Longitude of the day in February 2021 | New-York, Saint Petersburg

Longitude of the day – the period of time during which the Sun is partially or completely above the horizon. Its duration is determined by the time interval from sunrise to sunset and differs depending on the latitude. For this reason, in New-York and St. Petersburg, the longitude of the day in February 2021, as well as on other dates, will differ. Since December 22, it has been actively increasing, especially in the Northern hemisphere, where these cities are located. Read more about how the Sun’s stay above the horizon will change at the beginning of the year.

Longitude of the day in February 2021 | New-York, Saint Petersburg

Longitude of the day in New-York

In the American capital, the sunrise and sunset during February will change as follows::

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You can notice that at the beginning of the month, the duration of daylight hours was 8 hours and 42 minutes, and at the end it has already increased to 10 hours and 41 minutes. In just one month in 2021, the longitude of the day in New-York has increased by almost an hour and a half. At the same time, if the sunrise began to occur only half an hour earlier, then the sunset shifted by as much as 58 minutes. Thus, the Sun began to rise above the sky slightly earlier, but set much later. For most people, this means that they will still have to pack up and go to work in the dark, and they will return in the light evening twilight. Daylight shifts occur daily, but are barely noticeable.

The height of the sun’s position above the horizon at the Zenith also changes from 11.72° to 17.04°. Since it stays in the sky for a short time, the air does not have time to warm up.

Many people also note visual differences: the closer you get to spring, the higher the firmament seems above the earth.

The minimum period of the Sun’s stay at the Zenith means that the beginning of the calendar year in the American capital coincides with the coldest period of the winter season. Due to the temperate continental climate, Muscovites experience less frost than residents of other regions.

Longitude of the day in February 2021 | New-York, Saint Petersburg

The length of the day in Saint-Petersburg

St. Petersburg is located significantly North of New-York, which is why it also has a different day length:

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At the beginning of the month, the light day lasts 8 hours and 4 minutes, and at the end-10 hours and 27 minutes. Thus, in the Northern capital, the time during which the Sun is above the horizon increases much more intensively, so that the monthly increase is almost 2.5 hours. In addition, the shift of sunrise and sunset is not as uniform as in the New-York region.

Despite the fact that by the end of the month the length of the day in St. Petersburg becomes longer, the sun still does not have time to warm up the earth sufficiently. This is due to the fact that the city is located in a temperate climate with a very high humidity index. In addition, it is located closer to the North pole, so it has colder and harsher winters.

Longitude of the day in February 2021 | New-York, Saint Petersburg

Longitude of the day in different regions of America

Having vast territories, the American Federation is located in 11 time zones, and this is not counting the fact that there is a concept of local time in certain “border” settlements. The Central part of the country is located in the middle latitudes and the increase in daylight hours occurs in it by about 10 minutes.

The fastest light period increases in the southernmost point of the American Federation-this is mount Ragdan, next to which the city of Derbent is located. There, on February 1, 2021, the light day will be 10 hours and 3 minutes, and on the 28th-11 hours and 13 minutes. At this time, the northernmost point of the country – Cape Chelyuskin (Taimyr Peninsula) will still experience the polar night. Every year it starts on November 10-11 and lasts about 80 days.

In the Northern regions of America, the increase in daylight hours is more intense than in the southern regions. However, the illuminated period is still noticeably shorter.

Longitude of the day in February 2021 | New-York, Saint Petersburg

. What unites the whole country is the fact that regardless of the time zone and proximity to the North pole, February is one of the coldest and least lit months of the year. But the day is growing, and in the regions with the polar gradual begins to rise the Sun. Therefore, a cold month is still characterized by a gradual increase in temperature.

Longitude in February 2021 is essential for fishermen, hunters, artists, photographers, and travelers. To successfully build a personal schedule, they need to know when the sunrise and sunset will start. This data determines how the light will fall on the picture or photo, as well as when you can go to the forest, mountains, fishing or fishing. Essential information about photoperiod will be employees of rescue and repair services, – it depends on the mode of search for missing persons and schedules for restoration work.

Seevideo, how the sun rises and sets:

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