Love horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signs

  • 1 Aries
  • 2 Taurus
  • 3 Gemini
  • 4 Cancer
  • 5 Lev
  • 6 Virgo
  • 7 Libra
  • 8 Scorpio
  • 9 Sagittarius
  • 10 Capricorn
  • 11 Aquarius
  • 12 Pisces

Should you know your love horoscope for the whole year 2021? Absolutely! The position of the celestial bodies allows you to determine the most successful time for Dating and wedding, predict the development of relationships and understand whether there is a place for romance in your life right now.

The white Metal Bull is a creature, though formidable in appearance, but calm, fair, and family-like. It has such features as:

  • loyalty;
  • love;
  • care.

Love horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signs

2021 is the perfect time to build your love and family relationships in the right Patriarchal tradition.

Love horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signsAries is the fire TRIG, the element of Fire, hence the assertiveness, energy, initiative. In love Affairs, Aries is just as active and temperamental as in ordinary life.
In 2021, Aries is still heavily influenced by Mars and the Sun, with Venus in exile. But you can learn to control excessive emotionality and short temper – the energy of the White Bull will help in this.

For Aries, the time is coming not for conquests, but for rethinking life priorities, revising connections. Astrologers recommend Aries in the coming 2021 to become a little softer, more restrained in the manifestations of feelings. This will surprise others and make them look at Aries from a different point of view – as a reliable and loyal life partner. Stars do not promise a lot of new acquaintances, unions with former, long-time friends are quite likely.

The year is good for marriage, if you need a quiet family haven, but for fateful decisions it is better to wait until the end of January, when the Bull will come into its own.


Love horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signsTaurus is a favorite of Venus and that says a lot! Any sign of the zodiac in the coming year, no such luck in love Affairs! In 2021, Taurus Will still be mega-popular with the opposite sex and will cause universal admiration.

For those who have not yet found their soul mate, the stars promise a lot of Dating, especially in the second half of the year. Not all of them will develop into love adventures, some will remain exclusively in the friendly sphere. For fateful steps, it is worth waiting for now.

If the relationship is already there, but the Taurus for themselves have not yet made a decision about the wedding or breakup, it is better to leave everything as it is. Continue to love, to be loved, and do not think about formalities. A visit to the registry office should be planned, not spontaneous.

Family Taurus year will give stability, the feeling that in due time the right choice was made. In General, the year will be calm in terms of love, no strong shocks and changes are expected.


Love horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signsUsually contradictory Gemini in 2021 will surprise you with their stability of opinions and luck in love Affairs! The coming period is ideal for building a family and strong relationships. The year will bring a lot of different acquaintances, and it is with the long-term prospect of marriage.

In General, Gemini does not feel a lack of fans, another thing is that they consider them unworthy of their level. The energy of the White Bull will attract several candidates, preference should be given to those whose name is consonant with yours or there are unexpected similarities in fate. Stars do not believe in random coincidences, but they know that there is a predestination, and it is important not to miss “your” person in life. And the year 2021 for Gemini will be generous for such people.

Dating this year promises to grow into a strong friendship or love, so Gemini is recommended to slightly lower the bar of requirements.

Love horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signsCancers are under the total control of the moon, this explains a lot in their behavior and thoughts! Cancer is a sensitive, empathetic, loyal, endowed with good intuition and a keen sense of hypocrisy. It is very difficult for him to find a worthy life partner.

In the year of The white Bull’s reign, Venus will actively help all zodiac signs find a family or a loyal friend, but most of all the creative energy will go to Cancers.

In 2021, Crayfish will have a lot of communication, unexpected meetings and acquaintances, but you will still have to look for a partner from the closest circle. If Cancer is aimed at the family, then Capricorns, partly Aries, will suit it. With these signs, Cancer has the same ideas about family, friendship, loyalty. Avoid Aquarians and Pisces – they may be genuinely and passionately in love, but they are unreliable as partners.

Throughout the year, cancer May feel that something important and fateful is about to happen, but according to the position of the celestial bodies, everything important will happen spontaneously and by itself. You just need not close the shell tightly and learn to enjoy life!

Love horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signsThe Royal family definitely hinders Lions in communication between the sexes, often ruining families. The exception is years when the influence of Venus is indisputable.

2021 Leo will not recognize themselves thanks to Venus!

Even those who have always been afraid of marriage ties and official confessions will want to create family relationships. In partners, it is better to choose representatives of the elements of Water or Air, the Union with them will be harmonious and balanced. Most likely, the chosen one will be a stranger, the stars see the contact of two cultures. In order for everything to work out well, the Lions will have to show a little delicacy, not to frighten their partner with their principled and tough judgments.

Leo couples who are already married will experience a second honeymoon, so they will feel happy and loved.

In General, the Lions will be very happy with how the year of the White Bull will go for them. Many people will experience strong love feelings that will be reciprocated, and they will get married for the first time.

Love horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signsVirgos can’t boast a long list of love conquests, if only because they are too smart to keep such diaries. Besides, they don’t have to make an effort to make a person fall in love with them; their innate intelligence and virtue do it for them.

The year 2021 is significant for Virgins because mercury in combination with Venus will give a new type of applicants for the hand and heart-an intellectual, a man of great intelligence, who is able, in addition to tender sighs under the Moon, to offer an interesting conversation.

