Lunar calendar haircuts on November 2021

The moon influences many, if not all, aspects of our lives. It controls the tides, the weather, our health. Growers planted according to the lunar calendar your planting and then harvesting. No exception and our hair is the heart of human strength and energy. That is according to the lunar calendar we determine auspicious days for haircuts in November 2021. Also it will tell you whether you can make the painting of hair and beauty events for their nutrition and recovery.

Lunar calendar haircuts on November 2021

Table of the phases of the moon with the recommendations

Date /day of the weekMoon phases/zodiac SignThe energy of the dayAstrological recommendations
1 /SundayWaning/TaurusA good day for haircuts and strengthening of procedures.
2 /MondayWaning/Taurus
3 /TuesdayWaning/Gemini
4 /EnvironmentWaning/GeminiUnder the influence of Gemini in this day of bobbed hair can start marchwitza. But it will grow fast. The quality of the hair grooming was not affected. Dyeing, tinting and perms in the day will be quite successful and persistent.
5 /ThursdayWaning/CancerHaircut in this day contraindicated. Limit nutritional and restorative masks for hair and scalp.
6 /FridayWaning/Cancer
7 /SaturdayWaning/LeoOverall a good dayJust intended to visit the hairdresser. Hair after haircuts are thick, strong and shiny. Good and other treatments. Chemical treatments go well, does not affect the condition of the hair. Paint will be durable.
8 /SundayWaning/Leo
9 /MondayWaning/LeoOverall a good day
10 /TuesdayWaning/VirginThe moon in Virgo favors haircuts. Hair after shortening will grow fast.
11 /EnvironmentWaning/Virgin
12 /ThursdayWaning/LibraOverall a good dayThis is a good day to care. Haircut will be good, but maybe the hair is a little cranky. Painting this day should preferably be done in natural colors.
13 /FridayWaning/Libra
14 /SaturdayWaning/Scorpio
15 /SundayNew moon/ScorpioNot the day//Haircut on this day is not recommended. With the exception of the owner and fine, limp hair. They will become strong and more healthy. Others interested are advised to refrain from the procedure. Perming and dyeing can also result in great frustration, so they, too, should be avoided.
16 /MondayThe Rising/SagittariusOverall a good dayThe day is favorable for hair care. And for fans often to get a haircut – the hair after today’s haircut will grow back very quickly.
17 /TuesdayThe Rising/SagittariusOverall a good day
18 /EnvironmentThe Rising/Capricorn/The dayDay positive from all sides. Haircut on this day will make hair stronger, accelerate growth and relieve you from the problem of split ends. Will do a good job to paint the gray hair that day.
19 /ThursdayThe Rising/CapricornOverall a good day
20 /FridayThe Rising/Aquarius
21 /SaturdayThe Rising/AquariusOverall a good dayDay for bold experiments. Extravagant haircuts, crazy painting on this day will be most welcome. But lovers of the classics from haircuts on this day, it is better to refuse – hair to look worse, and the haircut quickly get bored.
22 /SundayGrowing/Fish
23 /MondayGrowing/Fish
24 /TuesdayGrowing/FishCutting and painting in the day is not recommended. Increased sensitivity of the scalp may get chemical irritation or Allergy.
25 /WednesdayThe Rising/Aries
26 /ThursdayThe Rising/AriesOverall a good dayRecommended treatments and toning. Haircut can eastonite hair to make the ends split, there is a threat of loss.
27 /FridayThe Rising/Taurus
28 /SaturdayThe Rising/TaurusThe dayGood day for haircuts, long styling, perming. Painting on this day too, will be able to fame. You can experiment with colors. A hydrating mask and wrap for the hair will also be effective. But for their application do not have to visit the salon, you can make them at home.
29 /SundayThe Rising/Taurus
30 /MondayThe Rising/GeminiNice day for a chemical hair styling and dyeing. But the haircut may not meet your expectations. The hair will become thin and unruly.

The best and worst days to visit the Barber

If you carry out the procedure, to dye or cut your hair on a good day, a great risk to get unexpected result:

  • hair will slowly grow back;
  • the tips will start to split;
  • the hair will quickly come;
  • perming will spin and lose shape.

Lunar calendar haircuts on November 2021

Made especially for you, the lunar calendar haircuts on November 2021 prompt auspicious days and, when to the hairdresser’s better not to approach.

So when to cut hair in November, 2021 is possible and even necessary? This 18 and November 28. Unfavorable acts 15 Nov. Average days when you can visit the salon: 7,9,12, 17,19,21,26 Nov.

See video about when is the best time to cut hair:

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