Lunar calendar haircuts on April 2021

Our hair is given by nature, not only for warmth and beauty. In them is hidden the power of the energy forces of the person. All manipulations with the hair, anyway, affect different areas of our lives. Compiled by astrologers lunar calendar haircuts on April 2021 tells you what days you can and should carry out the procedure with hair, and which is strictly contraindicated.

Lunar calendar haircuts on April 2021

For women haircut is doubly important. Because in addition to saving energy, I want more and beauty. Painting, beauty treatments, even trimming the ends – everything has its time. When to cut hair in April 2021, is conveniently indicated in the table below. Guided by her, you’ll know exactly when and what hair should be, and what can wait for the results.

Calendar with recommendations

Date /day of the weekMoon phases /zodiac SignThe energy of the dayAstrological recommendation
1 /EnvironmentFirst quarter /CancerHair cut today will solve many of your problems. Also very good on this day, treatments for damaged hair.
2 /ThursdayGrowing /Cancer /Swift when the growing moon well affect hair growth
3 /FridayThe Rising /LeoMoon in the sign of Leo. Cutting hair will make them thicker. A trip to the beauty shop today is what we need!
4 /SaturdayThe Rising /LeoThe dayAll manipulations with hair will fit you good. A haircut will open a channel for positive energy.
5 /SundayThe Rising /Virgo
6 /MondayThe Rising /VirgoThe dayMoon in Virgo has a positive effect on the haircut. To cut hair on this day means to attract good fortune.
7 /TuesdayThe Rising /LibraMowing will not affect your hair. But it can be noted that they become light and fluffy. Fine hair to curl in ringlets.
8 /EnvironmentFull moon /Libra
9 /ThursdayWaning /Scorpio
10 /FridayWaning /ScorpioNot a good dayBad day for a haircut. The only exception was dull, thin and lifeless hair. Haircut on this day will make them stronger and thicker.
11 /SaturdayWaning /Sagittarius
12 /SundayWaning /SagittariusNot a good dayWhen cutting on this day, the hair will quickly grow back and become extremely unruly. Haircut will quickly lose the form.
13 /MondayWaning /CapricornOverall a good dayDecreasing the Capricorn is designed to perms. The procedure will take place in a sparing mode. The hair will retain the shape and Shine.
14 /TuesdayWaning /CapricornThe dayHaircut in this day an extremely positive impact on the condition of your hair. They will become more shiny, strong and thick.
15 /WednesdayThird quarter /Aquarius /
16 /ThursdayWaning /AquariusHaircut not qualitatively affect the condition of the hair. But the coloration is unusual, bright, unusual, extravagant colors will make a splash.
17 /FridayWaning /Aquarius
18 /SaturdayWaning /Fish
19 /SundayWaning /FishNot a good dayFor treatments with hair on this day will respond to the scalp. Particularly likely dandruff. Haircut and all kinds of coloring this day contraindicated
20 /MondayWaning /Aries
21 /TuesdayWaning /AriesIt is not recommended. After cutting the hair will be exposed to the cross section, begin to fall out, become dull. But the coloration and the discoloration will go smoothly.
22 /EnvironmentWaning /Aries
23 /ThursdayNew moon /TaurusOverall a good dayVery positive impact on your wellbeing haircut. A burst of energy to accomplish new cases. Coloring and chemical styling – the day everything is possible!
24 /FridayThe Rising /TaurusOverall a good day
25 /SaturdayThe Rising /Gemini
26 /SundayThe Rising /Gemini
27 /MondayThe Rising /GeminiOverall a good dayThe haircut will be good, but the hair will become more rebellious. There are prerequisites to the fact that they will begin to curl.
28 /TuesdayGrowing /CancerOverall a good dayThe haircut is not particularly desirable, the hairs are thick, but naughty enough. But the shortening of the length will give you the intuition will open a small gift of foresight.
29 /WednesdayGrowing /Cancer
30 /ThursdayThe Rising /LeoOverall a good dayHaircut will give volume to your hair. Dyeing in natural colors have a positive effect on the energy flow.

Our recommendation

Even our ancestors knew that a haircut is better during the waxing moon. So the hair healthier and grow faster. If you permanently want to keep the haircut, it is better to do it during the waning moon. Trendy long haircut model will retain the shape but the volume will be lost. The most auspicious days for haircuts in April 2021 4,6 and 14 April. These days, any manipulation of the hair will benefit them and your overall health.

Lunar calendar haircuts on April 2021

Desirable to carry out the procedure on cutting 10,12 and 19 April. The hair will grow slowly enough. So the girls carefully tutelary length hair and decided just to trim the tips, a fact long the growth will not be particularly pleasant. But some of the fans often to update the cut of this effect and wants.

See video about when to cut hair according to the lunar calendar:

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