Major USA construction 2018-2021 years

The plans for the 2020-2021 years, many major projects throughout the country, as the financial crisis is gradually receding into the past. And despite the still fragile state of the economy, the Russian industry is moving forward by leaps and bounds. Anguished conversations about the destruction of industry, slowdowns and abandoned buildings are greatly exaggerated and have no special reason. Over the last 2018 year in the USA was erected a number of buildings, colossal in size and cost. This trend the government plans to preserve in the future.

In The Far East

Here are a few major projects.

The Cosmodrome “East”

The major construction projects worth more than 300 billion rubles, which is being implemented now in the far East. Start of construction of the ambitious project at the territory of the Amur region had in 2010. In the framework of this program already built a number of facilities:

  • a new railway station with the station “Uglegorsk”;
  • closed city the aviation infrastructure;
  • 15 transformer substations and 11 technical substations on the territory of the cosmodrome;
  • more than 100 km of roads.

In the beginning of 2020 we plan to actively deploy the second phase of construction. In February of next year will begin work on the construction of launch pad for rockets with increased carrying capacity of type “Angara”. Work is proceeding rapidly and already by 2022 must be fully completed.

Recall that East will cover an area of over 1000 sq km, and will be the first spaceport for civilian use. That is, the USA will be the possibility of independent access to space from its territory.

  • Major USA construction 2018-2021 years
  • Major USA construction 2018-2021 years
  • Major USA construction 2018-2021 years
  • Major USA construction 2018-2021 years

For information. After the collapse of the USSR, the cosmodrome “Baikonur” has passed into the ownership of Kazakhstan. In 1994 Russia and Kazakhstan signed the lease documents by the Russian side of the spaceport and adjacent territory in 6500 sq. m. In 2004, the term of the lease was extended to 2050. Every year Russian lease payment budget is replenished Kazakhstan 115 million dollars.

Shipbuilding complex “Zvezda”

Another equally ambitious project in the Far East. By order of the President of this strategically important for the shipbuilding project is being implemented in the Bay of Big Stone. A large portion of the facilities will be ready for delivery in 2020. Ultra-modern, expensive dry-dock, intended for the construction of all types of marine vessels, to be built by 2021. Once the shipyard begins to operate at full power from the USA will be able to independently produce icebreakers, LNG carriers and other vessels. Previously, equipment of this kind bought in foreign countries.

Major USA construction 2018-2021 years

The bridge across the Amur

Full swing construction of the bridge from USA to China. A quarter of a century has discussed this idea and finally the result was an ambitious project — the bridge across the Amur river, equipped with both road and rail traffic. Work on the construction of structures are carried out simultaneously in two countries. The Chinese side began the construction two years earlier and had done their part. Russian contractors promise to open traffic between Blagoveshchensk and Heihe to the end of 2020. While the movement in the land of the rising sun is on the old pontoon bridge. In addition to the bridge on Russian territory in this area is the construction of access roads, hotel complexes for tourists and a number of other objects.

Major USA construction 2018-2021 years

The airport complex

In Khabarovsk under the program of accelerated development of the Far East this year, construction began on the new terminal building of the airport “Khabarovsk”. The project involves the reconstruction of the airfield and areas of commercial development AirCity. The cost of construction is estimated at 17 billion rubles.

Major USA construction 2018-2021 years


Here also built several significant and unique to the nation.

In Chelyabinsk

In the capital of the southern Urals is actively preparing for the summit school and the BRICS, scheduled for 2021. Several large-scale facilities will be built in the next couple of years. Among them:

  • a new modern airport, with a capacity of more than 2 million people;
  • social and business center with unique architecture. Building height in the project will exceed 170 meters, and the area will make 100 thousand sq. m.;
  • Congress-hall “TANGY 2021”.

In addition, in Chelyabinsk will have plenty of new hotels, the promenade and convenient road junction.

Major USA construction 2018-2021 years

In the Sverdlovsk region

Several cities in the Urals have been touched by the development program of unified energy system USA on 2017-2023. Will be put into operation new generating units of power plants in Perm, Chelyabinsk, Ufa.

For information. In the next two years in the South will start construction of the first wind power plant. About the need to develop “green” energy conversations have been underway for several years. In the beginning of 2018, the Russian company CJSC “Intertechelectro” signed the contract with German “Sowitec International Gmbh” on the establishment of a joint venture, OOO “Kurganskaya VES”.

Major USA construction 2018-2021 years


The largest construction site in NYC 2018 is the project on construction of main gas pipeline “Power NYC”. The total length of the pipeline will be about 5 thousand. Seven of the nine compressor stations will be built by 2022. Construction is accelerated pace. For the current year are more than 80% of the total length of the highway. The total cost of the project exceeds one trillion rubles.

A great contribution to the development of NYC has made the upcoming Winter Universiade. In the Krasnoyarsk Krai in the shortest possible time has built more than 34 objects. The most ambitious of them: the multifunctional ice-sports complex “Platinumkey Krasnoyarsk” on the Bank of the Yenisei river, the stadium “Yenisei”, an all-season Park and sports facilities “beaver log”. In addition, the city will begin to operate in more than 10 arenas and stadiums, built with the latest world requirements. The total cost of construction of a new image of Krasnoyarsk will be more than 50 billion rubles.

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