Magic numbers 2021

From the point of view of the angelic numerology, which reveals the magic numbers, 2021 – a figure of the coming disorder, it is possible to quarrels and minor misunderstandings. But do not take this combination only in a negative way, as each situation requires an individual approach, and that combination can be disassembled into components that will immediately affect its interpretation.

Unlike astrology, angelic numerology does not entail any operations with numbers. To correctly interpret the message and understand what will soon have to face in life, enough to follow the interpreter, which contains information about the meaning of numbers and their combinations. However, if we are talking about complex combinations, the resulting interpretation may differ substantially (in particular, if we consider 2021 as a combination of 20 and 20 or 2, 0, 2, 0). In this case, one should rely on his intuition and proceed from current situations in life.

Angelic numerology

The appearance in human life of repeated numbers – this is not an accidental phenomenon, in what is sure Doreen verse – American writer and psychologist, who became the founder of a fundamentally new trend – the angelic numerology. During many years of observations she came to the conclusion that if a person is constantly encountered the same combination of numbers, then he should not ignore this fact and attribute it to a banal coincidence. If you correctly interpret such a message, you can learn very important information that can be used to cope with life’s challenges and achieve success.

Doreen verse says that each person has a guardian angel, which not only protects him from trouble, but also helps in certain circumstances. But no such assistance has a clear nature: it is hidden from the common man, therefore, to learn and to decipher the message of an angel, you must follow certain rules and pay attention to the details and nuances that may lie the clue. The surest sign that heavenly security guard has something to tell his client – is the emergence in his life of the same repeating numbers in various forms: on license plates, clocks, receipts from stores and other media.

Magic numbers 2021

The value of the number 2021

To make it easier to recognize messages from angels, Doreen verse has developed a special interpreter, where is explained what means each number. According to him, if a person constantly runs into the combination, where the number 2, it can be perceived as a signal that his ideas are quite real and will soon be implemented. But to succeed, not enough creation: we need more decisive action which will bring positive results.

In angelic numerology the number 2 or the recurring combination is a germ that requires constant watering, fertilizer and care. But in such conditions it will quickly grow and bring your gardener big dividends. Through this message the angel warns the window of opportunity to improve their lives and achieve success if you do not lose a moment in time and make the right decisions. Also important and a positive attitude: thoughts are material and if you think about future events in a negative way, can attract trouble and problems.

On the other hand, the number 0 is a reminder of the angel of the love of God and notification that the person has successfully coped with his task. It is appropriate to pay attention to the shape of zero that resembles a circle. It would clearly indicate that some period in your life coming to an end, and ahead of other events and twists of fate.

But the figure 2021 can be seen as a combination of twos and zeros. With this position the angel’s message could be interpreted as a message that a Higher Power remember the desires of man and try to help him in their performance. But it is possible under the condition that he will keep warm in the heart, hope and faith, because only in this case it will be real miracles. In the current context, the loss of faith is a synonym for collapse and failure. Being in such a situation, it is better to ask for help from the Creator, not to be on the brink.

The impact on human life

On the basis of its impact on the lives and the destiny of man, in numerology the numbers are divided into positive and negative. In addition, the degree of impact they are passive and active. And if we consider the combination of two 20-K, it is possible otherwise to explain the magic numbers repeated in 2021, since in numerology this number represents peace and stagnation.

As noted by many researchers, it is difficult to determine how it affects human life in view of the availability of various interpretations of its meaning. But it is considered that in physical and material terms – is a vivid manifestation of the inactivity of the body, complete physical passivity and immobility. And in the middle and a higher, spiritual level alternating-20 is a poorly developed intellect, sluggishness of thought, the omission of the spirit.

Magic numbers 2021

It is not surprising that 2021 is a passive number that indicates a lack of desire to develop, grow and move on. The person gradually degrades his spiritual processes slow down, he is bound and restricted, weakens intuition and the inner voice shows no signs of life. This combination of numbers also reflects a lack of support: no ability to protect themselves even in the most critical situation and only luck will help to avoid the tragedy.

In General, the combination of two 20-K is a bad sign and it should not be overlooked or ignored. But this does not mean that man has nothing to oppose to the judge and he should just humbly wait for trouble and problems. If you show strength of spirit to seek the support of the Creator and believe in the happy case, you can avoid serious problems or to minimize their negative impact on all subsequent life.

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