Lunar calendar haircuts on September 2021

The moon affects the emotional state, his health and success in Affairs and love. Even before visiting the hairdresser is better to study the lunar calendar haircuts on September 2021 to save the health of the hair. Any hairdressing treatments on certain days will help speed up hair growth, strengthen and prevent hair loss or dandruff. In other days forget about visiting the wizard to prevent negative consequences.

Lunar calendar haircuts on September 2021

Moon phases in September

To improve the structure of hair, to get rid of the problems and were satisfied with the work of the hairdresser, we recommend to read our recommendations of when to cut hair in September 2021.

DateDay of the weekSignMoon phaseAdvice on haircutTips on staining, tinting and other treatments
OneTuesdayAquarius+The best day for the brave haircuts and pilings.
TwoEnvironmentFishFull MoonCan cause the appearance of dandruff.May damage the hair, appearance of split ends and a fixing iron.
FourFridayAriesHair can fall out and become brittle.Improve the condition of hair roots and their structure. Will accelerate growth.
SixSundayTaurusHair become strong and shiny.Choose treatments to revitalize the scalp and strengthen the hair.
NineEnvironmentGeminiAcceleration of hair growth, but they will be naughty.The best day for Curling, toning and staining.
TenThursdayGeminiThird quarter
ElevenFridayCancerHaircut on this day will affect one’s relationships with friends and family.Give preference to health procedures. From the rest of the refuse.
FourteenMondayLeoA perfect day for any of the procedures in addition to permed.
SixteenEnvironmentVirginHaircut will keep its shape for a long time. The hair will be filled with power and energy.Wellness treatments will improve the condition of hair, accelerate hair growth and slow down the process of loss.
SeventeenThursdayVirginNew moon
EighteenFridayLibra+Acceleration of hair growth, but they will be naughty.Dye hair is not recommended. Give preference to rehabilitation.
TwentySundayScorpio+Recommended haircut dull and damaged hair to make them thicker and stronger.Staining only with natural dyes. The best day for healing.
Twenty oneMondayScorpio+
Twenty twoTuesdaySagittarius+Haircut, made this day long will not retain their shape.Coloring and perming does not meet expectations.
Twenty threeEnvironmentSagittarius+
Twenty fourThursdayCapricornFirst quarterHair for a long time is not whipped, get stronger and become thicker, reduced their hair loss.The best day for painting and experiments with color. Perming won’t hurt especially hair.
Twenty fiveFridayCapricorn+
Twenty sixSaturdayAquarius+This day is better to give preference to extravagant haircuts. For the classical options there is a risk of hair loss.The best day to experiment with toning and staining.
Twenty sevenSundayAquarius+
Twenty eightMondayAquarius+
Twenty nineTuesdayFish+High risk of dandruff. However, if you cut dull or damaged will improve their condition.Coloring and perming will harm the hair. To spend Wellness.

Our recommendation

Moon phases mainly affect the growth of hair, the softness and the duration of the preservation of forms of haircuts, colors when coloring and tinting and hair while styling.

Most hair growth is noted when visiting the Barber when the moon rising in the 1st or 2nd quarter.

Haircut during the waning moon, on the contrary, reduces hair growth, but these days strengthens hair roots, reduced hair loss.

If you want to as long as possible to preserve the shape of the haircut, go to the hairdresser 2-3 days after the full moon, which falls on September 2.

The new moon is better to abandon a visit to the Barber at all as there is a belief that the haircut on this day reduces the duration of human life. We will remind, in September of that 17 number.

However, a haircut is no substitute of means on care of hair and especially will not affect their status. To enhance the positive effects of visiting the hairdresser will combine it with Wellness and supply procedures.

Lunar calendar haircuts on September 2021

To summarize

The most favorable days for haircuts in September 2021 is 15 (waning Moon), 19 (waxing Moon), 24 (First quarter), 28 (waxing Moon) number. Also visit hairdresser recommended:

  • Under the growing moon: 1, 21, 22, and 26
  • The waning moon: 8, 9 numbers.

Adverse days are 4, 11, September 13, when the moon is waning, and 20 September (waxing Moon). Better to give preference to these number of procedures aimed at strengthening, improvement and nourishment of the hair and their roots. Haircut these days not only worsen the condition of the hair, but will negatively affect your life.

See video on the relationship of the moon and human health:

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