Lunar calendar for October 2021

Nowadays every description and characterization of the lunar days are coordinated with each other, they are time-tested. Despite the fact that the Moon looks so small, it greatly affects the human body, its rhythm, the psyche, health, and various natural phenomena. We use a calendar based on the teachings of ancient civilizations in light of modern science.

Lunar calendar for October 2021 provides guidance, what better day to engage in activities. Thanks to them you will be able to know exactly when it is an opportune time, and when it is better not to be active.

Lunar calendar for October 2021

The effect of the phase of the moon on man

The most unpleasant are the peak phase – new moon and full moon. At this time it is better to abandon new beginnings, to spend these days in peace. Favorable is called the waxing Moon. Handle the new case and be sure that all goes well. But the completion of the plans is better to do on the waning moon.

Knowing all about the cycle and Moonphase in October 2021, you can adjust your life, successfully minimizing the cost of power and energy.

DatePhaseDay of the moonZodiacEnergyReview
01/ThursdayGrowing14, 15Aries+Consider and carefully weigh their plans, and then you can safely undertake their implementation.
02/FridayFull15, 16AriesRelationships can get complicated, so it is advisable to keep emotions under control.
03/SaturdayWaning16, 17Aries+-All is in harmony. Dedicate yourself to creativity.
04/SundayWaning17, 18Taurus+It’s time to raise the relationship to a new level.
05/MondayWaning18, 19TaurusPerhaps the sudden appearance of difficulty, stay alert.
06/TuesdayWaning19, 20GeminiNegative day, so it’s best to retire and not go to crowded places.
07/EnvironmentWaning20, 21Gemini+-The ideal time for spiritual practices, meditation and purification.
08/ThursdayWaning21, 22Gemini+You are now in shock. Mental, creative, physical activities – all will be accompanied by success.
09/FridayWaning22, 23Cancer+Plans for the near future.
10/SaturdayThird quarter23, 24CancerCareful. Maybe you want to cheat.
11/SundayWaning24, 25Leo+-A quiet day is better to devote to health care.
12/MondayWaningTwenty fiveLeo+-Spend the day leisurely, sleep. It is likely that aggravated an old disease.
13/TuesdayWaning25, 26VirginRate your past and analyze the present. Try to conserve energy.
14/EnvironmentWaning26, 27Virgin+Engage in solving complex issues. Hang out with smart people, they will give useful advice.
15/ThursdayWaning27, 28Libra+Favorable time for financial transactions and major acquisitions.
16/FridayNew28, 29, 1LibraToday you may have a feeling of weakness and depression, so try not to be discouraged.
17/SaturdayGrowing1, 2Scorpio+Day for diet, cleansing the body, or a new sports course. Try to combat the negative emotions – it will benefit in the future.
18/SundayGrowing2, 3ScorpioQuarrels are possible with loved ones, do not show aggression, and excessive energy into sports.
19/MondayGrowing3, 4Sagittarius+-You are being very diplomatic. A perfect day for negotiations.
20/TuesdayGrowing4, 5Sagittarius+-Today’s Dating will be very useful for you –you’ll meet the right people.
21/EnvironmentGrowing5, 6CapricornBe resolute, and in no doubt, otherwise it will lead to new problems.
22/ThursdayGrowing6, 7Capricorn+Dedicate a day to your partner or creative activities.
23/FridayFirst quarter7, 8Capricorn+A good day for any undertakings. Friends will be by your side.
24/SaturdayGrowing8, 9Aquarius+-Carefully monitor yourself when dealing with people. If you do have old unresolved cases, they may take too much time.
25/SundayGrowing9, 10AquariusProbably someone builds intrigues you. Be prepared and cautious.
26/MondayGrowing10, 11Fish+All of today’s endeavors will be successful, the risk of encountering trouble are very small.
27/TuesdayGrowing11, 12Fish+Very energetic and positive day. Feel free to go to travel.
28/WednesdayGrowing12, 13AriesThe probability of conflicts and quarrels.
29/ThursdayGrowing13, 14AriesYou are too impulsive and hasty, try to control yourself.
30/FridayGrowing14, 15Aries+Dedicate time to family. A perfect day to strengthen your connection with loved ones.
31/SaturdayFull15, 16TaurusTry not to give in to temptations because they do not always lead to good.

Lunar calendar for October 2021

Auspicious days according to the lunar calendar for October 2021

The most positive days in October 2021 are 4, 8 and 14 October. During these periods everything would work out, and you’ll be full of strength and energy. The main thing is to manage your time.

See video about the moon’s influence on health and mood:

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