Lunar calendar January 2021

Lunar activity is inherently connected not only with processes occurring in nature, but by human activity. The influence of the moon on the physical condition and health is a scientific proven fact. It can be both positive and negative. To prepare for unfavorable days, but also to know when is the best time to be active and nothing to worry in advance to check the lunar calendar for January 2021.

Why and how the Moon affect people?

Because of the powerful gravitational field of the Moon can affect the oceans, causing the tides. Due to the fact that man consists of 70% water, scientists speculate about a similar influence of the satellite on health, emotions and mood. Depending on moon phase influence on the person can be expressed as:

  • unexplained improvement or deterioration of health (a decrease in immunity, occurrence of headaches, aggravation of chronic diseases);
  • the increase in nervous tension, the level of aggression and irritability;
  • the reduction of mental activity;
  • the slowing of the metabolism in the body;
  • increase intellectual capacities;
  • special tidal forces and energy.

Lunar calendar January 2021

Given how the state of health and mood are closely associated with real activity, people exposed to lunar activity, can avoid many problems by following these guidelines.

The phases of the moon

Moon phases in January 2021, consists of four stages, each of which differently affects the health of the person. The most significant of these are the full moon and the new moon. Lunar calendar will help you to determine the most favorable and problematic days.

DateDay of the weekDay of the moonPhaseZodiacSunrise/ sunsetNote
OneEnvironment7, 8+Fish12:11/23:02On this day, reduced concentration and impaired mental activity, so it is not recommended to tackle complex tasks. Pay attention to rest and relaxation.
TwoThursday8, 9+Aries12:24/–:–
ThreeFriday9, 10First quarter12:36/00:12
FourSaturday10, 11+12:49/01:23
FiveSunday11, 12+Taurus13:03/02:35
SixMonday12, 13+13:19/03:49
SevenTuesday13, 14+Gemini13:41/ 05:05On this day, will increase impulsivity, so it’s best not to have personal problems. Mental activity of the brain is at a high level, so are easily solved by the financial and intellectual challenges.
EightEnvironment14, 15+14:10/06:22This period is characterized by a lower concentration, so suitable for a quick business. Make time for training and walks. Try to avoid conflicts.
NineThursday15, 16+Cancers14:50/07:36
TenFriday16, 17Full Moon15:46/08:42
ElevenSaturday17, 1816:57/09:34
TwelveSunday18, 19Leo18:20/10:14
ThirteenMonday19, 2019:48/10:43
FourteenTuesday20, 21Virgin21:17/11:05Inner calm and increased concentration contribute to efficient operation requiring lengthy and painstaking attention.
FifteenEnvironment21, 2222:45/11:23Activity is reduced, but the emotional enervation is preserved. This day is suitable for solving intellectual tasks and self-development.
SixteenThursdayTwenty twoLibra–:–/11:39Emotional relaxation reaches its peak, so it is better to refuse from making a serious decision, and to devote time to rest.
SeventeenFriday22, 23III quarter00:11/11:54
EighteenSaturday23, 24Scorpio01:37/12:11
NineteenSunday24, 2503:01/12:30
TwentyMonday25, 26Sagittarius04:24/12:53
Twenty oneTuesday26, 2705:43/13:24Physical strength, energy and concentration are reduced, so the time is ill-suited to new beginnings. Pay attention to communication with friends and family.
Twenty twoEnvironment27, 28Capricorn06:54/14:05Due to an increase in lethargy it is not recommended to solve complex legal issues. Take care of your health.
Twenty threeThursday28, 2907:54/14:57
Twenty fourFriday29, 3008:41/16:00
Twenty fiveSaturday30, 1, 2New MoonAquarius09:16/17:09In this day of increased energy and irritability. Engage in training, self-education, but to avoid conflicts.
Twenty sixSunday2, 309:42/18:22
Twenty sevenMonday3, 4Fish10:01/19:35
Twenty eightTuesday4, 510:17/20:46
Twenty nineEnvironment5, 610:31/21:57Great time for walks, traveling and active rest. Work and solution of intellectual questions are difficult, so they are best avoided.
ThirtyThursday6, 7Aries10:43/23:07
Thirty oneFriday7, 810:55/–:–


Determining favorable days according to the lunar calendar of January 2021, you can pre-plan a list of things that should be addressed.

  • plant the plants or sow the seeds;
  • work out or start a diet;
  • implement the long-planned proceedings and decide important issues;
  • pay attention to personal attitude;
  • time for creative activities.

Lunar calendar January 2021

  • avoid alcohol;
  • refrain from making important decisions;
  • do not conduct financial transactions;
  • do not drive (especially long distances);
  • pay attention to their health.

See video on the influence of the moon on man:

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