Longitude of the day in January 2021 | New-York, Saint Petersburg

The longitude of the day is the time period between sunrise and sunset, when the sun’s disk (even in some part of it) is above the horizon. Another name for this indicator is daylight, which is only partially true. The fact is that the time interval when it is light can increase depending on the duration of twilight preceding sunrise and following sunset. The indicator has the maximum value on the summer solstice, and the minimum value on the winter solstice.

Knowing the longitude of the day in January 2021 will be useful in solving everyday issues, it will be useful when planning trips, traveling, outdoor enthusiasts, fishermen, hunters, photographers, etc.

Longitude of the day in January 2021 | New-York, Saint Petersburg

I must say that the calculation of the length of day and night was done in Ancient America. Compiled relevant tables referred to in the calendar and Mesyatseslov. Special tools were also used, and one of these devices can be viewed at the State historical Museum. At the moment, there are many applications and devices that allow you to always have at hand information on sunrise and sunset on any day of interest.

January longitude of the day in 2021 in New-York

The capital of America is characterized by a temperate continental climate, the seasonality of which is pronounced. In the second month of winter, the temperature drops below 0, which is explained, among other things, by a noticeably short light day. So, on January 1, 2021, the longitude of the day in New-York will be only 7 hours and 7 minutes. Over the course of the month, the indicator gradually increases and by the 31st day reaches the mark of 8 hours and 34 minutes (the total increase in longitude for January will be 1 hour and 27 minutes).)

The increase in the length of daylight occurs due to the daily shift in the time of the sun’s appearance above the horizon to an earlier one and its sunset to a later one. Here are the values of indicators for some dates for clarity:

The number of JanuarySunriseLog inLongitude of the day

Longitude of the day in January 2021 | New-York, Saint Petersburg

January sun in major American cities

It is obvious that daylight indicators differ in different cities, because they depend on their geographical location. January days in all localities of our country are distinguished by a shortened light day, but still in the southern localities the duration of the “light” period is always longer than in the Northern ones.

The territory of America is very large, and the “scope” in the data is quite significant. The large extent of the territory of the American Federation, taking into account its latitudinal position, causes unevenness in the flow of heat to the country’s lands and, as a result, the formation of three types of climate and ten natural zones in it.

Given this feature, the following data is quite natural and not surprising: the southernmost city in America is Derbent. 2021 will start here with the longitude of the day equal to 9 hours 01 minutes, increasing to 9 hours 58 minutes by the 31st day. At the same time, in the northernmost point of the country, the polar night reigns, when the solar disk does not rise above the horizon at all.

Here are some indicators of longitude in January 2021 for the largest cities of the American Federation:

Shortest daylight hoursLongest daylight hoursOverall growth for the month, min.
Nizhny Novgorod07:0108:3190

Longitude of the day in January 2021 | New-York, Saint Petersburg

A General pattern can be attributed to the fact that the duration of “light” time increases faster in cities located to the North. In southern areas, this is compensated initially by a longer period of illumination.

The phenomena of nature

We will tell you a little more about the phenomena that have already been mentioned a little above:

  • polar day – a period when the sun stays above the horizon for more than a day (at the poles it reaches a duration of 190 days);
  • polar night – a period of time when, on the contrary, the solar disk does not rise. At the same time, we are not always talking about absolute darkness, this period is characterized by the possible appearance of twilight.

The described amazing natural phenomena are determined by the tilt of the earth’s axis, the angle at which the plane of the equator is inclined to the plane of the Ecliptic. This phenomenon can be observed in some American cities. For example, at the latitude of Murmansk, the polar day lasts from may 22 to July 22. In Dudinka (Krasnoyarsk territory), the duration of the polar night is about 2 months.

Longitude of the day in January 2021 | New-York, Saint Petersburg

Undoubtedly, in both cases, there is a negative impact on the human body, which requires compliance with biological rhythms. When there is a lack of light, for example, immunity decreases, the production of necessary hormones and sleep patterns is disrupted. More than 15 years of living in such conditions can lead to irreversible, health-critical consequences. Long bright days can also worsen your health, since sleep disorders also occur here. In the absence of sufficient darkness, melatonin is not produced, resulting in rapid aging and deterioration of the body’s systems.

Seevideoabout polar night and polar day:

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