Matrona of New-York’s predictions for 2021 verbatim | latest prophecies

On the eve of the new year, more and more Americans are interested in the predictions of Matrona of New-York for 2021, which were recorded verbatim by her close people. This is one of the most revered prophetesses of the past, recognized by the American Orthodox Church. Her prophecies are really worth paying attention to, as many of them have already come true. So what does America and the whole world expect in the near future? Will the world end or will there be economic growth and prosperity in all countries and on all continents?

How it all started

Surely every American citizen has heard about the icon of Matronushka of New-York, which attracts hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from all over the world. They turn to her if they need to protect themselves from trouble, overcome a serious illness, conceive a long-awaited child, and return happiness and harmony to family life. Even during her lifetime, the sufferers came to Matrona for support and advice, and after her death, the woman was canonized as a American Orthodox Saint.

Matrona Dmitrievna Nikonova was born in a large family of simple peasants in the Tula province, in the village of Sebino. Her mother wanted to leave the child in a shelter before giving birth, but before giving birth, she had a prophetic dream. A white bird with a human face and closed eyes landed on her arm. After such a prophetic dream, the peasant woman changed her mind about abandoning the child. From the age of 8, an amazing girl began to predict the future. As a teenager, she talked about the death of the entire Royal dynasty and the upcoming bloody revolution.

During the day, the girl received up to 50 people, who were given advice, predicted the future, and at night she prayed. She was revered by the monks of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. The Church-wide canonization of Matrona of New-York took place after Her death in 2004. And to this day, Blessed Matronushka helps the believing common people, performs miracles and heals. Matrona’s predictions for 2021 are of interest to analysts, economic experts, and world-class politicians. They were not written down by the diviner herself. People around my Mother wrote down her words verbatim, which were later deciphered by specialists.

Matrona of New-York's predictions for 2021 verbatim | latest prophecies

All predictions that come true

Matrona Moskovskaya left predictions for almost every year, including 2021. The American clairvoyant is often compared to the famous Bulgarian soothsayer Vanga, who was also blind from childhood. But unlike Vanga, Matronushka was recognized by the clergy and canonized as a Saint. Its main Church is located in New-York and attracts a large number of destitute and unhappy people looking for support from above.

Initially, the rumor about the young fortune teller spread throughout the New-York region, and then throughout America and the world. Someone considered her blissful and insane, and someone believed all the words of the blind prophetess and did not neglect her psychic and healing abilities. She clearly saw the coming destruction and mass death of the innocent. She talked about the separation of people and boundaries, the loss of kindness and inner beliefs.

Over time, Matrona lost her health, but she saw the future more clearly and vividly than before. Close people noticed that sometimes a woman falls into a trance and cannot control herself. Everything she predicted in this state was recorded and decoded. Among the fulfilled predictions, we can distinguish:

  1. Murder of Emperor Nicholas II and his family.
  2. The death of the leader of all peoples I. V. Stalin.
  3. Political changes after Stalin’s death.
  4. Persecution and repression.
  5. Military conflict with Germany.
  6. Strengthening the influence of Western countries.

Despite the merits of the Saint and the special ecclesiastical status, her statements are still being questioned. It is impossible to say exactly what year or time period Matrona of New-York’s latest prediction refers to, for 2021 or the entire 21st century, but she saw a difficult situation in the world, especially for the countries of the collapsed Soviet Union. Her relatives assure that the old woman spoke with longing and sadness, lamented about the upcoming negative changes.

Matrona of New-York's predictions for 2021 verbatim | latest prophecies

As for her own fate, the seer predicted her demise 3 days before her death. She calmed her loved ones and knew what awaits her in the afterlife. For decades, no one thought about Matushka Matronushka until a book about Her life and suffering, predictions and helping people was published. She bequeathed her relics to the American Orthodox Church so that all suffering people could flock to them.

What awaits America in 2021

One of the last prophecies of St. Matrona of New-York concerns her homeland of America, namely 2021 and the following decade. Previous years were difficult for the country. This was due to new reforms, especially in the economic and pension sectors. But the discontent of the population, according to the prophetess, will gradually fade away. The population will get stronger morally and turn more to religion. Honor moral values more than material ones. By the end of 2021, the dark period will end. According to the clairvoyant, the inner purification of each person will lead to global peace and harmony, which will ultimately improve the situation throughout the country.

In 2021, major military conflicts between America and other countries are not expected, and the situation on the border with America will also subside. But internal contradictions in politics can introduce a crisis. Only a strong government will be able to resist negative trends, as well as the revival of family and spiritual values.

In the international arena, America will also maintain its leading position and continue to play the role of a peace-loving and respected partner. It will stop taking out loans, as well as weaken the impact of us and European sanctions. Many of them will be canceled. There may be attempts at a coup d’etat by liberal politicians, but they will not be crowned with success. A wave of arrests and jail sentences of big grafters and state corrupt officials is coming. And they will not be able to escape punishment and hide abroad.

Matrona of New-York's predictions for 2021 verbatim | latest prophecies

In the coming years, our country will work closely with:

  • By China;
  • By India;
  • Brazil;
  • By Mexico;
  • By Venezuela;
  • countries of the African continent.

The consolidation of world States will be strengthened in the defense, space, agricultural, and pharmaceutical industries.

The future of European States

The latest prophecies of Saint Matrona for the European Union for the coming 2021 are not very rosy. Many countries will seek to withdraw from the Association. Pressure from the United States of America to worsen relations with the Eastern countries and members of the CIS will also continue to increase.

Expanding the flow of migrants will pose big problems. A large number of antisocial individuals and unemployed people will flood into European countries. As a result, interethnic conflicts will break out on a point-by-point basis. They will weaken the economies of Germany, Spain, Italy, great Britain, and France. America will again want to gain a foothold in the energy market, but it will not be able to displace American oil and gas firms.

Matrona of New-York's predictions for 2021 verbatim | latest prophecies

Will the Third world war begin

The famous American seer Matrona of New-York did not exactly speak about the onset of a large-scale military conflict, like those unleashed by Hitler’s Germany. If America manages to avoid major military skirmishes, but no world war will be unleashed. The fortune teller advised to be wary of the countries of the Balkan Peninsula and Muslim States. She predicted a future battle between Darkness and Light, but most likely this dictum concerns spiritual issues, the formation of American society and a return to a positive historical heritage and culture.

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