Lunar calendar for may 2021

If You want to be sure of the correctness of their actions and to prevent error in important decisions, learn the lunar calendar in may 2021. This month it is recommended to be extremely careful, because this period is unfavorable for sudden changes. You have to deal with unfinished business and to perform the fruits of their labors.

Table lunar calendar for may 2021

DateDay of the weekMoon phasesLunar daysZodiac signThe energy of the day
Twenty oneThursdayWaning28.29Taurus
Twenty twoFridayNew29,30,1Taurus
Twenty threeSaturdayGrowing1.2GeminiFavorable
Twenty fourSundayGrowing2.3Gemini
Twenty fiveMondayGrowing3.4Cancer
Twenty sixTuesdayGrowing4.5Cancer
Twenty sevenEnvironmentGrowing5.6LeoFavorable
Twenty eightThursdayGrowing6.7LeoFavorable
Twenty nineFridayGrowing7.8Leo
ThirtySaturdayFirst quarter8.9Virgin
Thirty oneSundayGrowing9.1Virgin

Lunar calendar for may 2021

Pay attention to moon phases in April 2021. On the growing moon we react to events more emotionally. During this period, most of the ideas and decisions will benefit. During the waning moon, it is recommended to come to a logical conclusion in any matter, to set aside time for introspection. Usually, the new moon negatively affects a person, marked by severe mood swings.

The most auspicious days in may 2021

The numberRecommendations
OneImproves mental activity. Boldly make decisions, build new long-term plans. Don’t be afraid to show your skills and make suggestions. Do not forget about the relatives spend the evening with family.
NineThis day is suitable for solving political and legal issues. The case related to the construction site, move to another day. Today we can establish emotional contact with a loved one. The day is filled with positive energy.
ThirteenOn this day, engage in creative activities. Make time for exercise. Today work in the team. Also, this day is great for travel.
FourteenOn this day, make time for important meetings and conferences. Raise all the controversial issues today You will be able to solve any problems.
TwentyToday be as focused and persistent and You will succeed in any financial transactions. Today it is recommended to resolve issues associated with real estate.
Twenty threeDedicate time to relaxation. Today is filled with comfort and warmth, divide it with your loved ones. It is recommended to seek advice from the other on any issue that worries You.
Twenty sevenOne of the most auspicious days. Make time for your loved one. This is a great time to rethink, analyze your social circle and to exclude people who are preventing You to move on.
Twenty eightToday visit entertainment. This day is suitable for risky actions. Do not sign contracts and do not make agreements, because it can bring failure.

Lunar forecast for zodiac signs

Knowing auspicious days according to the lunar calendar in may 2021, do not forget that natural cycle affects each zodiac element differently.

During this period, each element will have problems in the family and at work. But be cautious! These events in the future will be the beginning of success. In may, don’t be afraid to change something. Don’t miss the opportunity to do something new that will bring income.

Lunar calendar for may 2021

Representatives of the fire element is recommended to pay special attention to the work. But don’t forget about health! Try to actively participate in all group activities.

The signs of the element Earth it is recommended to change jobs or move to a new stage. If You are offered a new place, throw away all doubts and settle. Any financial investment will result in success.

Signs of the element Air expect drastic changes. If You carefully and responsibly important cases, it can take a big advantage. Don’t miss the opportunity to consult with like-minded people, a Mac this will be particularly helpful for You. Don’t forget about loved ones, try to spend more time with family.

Having studied the lunar calendar, You will be able to significantly build business and to build good plans for the future. Please note that in may 2021 period to solve the accumulated problems.

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