Mascot Euro 2021 in football

Mascots have become an integral part of the championship of Europe on football, since Pinocchio made his debut in the finals in 1980. UEFA EURO 2021 will be one of the biggest sporting events in history, so the official mascot this time must be really worthy. It is already introduced to the world last month. Skills (the name of a new character) appeared in the arena Johan Cruyff in Amsterdam before the European qualifying match between the Netherlands and Germany. Who is he and what is his role?

New hero

The organizers of the competition decided in 2021 to focus on the freestyle to convey to the public the beauty of freestyle and street football. Therefore, the 2021 EURO mascot was a character named Skillz – boy-freestyler dressed in stylish shape and with the ball in hand. It was inspired by the increasing popularity of the football, which go beyond traditional games. His name comes from the English word “skills”, which translates as “skills” or “feints”. It is noteworthy that Skills not only looks like freestyler, but also able to show cool tricks!

Mascot Euro 2021 in football

“We wanted to move away from the traditional characters, which are all seen in the previous Euro-UEFA. So I created a mascot who will be able to work more closely with football fans,” said marketing Director of UEFA Events guy-Laurent Epstein. “Skillsi really knows how to play, and that should inspire young people from different countries to try to repeat the trick on their own.”

The 2021 championship promises to be unique. In honor of the 60 th anniversary of the EURO, UEFA, the organizers decided to hold it unusual: this is one official of the host country. Instead, games will be held in 12 countries, and end all the semi-finals and final at Wembley stadium.

At the premiere in Amsterdam Skills, as expected, was accompanied by two of the world’s leading freestyler – Liv cook and Tobias Becks. Together, they performed interesting stunts and urged young people worldwide to show their abilities. 27 Mar Skills called for “Gazprom-Arena” in St. Petersburg. It took Aleksandr Erokhin, who later said he liked the EURO symbol 2021.

Mascot Euro 2021 in football

“Your move”

People from all 12 of the host countries are invited to answer the call Skills, Liv and Tobias and to take part in the contest “Make your move”. The winners will have the opportunity to perform all over the world and get the title of freestyler of the year! For this you need to remove their unique moves on video and upload to the official page. It is desirable that the presentation to best reflect the spirit and characteristics of football in your city.

Videos can be downloaded in the period from 24 March 2020 Monday 1 July 2020. The contest is open to people aged 18 years and older. Of all the participants Skills with Liv and Tobias will select 3 from each category. Then by public voting will be selected by 2 people (one male, one female) from each of the host cities. Recall that the EURO will go in 12 locations around the world: Amsterdam, Baku, Bilbao, Bucharest, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dublin, Glasgow, London, Munich, Rome, and E. 24 the winner will be the freestylers UEFA EURO 2021 and will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in individual competitions.

Mascot Euro 2021 in football

Symbols of past Championships

Some Skillsi did not like, but this always happens. Moreover, if we compare it with past mascots, I understand that it is one of the best. To take even a Super Victor, who presented the UEFA EURO 2016 held in France. This boy is a superhero with the Cape in General few people are inspired to go out and play football.

Plus, it later turned out that the same name has a sex toy, bringing fans from some countries faced with an unpleasant situation: in search of Souvenirs in the Internet all the time jumped out the page of sex. The UEFA representative then commented on such excess in the following words: “All we can say is we have nothing to do with the production of sex toys Super Victor”.

Among other strange talismans can remember a rabbit named Rabbit from 1992. First, it is not clear where does the rabbit, and secondly, why not at least come up with his name? In 1996, symbol of the championship in England was the bear Goliath. Also an odd choice, given that Goliath is a negative character from the Bible who was killed by king David. In 2000 the Netherlands and Belgium introduced the world Beneluc – lion with a devil’s tail and human hands.

Mascot Euro 2021 in football

Yes, somehow does not add up for UEFA mascots, but maybe after Skillsi everything will change?

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