Lunar calendar for July 2021

Long been known and scientifically proven that a great role in our life plays a heavenly body – the Moon. It is able to manage not only physical and psychological health of people, animal behavior, and also affects the growth of plants. Lunar calendar for July 2021 will help to determine favorable and unfavorable days for work and health. Each person can track at the right moment in what position the Moon and how it could affect his life.

Lunar calendar for July 2021

The Phases Of The Moon

The lunar phase is changed periodically when the appearance of the moon lit by the Sun in the sky. It is proved that in this period, as the full moon, people often commit rash acts, becomes aggressive and uncontrollable. And still make themselves known chronic diseases.

Scientists also noted that at that time the majority of accidents and fatalities. From this we can conclude that it is better to use the calendar in order to avoid troubles. All the phases of the moon in July 2021 described in detail below.

DateDay of the weekDay of the moonPhaseZodiacSunrise/ sunsetNote
FourSaturday13.14+Capricorn20:53/02:55The day will be dedicated to communication and familiarity. Dating in this day will lead to long term relationships. To refrain from conflicts at work.
NineThursday18.19Fish23:31/08:32The most suitable period for a relaxing and regenerating treatments. Take care of your health.Set aside all the things for another time because the important issues are now not under force.
TwelveSundayTwenty oneAries–:–/12:12Is to spend the day with family or loved ones. Communication with relatives will help to relax and feel a surge of energy.
ThirteenMonday21.22III quarterAries00:06/13:23
SixteenThursday24.25+Gemini00:45/17:03High probability of conflicts at work. Better not to engage in quarrels and gossip. Otherwise you will lose.
Twenty oneTuesday1.2+Leo04:28/21:15
Twenty twoEnvironment2.3+Virgin05:50/22:14Physical exertion aside, as most likely to get injured. Better to devote time, creativity, families and children.
Twenty threeThursday3.4+Virgin08:46/22:33
Twenty fourFriday4.5+Virgin08:45/22:49
Twenty fiveSaturday5.6+Libra10:14/23:04
Twenty sixSunday6.7+Libra11:43/23:17
Twenty sevenMonday7.8First quarterScorpio13:10/23:33
Twenty eightTuesday8.9+Scorpio14:39/23:52Changes in a romantic relationship will lead to positive results. You should bring them to the next level. Enjoy a day of recreation and amusement.
Twenty nineEnvironment9.1+Scorpio16:04/–:–Beware of obsessive friends. Be vigilant and listen to your intuition. There’s a chance that you will engage in a gamble.
Thirty oneFriday11.12+Sagittarius18:46/00:49

Auspicious days in July 2021

This month, like never going to be easy and positive in all respects.

Auspicious days according to the lunar calendar in July 2021 fell on these numbers: first, second, eighth and twenty-first.

1 July – the Perfect time to take responsible and important decisions. Do not be afraid, and safely handle the new ideas and projects. They are doomed to success. With the use of advance any business, even those that require the most activity. Changes in all spheres of activity will only benefit.

Suitable day for trips, distant journeys or relocation. Life energy is at its peak.

July 2 – This time is perfect for issues related to law and jurisprudence. All the bureaucratic issues are resolved quite easily and in the shortest possible time. Without negative emotions will trip or travel related to work. Even at this time are helpful physical exercise and sports.

Lunar calendar for July 2021

July 8 – Day associated with any mental and related calculations work. Contact with superiors and colleagues will be positive. More than ever, it is useful to be engaged in self-education and obtaining new skills and knowledge. Also it is an ideal time for marriages. The Union, created on this day will be happy, strong and long.

July 21 – Good time for communication and entertainment. Excellent solution to devote his organization of cultural events aimed at team building. But in order to avoid serious losses, the financial Affairs related to shares and more resources it is better to postpone to another day. Generally calm and peaceful day

Knowledge about auspicious days in July, will help in the planning of their Affairs and stay in the middle of summer, while spending the least time.

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