Lunar calendar for November 2021

People closely associated with nature, it is an integral part of it. And so, as the Moon exerts its influence on all living things, and us too. Change the position of the heavenly bodies and events such as full moon and new moon, our body definitely feels. During these periods, most often deteriorating health people become aggressive and restless. Find balance in these days will help lunar calendar for November 2021. Data on productive days in a certain phase of the moon will undoubtedly help in future projects, ideas and is able to resolve difficult situations in a more effective way.

Lunar calendar for November 2021

The Phases Of The Moon

What sign of the zodiac is a heavenly body, sunrise, sunset, and all the phases of the moon in November 2021, described in detail below.

DateDay of the weekDay of the moonPhaseZodiacSunrise/ sunsetNote
ThreeTuesday18.19Gemini18:02/11:44Any business requires concentration it is better to defer, since this is the time to focus on one thing will not be easy.
SevenSaturday22.23Leo21:28/14:16Stay away from conflicts and quarrels. On this day, people are impressionable, sensitive and prone to offense.
EightSunday23.24III quarterLeo22:57/14:49
NineMondayTwenty fourLeo–:–/15:07
TwelveThursday26.27Libra03:14/15:52The total activity will decrease, so you should think about their health and spend time with benefit for your body. It’s time to think about the rest.
SixteenMonday1.2+Sagittarius09:34/17:11The day is suitable for encapsulation of various kinds of contracts and transactions. Legal and financial business will bring good results.
SeventeenTuesday28,29,1+SagittariusThe 12:01/17:50
Twenty oneSaturday6.7+Aquarius14:09/22:31
Twenty twoSunday7.8First quarterFish14:24/23:48Positive and harmonious day, everything goes according to plan. Many issues are resolved easily and effortlessly. The work will develop a good, friendly atmosphere.
Twenty threeMonday8.9+Fish14:36/–:–
Twenty fourTuesday9.1+Fish14:45/01:04
Twenty fiveEnvironment10.11+Aries14:57/03:29
Twenty sixThursday11.12+Aries15:08/03:29Fruitful time for business cooperation, based on mutual understanding and trust. Such a partnership will bring good results.
Twenty sevenFriday12.13+Taurus15:08/03:30
Twenty eightSaturday13.14+Taurus15:41/04:50
Twenty nineSunday14.15+Taurus15:46/07:08

Auspicious days in November 2021

Auspicious days according to the lunar calendar in September 2021 fell to 2, 10 and 12.

November 2 – This time is suitable for a wide variety of transactions related to Finance and securities. Conducting real estate transactions or resolve issues with regards to property, is good. On the other hand, in this day increases tendency to laziness and indifference, a desire to comfort, but do not succumb to melancholy or you miss the really worthwhile business proposition. This day is perfect for releasing bad habits that adversely affect health and can make itself felt very soon. A wonderful moment for romance and convergence on a spiritual level. Visit the cinema, theater or ballet, it is sure to benefit your relationship.

November 10 – the day the success collected, strong-willed and strong people. A good will move, travel and business trips, as absolutely all travel will be fruitful. All previously troubling questions and the case will be solved in a jiffy, as will help you people absolutely did not expect. In this period the vital energy and strength increase, to stay active in sports or any physical activity. Get your family on the town or in the country, use this time with maximum benefit for themselves and their families.

Lunar calendar for November 2021

12 November – best of the day nothing new is to start, quickly complete the previously commenced issues. Can be a long time to consider and compare the advantages and disadvantages, but did not come to a correct judgment. Therefore, the adoption of important decisions really need to move to a more suitable period. Any business will succeed, it is best to focus on the old unfinished problem. This day is capable of showing everything from the other side and probably make it apparent that something is missed from your sight that will fundamentally change the business.

Knowledge of the lunar calendar and auspicious days in November 2021 is one of the most important information about the behavior and position of the moon. With this data you can intelligently plan their Affairs to minimize chances, increase income, make the perfect beauty and Wellness treatments that will help to be not only beautiful, but also healthy.

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