The marriages and engagements of Virgins concluded in the first half of the year will be stronger, then the influence of Venus will wane, and the relationship will most often turn into a plane of friendship and mutual assistance. Weddings from October to December will be lavish, promising, but fleeting. Devs do not have the strength to fan the fire of love for a friend.

The stars recommend that Virgos internally prepare for new meetings and offers to start a family in order to have time to understand whether the person in front of you is the right one.

Love horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signsLibra – great romantics, Venus did not deprive them of love and universal recognition. Meanwhile, it is extremely difficult for Libra To find a life partner, because of the habit of thinking a hundred times before saying or doing something.

In 2021, Libra will relax a little, stop looking at the character of the partner under the microscope and look for flaws, and accept it for what it is. Ideally, if they are representatives of the water elements, especially Fish, the Union with them promises to be happy and long-lasting.

Astrologers note that Libra is the most fastidious, but at the same time diplomatic sign of the zodiac, able to find a compromise in all situations. Therefore, there is a high probability that shaken marriages will be saved by the wisdom of Libra.

Libra should not expect many acquaintances or fateful meetings in 2021, the stars assure that the most expensive and beloved person is somewhere nearby, in the immediate environment, you just need to look at it from a different angle.


Love horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signsScorpios and love? How can they have anything in common? Of course, Scorpio is the most difficult sign of the zodiac, but everything beautiful is not alien to it!

In 2021, many Scorpios, especially typical Ones, will face serious changes in their lives along the line of love. The dominant influence of the moon and Venus on the life events of this sign is affected.

Lonely Scorpios are more likely to find their soulmate, because they will become a little clearer to others, more accessible for communication. And then many will be able to get acquainted with their rich inner world and passionate feelings.

Those Scorpios who have not yet decided on their fate, but in a relationship, can take an unexpected step for themselves – apply to the registry office.

The year will pass for Scorpios full of harmony in the sphere of love, trust and harmony. At the very beginning of the year, until the Bull has come into its own, small misunderstandings with the partner are possible. The second decade of 2021 is the most favorable for marriage and engagement.


Love horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signsSagittarius, the coming year is 100% your time to build strong and reliable relationships! It’s time to settle down and put short Affairs and flirting in the past.

Sagittarians are well known for being able to take a break even in the family, to take a break from the burden of responsibility. Such inconstancy of feelings often offends and repels the second half. The situation may change soon.

The position of Venus says that 2021 for Sagittarius is a good year for an official marriage, a transition to a new stage in life, and Dating with serious intentions. It may be difficult for some representatives of this zodiac sign to give up many options for the sake of a single one, but it will be the right and correct choice.

In relationships that will begin under the patronage of the White Bull, Sagittarians will open up from an unexpected side – they will become caring and economic stay-at-home people. Most importantly, they will love the new role!


Love horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signsCapricorns are so immersed in their work that others have long been accustomed to consider them breadcrumbs without a heart and feelings. Meanwhile, these are tender and vulnerable natures who dream of a big and bright love!

In 2021, Capricorns will have great success in love Affairs. Of course, not all numerous acquaintances will develop into something serious, some of them will end in friendship, the other will end in a non-binding flirtation. But there is a high probability of meeting your fate. Show care and initiative at the right moment!

Celestial bodies assure that everything will turn out in the most successful way. Especially in the field of love, the first months of the year are productive, with a slight lull in April and again a sea of sympathies, emotions, and infatuations. Strong alliances with Taurus and Cancer are possible, and they have the same understanding of family and respect for traditional values

Important point! In 2021, Capricorns should open their visor at least a little, otherwise it is very difficult to approach them!


Love horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signsAquarians are the real lucky ones, in the coming year they are waiting for some victories on the love front. Apparently, this is the same payment for the not very successful previous year, when many Aquarians were disappointed in their life partner or had a divorce.

The stars advise you to pay attention to earth signs to add stability to your life. Typical Aquarians have always lacked confidence in their partner and the future, and the situation will change dramatically in 2021! But only if his Majesty Aquarius wants it!

Aquarians are creative and eccentric personalities, astrologers recommend that they look for the complete opposite for marriage and family relationships, avoid their own reflection in the mirror.

In the year of the White Bull, it is good to focus on creating your own home, family-your fortress, stop living for yourself. If Aquarius picks up on this trend and still finds someone to trust 100%, it will be one of the strongest alliances in 12 years!

Love horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signsAre you already desperate to find someone close in spirit? Wait until the beginning of the year! The year 2021 for Pisces Will be rich in good acquaintances, love adventures and marriage proposals. Yes, Yes, it is proposals – there will be several of them, all serious and promising!

Most of all, Pisces will be worried about whether they are making the main mistake in their life. The stars assure that everything is going well and now is the time for favorable changes.

The coming year favors water signs, especially in the area of love relationships. You can turn off your sensitive intuition for a while and, as if in a pool with your head, completely immerse yourself in the world of love.

Those Pisces Who have already started a family, with a new force will experience burning love feelings for their partner in marriage.

The most successful months for Pisces love will be in the second half of the year, towards the end. November and December are ideal for weddings, engagements, and life-changing decisions.

Astrologers warn: the stars assume, but everything is in the hands of man! A short love horoscope for each of the 12 zodiac signs is not an individual prediction, but just a General trend in 2021.

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