Lunar calendar for June 2021

Well-known fact that the Moon affects all spheres of human life ranging from health to personal life. For this reason, many people study lunar calendars to identify auspicious days for certain activities. In certain of the month it is better to prefer mental work, and in other decisive action. That’s why we have prepared for you a lunar calendar of June 2021.

Lunar calendar for June 2021

Calendar of the moon phases

On human health, both physical and mental, affect the phases of the moon in June 2021, as the new Moon and full Moon. These days marks the depressive mood, increased conflict situations, headaches, high blood pressure and other manifestations of chronic diseases. Therefore we recommend on 5 and 21 June not to plan important meetings and stay home. What can you expect from us other days of the month?

The numberDay of the weekDay of the moonMoon PhaseZodiacFeature of the day*
ThirteenSaturday21.223rd quarterFish+
Twenty oneSunday29,30,1NewCancer
Twenty twoMonday1.2+Cancer+
Twenty threeTuesday2.3+Cancer
Twenty fourEnvironment3.4+Leo+
Twenty fiveThursday4.5+Leo
Twenty sixFriday5.6+Virgin++
Twenty sevenSaturday6.7+Virgin++
Twenty eightSunday7.81 quarterLibra+
Twenty nineMonday8.9+Libra

* where "+" — day and " ++ " is the most auspicious day.


In June a large number of favorable days, but each of them has its own characteristics. Some numbers are ideal for hard work, others for transactions, and the third is for creative activities. So be sure to check with the Lunar calendar.

According to astrologers, the auspicious days on the archery calendar of June 2021 is:

  • June 4. This is the best day for new business, developing a business plan, the extension of powers of office. Due to the improved activity of the brain any work that requires special concentration, will become feasible. The perfect time to analyze their mistakes. In the future this will strengthen his position among colleagues and friends. In other words, the number 4 is a day of increased activity and creative approach to solving problems.
  • June 11. If you are going to organize a conference or a meeting, or to participate in these events, this day is the best choice. Also astrologers recommend to pay attention to self-development, mental activity or creativity. If you decide to make the transition to the new technology, then select on June 11. On this day all goes well. In addition nice will be the case with real estate transactions. However, there are caveats. First, it is not necessary to visit government agencies or to disturb the main leadership. Secondly, it is possible that conflicts in the workplace.

Lunar calendar for June 2021

  • June 18. All kinds of financial transactions promise to be successful, especially investments in securities, real estate or artistic value. In this day, you will feel an irresistible desire to relax, but with benefits for the mind. Therefore, it is recommended to visit the cinema or theatre, or to visit relatives and elderly to communicate on everyday topics. This will allow to gain worldly wisdom.
  • June 19. It is not necessary to undertake work requiring concentration. It is better to pay attention to the cases that should be solved quickly, either to collect the necessary information. A perfect day for making short-term financial transactions, for example, to participate in the auction on the currency exchange. If you are a student, then the protection of the diploma/dissertation is best done today.
  • On 26 and 27 June is the exact opposite of the 19 number. In other words, the perfect day for hard work where you need to focus to perform. Any financial transactions made after serious deliberation, will bring a good profit. This is especially true of banking transactions or real estate transactions. Fruitful days will be and for those who want to enhance their skills or to pass the exam.

To less favourable days are numbers like 2, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 17, 22, 24 and 28 June.

See video how to plan a life according to the lunar calendar:

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