Lunar calendar for September 2021

The location of the moon in September 2021 promises a complex and ambiguous period. This month it is best to be on the lookout and not to sit idly by, to achieve success and results in at least something. Lunar calendar for September 2021 will help to determine favorable and unfavorable days for health, work and leisure. In this difficult time he will be a guide that will help you to find balance in many matters of interest.

Lunar calendar for September 2021

The Phases Of The Moon

Watching the position of the heavenly bodies to protect themselves from the many reckless actions. All the moon phases in September 2021 described in detail below.

DateDay of the weekDay of the moonPhaseZodiacSunrise/ sunsetNote
FiveSaturday17.18Aries20:31/08:54To avoid serious material losses contracts and all financial transactions should be postponed to another day.
TenThursday22.23III quarterGemini22:04/14:49
ThirteenSundayTwenty fiveCancer–:–/17:42Dangerous day, you can get hooked on scams follow their personal belongings and money.
SixteenEnvironment27.28Virgin03:48/18:58Today, colleagues can be involved in its intrigues and gossip do not succumb and be provoked, stay cool and indifferent.
TwentySunday3.4+Scorpio10:02/20:00Spend time with benefits for himself and his family. Spend time at the cottage or on the nature. At the end of the day will get a burst of vitality.
Twenty oneMonday4.5+Scorpio11:34/20:21
Twenty twoTuesday5.6+Sagittarius13:04/20:48
Twenty threeEnvironment6.7+Sagittarius14:26/21:23
Twenty fourThursday7.8First quarterCapricorn15:35/22:14Focus on the job. Difficult day and an extraordinary day requires close attention and serious approach to everything we undertake.
Twenty fiveFriday8.9+Capricorn16:27/23:15
Twenty sixSaturday9.1+Aquarius17:05/–:–The day is suitable for any activity. With great ease given the calculations and work with large amounts of information.
Twenty sevenSunday10.11+Aquarius17:31/00:29
Twenty eightMonday11.12+Aquarius17:51/01:44
Twenty nineTuesday12.13+Fish18:04/03:00
ThirtyEnvironment13.14+Fish18:17/04:15In love Affairs do not skimp on compliments and praise for your partner, he needs to see and hear that you care about. /

Auspicious days in September 2021

Auspicious days according to the lunar calendar in September 2021 fell to 9, 10 and 16 numbers.

9 September – the Time for the active cases, and quick decisions. But not worth doing require the particular concentration issues. Increased mental activity successful impact on the adoption of instant solutions that do not require a delay, so the classes related to short-term transactions or financial transactions will bring good results. And all long term business, requiring greater attention and hard work, that you need to spend a few days it is better to postpone. The evening of this day, you can finish devoting time to their health. Be useful air baths, hydrotherapy or yoga.

10 September is the Ideal period for the preparation of plans and projects for the future. This is the time when grasping something new you can achieve astonishing heights. Negotiations and communication with colleagues or partners to be held on a positive note. Also on this day is easy to complete and tackle questions that previously could not. Listen to you and ask for help people from whom you are expecting, be supportive in the future it will go in your favor. In personal relations all is going well, make time for each other and don’t skimp on the compliments. On this day, you make sure that your significant other is no where to move on in life you can’t.

Lunar calendar for September 2021

16 September – the Time for work which requires a serious approach. The success is primarily waiting for people with an analytical mind, because all the financial activities of banking and real estate issues will bring good income. Equally productive will be any business related to education, qualification or learn new skills. It is also the perfect time for summing up and completion of cases initiated, as new projects, ideas or business plans it is better to postpone to the next month. In General, positive and harmonious day if conflicts arise, then they will not last long.

But do not think that everything depends on the lunar calendar. He is not able to solve all your life’s troubles and problems. Yes, it’s a kind of cheat sheet that warns and prompts, but everything else remains the man, his behavior and perception. Understand yourself and follow these tips, only then can we avoid rash actions.

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