Lunar calendar for December 2021

Lunar calendar for December 2021 will show You the periods of growing and waning moon, full moon and new moon. In addition, You can learn what elements of the zodiac the Moon. This will help You properly plan the day, know in advance when to make certain decisions, take risks or spend time quietly and intently. Looking at the calendar, You will know which days are auspicious and which are not.

Lunar calendar for December 2021

Table of the lunar calendar in December 2021

DateDay of the weekMoon phasesLunar daysZodiac sign
EightTuesdayThird quarterTwenty three
Twenty oneMonday+7.8
Twenty twoTuesdayFirst quarter8.9Adverse
Twenty threeEnvironment+9.1
Twenty fourThursday+10.11
Twenty fiveFriday+11.12
Twenty sixSaturday+12.13
Twenty sevenSunday+13.14Adverse
Twenty eightMonday+14.15
Twenty nineTuesday+15.16
Thirty oneThursday17.18Favorable

Pay attention to moon phases in December 2021. On the Growing moon accumulates positive energy that is beneficial to health. It is recommended activity, implementation of new ideas. On the Waning moon, try to be more focused and careful, try to avoid drastic changes. In the new moon be attentive to negative factors, take some time to introspection.

Most favorable days of December 2021

The numberRecommendations
OneToday try to make decisions quickly. During this period, improves mental activity, so aim it in a useful direction, it will bring good income. Any financial transactions today will also be successful. It is recommended that long-term issues to address on another day.
TwoToday is filled with joy and a feeling of lightness. Make time for relatives and friends of the people, this day is better to rest. Also, it is recommended to summarize the results concerning the work, and to draw conclusions for the future.
SevenThis day is suitable for solving political and legal issues. The case related to the construction site, move to another day. Today we can establish emotional contact with a loved one. The day is filled with positive energy.
TwelveLook at all problems from a different angle. If You don’t know how to solve a certain issue, seek advice from experienced person.
ThirteenToday is perfect for businesses related to real estate. Try to prevent the development of conflicts, it will help to reach a new level in his career. In that period people are more emotional and vulnerable because of conferences, meetings, signing contracts, better move to another day.
FifteenMake time for exercise. On this day, it is recommended to review your diet. Today try not to pay attention to negative factors. Any ideas and solutions today will be successful, don’t be afraid to take risks.
Thirty oneTry to get rid of bad habits. Make time for a relationship, but do not forget about personal development. Working hard and put aside for another day.

Lunar forecast for zodiac signs

Knowing auspicious days according to the lunar calendar in may 2021, we should also pay attention to the zodiac the elements, as per the zodiac representative the influence of the moon is different.

In December things will improve, both at home and at work. Don’t be afraid to take risks, if you have the opportunity to change jobs or to open new business with them. Periodically try to rely on intuition, it will help to expand your circle of friends and stop to chat with people who are holding You back.

Lunar calendar for December 2021

Representatives of the fire element is recommended to pay special attention to the family. Don’t forget about work, but most of the time spend with loved ones. Try to frequently communicate with the older generation, it will give You useful life experience.

Signs of the elements of the Earth, waiting for a good change in that case, if they will be positive in any circumstances. Don’t be afraid to make financial manipulations. It is useful to educate ourselves and acquire new knowledge.

Representatives of the element of Air is necessary to devote time to unsolved problems. Try to approach any question thoughtfully and responsibly. Croute plans and start new projects, carefully disassemble problems and issues.

Having studied the lunar calendar, You will be able to significantly build business and to build good plans for the future. Please note that December in 2021, a period when accumulated over the past phases of experience and strength energetically continue to embark on the implementation of the plans.

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