Lunar calendar for August 2021

In everyday life we do not often use the lunar calendar. But in vain! In the variety of everyday issues and questions we needed a guide. Lunar calendar for August 2021 can help us get all the information in a given period of time. With it, we can warn yourself and your family from poor decisions and even to protect them from all kinds of negative events or increase positive impact of a heavenly body in August. Everyone knows what a tremendous impact the Moon and its phases not only affect humans, but all life on earth.

Lunar calendar for August 2021

The Phases Of The Moon

All the phases of the moon in August 2021 described in detail below. This moon calendar shows the time and date the main phases of the moon for the entire period of the upcoming month. Without night, the heavenly body we can see exactly what phase is the Moon at the moment or for the day.

DateDay of the weekDay of the moonPhaseZodiacSunrise/ sunsetNote
TwoSunday13.14+Capricorn20:25/02:37Not a good time for appeals to state bodies. The chance is minimal that you will hear and help.
FiveEnvironment16.17Aquarius21:37/06:12Better to spend the day with health benefits. Sports, Hiking or any physical activity.
EightSaturday19.2Aries23:15/07:09Is focus on work. Today can solve all the accumulated things. Easily will overcome all assigned tasks.
ElevenTuesday22.23III quarterTaurus22:52/13:37A harmonious period. All is in balance. The possible surplus of energy that needs to be given a direction of creativity, to energy not found an outlet in aggressive and reckless actions.
FourteenFridayTwenty fiveGemini–:–/17:09Working week successfully will help to finish meeting with the family and loved ones.
EighteenTuesday28.29Leo03:23/20:15Marriages created on this day will be durable and long. This couple waiting for a happy and strong relationship.
Twenty oneFriday2.3+Virgin07:28/21:10
Twenty twoSaturday3.4+Libra09:25/21:14Be careful about your health. Listen to your body, the high probability of exacerbation of chronic diseases.
Twenty threeSunday4.5+Libra09:17/22:49
Twenty fourMonday5.6+Libra11:34/21:57
Twenty fiveTuesday6.7First quarterScorpio13:54/22:19Life energy is at its peak. Best period for travel and long trips.
Twenty sixEnvironment7.8+Scorpio15:13/22:49
Twenty sevenThursday8.9+Sagittarius16:34/23:28Safely handle the new projects and business plans. It’s time to make important decisions.
Twenty eightFriday9.1+Sagittarius17:39/–:–Squabbles and intrigues in the team can unbalance. Better to stay neutral and treat everything calmly.
Twenty nineSaturday10.11+Capricorn18:24/00:21
ThirtySunday11.12+Capricorn17:27/00:15The day is associated with calculations and mental work. Most of the time to devote to self-development and self-improvement.
Thirty oneFriday12.13+Aquarius19:24/02:40

Auspicious days in August 2021

The most successful days are 11, 20 and 25 August. Now tell you more about each.

August 11 – Moon in the sign Taurus. This zodiac sign is financially stable and persistent, therefore this is the time when carrying out various financial operations and transactions will be the most successful. Also any business related to real estate and property matters go well. And if you scheduled a different kind of surgery they should spend this day, as the outcome will be favorable. All wounds heal very quickly and without any complications.

Lunar calendar for August 2021

August 25 – Moon in Scorpio, which suggests that it is time for responsible decision-making. The maximum concentration on the tasks at hand will help to separate the important from the unimportant and irrelevant. During this period, easily adjusted the contacts so easily held meetings and negotiations with partners. Suitable day for playing sports or any physical activity. The expended energy is quickly restored.

Auspicious days according to the lunar calendar in August 2021 will help to plan your Affairs to spend them as productively as possible.

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