Lunar calendar haircuts on March 2021

Hidden in the hair great strength, powerful energy flow. Because all manipulations with the hair, anyway, affect your health, material and moral condition. Our ancestors calculated accurately the first time to trim a baby when the girl to trim the braid. No wonder cutting a woman spit was considered not only a shame, but a great disaster was pereobulsya energy flow, a connection with the cosmos, with God. Lunar calendar haircuts on March 2021 tells you the auspicious time to go to the Barber for haircuts, coloring and treatments for your hair.

Lunar calendar haircuts on March 2021


In order to easily and simply understand when to cut hair in March 2021, there’s a handy table. It marked the cycle of the moon, and not so favorable days for cutting hair.

Date /day of the weekMoon phases/zodiac SignThe energy of the dayAstrological recommendation
1 /SundayThe Rising/Taurus
2 /MondayFirst quarter/GeminiHaircut possible, on the condition of the hair is not particularly affected. Painting and toning will be successful.
3 /TuesdayThe Rising/Gemini
4 /EnvironmentGrowing/CancerOverall a good dayThis day to do for hair treatments such as nutrition and recovery. Haircut will make your hair is unruly.
5 /ThursdayGrowing/CancerOverall a good day
6 /FridayGrowing/Cancer
7 /SaturdayThe Rising/LeoThe dayThe moon in Leo gives us complete freedom of action. Trimmed on this day, the hair will become thick like the mane of a lion. All treatments with hair masks, wraps will make them healthier already. Painting, tinting, Curling and styling will be lasting and will not harm your hair.
8 /SundayThe Rising/Leo
9 /MondayFull moon/VirgoOverall a good dayHaircut, made this day, how long will it hold the shape. Painting goes well. Perming long will keep the curls.
10 /TuesdayWaning/Virgin
11 /EnvironmentWaning/LibraThe haircut is acceptable, but hair can become more fluffy and airy. Painting in the dim close to your color tone.
12 /ThursdayWaning/Libra
13 /FridayWaning/ScorpioNot a good dayIf you have thick, healthy hair – haircut on this day is not for you. But the owners of the weak, thin and dull hair, you should think about the procedure. Trimmed that day, they will become tougher and thicker.
14 /SaturdayWaning/Scorpio.
15 /SundayWaning/Sagittarius
16 /MondayWaning/SagittariusHaircut, made in descending Sagittarius, will continue long, and grows back quickly, losing shape. Painting, too, will bring joy – the paint will wash off quickly and the hair is dim.
17 /TuesdayWaning/Capricorn
18 /EnvironmentWaning/Capricorn/Overall a good dayHaircut will make hair stronger and thicker, they will not be subject to section. Color and Perm will also be held smoothly, without damaging hair.
19 /ThursdayWaning/Aquarius
20 /FridayWaning/AquariusThe day of the experiments: extravagant haircuts and paint layers.
21 /SaturdayWaning/AquariusOverall a good day
22 /SundayWaning/FishNot a good dayOn this day especially sensitive scalp. After going to the hairdresser, you risk to be detected by the appearance of dandruff – so the skin will react to the intervention. Also not recommended and painting, and perming. Possible skin irritation, allergies to chemical solutions. And the curls from this iron would not last long.
23 /MondayWaning/Fish
24 /TuesdayNew moon/Aries
25 /WednesdayThe Rising/AriesOverall a good day
26 /ThursdayThe Rising/AriesOverall a good dayThe haircut opens up the flow of the material energy. Welcome painting in natural tones. That too will take you in material terms.
27 /FridayThe Rising/Taurus
28 /SaturdayThe Rising/TaurusThe dayThis day trip to the hairdresser is a must. Haircut will bring power, energy, Shine and beauty to your hair. To color gray today you can easily and without much hassle. Any hair will benefit. And while it can be done at home.
29 /SundayThe Rising/Gemini
30 /MondayThe Rising/GeminiThe dayHaircut today is quite acceptable. But there is a possibility that the hair gets a little unruly and wayward Gemini. But perming or dyeing will be successful without causing harm to the hair. The energy and sparkle they provided, and the durability of the result.
31 /TuesdayThe Rising/Gemini

A few tips

The moon directly affects the condition of our hair. If the bands are cut during the waxing moon, they will quickly grow back. This is a very good choice for those who like to just trim the ends and keep the length of the hair. If hair cut in the waning moon, they will grow slowly. Someone really prefer this hair condition.

Lunar calendar haircuts on March 2021

The most favorable days for haircuts in March 2021 and March 30 of 7.28. These days thankfully the hair will respond to treatments, haircuts and painting of any type. It is not desirable to cut hair 13 and March 28.

See video about when is the best time to cut hair:

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