Lunar calendar haircuts on October 2021

Lunar calendar will tell you the most auspicious days for haircuts in October 2021, and will help to Orient, when to color your hair, and when it is not necessary to carry out experiments on hair.

Lunar calendar haircuts on October 2021

Each moon phase has its effect on humans, in particular hair growth. Choosing the best day for haircut, you can improve your health, wealth and relationships with people. And in some days from going to the hairdresser is better to abstain. To know exactly when to make changes in appearance, and when not to help the lunar calendar haircuts on October 2021.


Date, day of the weekMoon phase, zodiac signThe energy of the dayAstrological recommendation
01, ThursdayRising, AriesNeutralHaircut on this day is bad for morale, will lead to bad mood. Staining will lead to success.
2 FridayFull, AriesNegativeBetter not to get a haircut – can cause health problems. Most try to comb.
3 SaturdayWaning, AriesNegativeHaircut can cause problems with the circulatory and endocrine systems. Braid high bun, it will help to obtain the energy of the cosmos.
4 SundayWaning, TaurusNegativeWeave in hair yellow-red ribbon, this will help to soak up solar energy.
5, MondayWaning, TaurusNeutralToday’s haircut will make you charismatic, will give success. Desirable lightweight, low hairstyle.
6 TuesdayWaning, GeminiNegativeMost try to comb through hair – it will give you energy.
7 WednesdayWaning, GeminiNeutralHaircut will boost your mood, but the color will ruin it. On this day, it is useful to practice meditation.
8, ThursdayWaning, GeminiFavorableStaining light colors will bring in your life important people.
9, FridayWaning CancerNeutralHaircut bring you health and well-being.
10, SaturdayThird quarter CancerNegativeStaining in the presence of a loved one will help to strengthen the relationship. The hair will lift your spirits.
11, SundayWaning, LeoNeutralCut the hair and then new hair will delight you for a long time.
12, MondayWaning, LeoNegativeStaining can lead to conflicts.
13, TuesdayWaning, VirgoNegativeIf you are expecting an important meeting, then dye the hair in natural shades.
14, WednesdayWaning, VirgoFavorableHaircut will bring success, and staining to improve their health and financial well-being.
15, ThursdayWaning, LibraNegativeThe hair is better not to cut – it will have a negative impact on your physical condition.
16, FridayNew, ScalesFavorableStaining will lead to financial problems.
17, SaturdayRising ScorpioFavorableAny experiments with hair will bring new positive energy.
18, SundayRising ScorpioFavorableHaircut will help to improve the financial condition.
19, MondayGrowing, SagittariusNegativeDon’t keep your head cleansed – built plans can fall at any time.
20, TuesdayGrowing, SagittariusNegativeDyeing with natural dye will help to strengthen stability in his career.
21, WednesdayRising, CapricornFavorableMake poofy hair, it will help you to feel inflow of new forces.
22, ThursdayRising, CapricornNeutralThe coloring will worsen relations with loved ones.
23, FridayFirst quarter, CapricornFavorableLight curls will give a positive mood, and color will allow you to feel sexier and more attractive.
24, SaturdayRising AquariusNegativeToday it is not necessary to affect the hair.
25, SundayRising AquariusFavorableDyeing with natural dye will help to avoid negative energy.
26, MondayGrowing FishNegativeHaircut will have a negative impact on health. Often raschesyvaemost.
27, TuesdayGrowing FishFavorableHaircut will protect you against negativity, and staining will bring success.
28, WednesdayRising, AriesNeutralHaircut and coloring in natural shades will improve the material well-being.
29, ThursdayRising, AriesNeutralIt is better to avoid coloring and haircut can enhance your intuition.
30, FridayRising, AriesNeutralEasy change of shade of hair would bring good luck in business.
31, SaturdayFull, TaurusNegativeDyeing in dark tones will help to avoid negative energy.

Lunar calendar haircuts on October 2021

Auspicious days for haircuts in October 2021

If you do not want to harm yourself and your health after coloring or haircut, then use caution and carefully select the days for hikes in beauty salons. Calendar haircuts presented information on each day so you can accurately determine when to cut hair in October 2021.

The most favorable days to visit the hairdresser: 14, 21, and 22 . These days any experiments on hair will bring you health, success and well-being.

See video on the influence of the phases of the moon on man:

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