • Easter week 3-16.05.21;
  • The Apostle and Evangelist John the theologian – 21.05.21;
  • St. Nicholas, Archbishop of Myra in Lycia – 22.05.21;
  • Easter week 4-23.05.21;
  • Week 5th Sunday after Easter – 30.05.21.
  • Parent day – 09.05.21;
  • Radonitsa – 11.05.21 No.
  • From 3 to 9 may – Easter solid week.

After a long fast, during which the sacrament of marriage was not performed in the Temples, a blessed period begins. Couples who managed to legalize their relationship earlier in the registry Office, or planning a wedding in may, can safely plan a wedding.


For Muslims, may 2021 will be marked by one of the biggest holidays – Ramadan.

The list of important dates of the Muslim calendar includes:

  • The night of power and predestination – from 8 to 9 may;
  • The eve of Ramadan – may 12;
  • Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr (day 1) – may 13;
  • Ramadan (2nd day) – may 14;
  • Ramadan (day 3) – may 15.

May 2021 in USA: calendar, holidays, weekends, how to relax

Unofficial holidays

In may 2021, we are waiting not only for a long weekend, but also for many professional days that have been celebrated in America and other countries for many years.

In the last month of spring, representatives of such professions will celebrate their holidays:

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