Loki TV series 2021 | release date, cast

Something incredible is happening in the Marvel cinematic universe. It looks like a new era is coming. Old projects are being closed, and new ones are being launched. The release date of the Loki series is set for 2021, but many crucial events can happen before that time.

Marvel movie phases

To understand how movies are released, you will need to familiarize yourself with a convenient marketing tool – division. Pictures of the cinematic universe are grouped into phases. Each of them is something like a book (or in this case a comic book) volume. A separate movie is a Chapter. Each phase develops its own end-to-end meta-plot. Individual episodes can be dedicated to specific characters or teams.

Loki TV series 2021 | release date, cast

The first phase includes six films that introduced the audience to the main superheroes. In five years, six films were released, starting with ” Iron man “and ending with”the Avengers”. These heroes went on to become a team. The main event in the first phase was the fight against alien invaders.

In the second phase, there were tests of a different plan. Tony stark had to struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder, Captain America no longer trusts his native state, and Thor is going to lose loved ones. The third film “Iron man” opened a new stage, and “ant-Man”closed.

The Studio decided on the release dates of new projects – starting from 2014, not only a sequel, but also an original picture about a new hero appeared annually. For example – “Captain America” — “Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Avengers” — “ant-Man”. In 2021, the series “Loki” will appear as a separate story and continue the overall picture.

In the third phase, 11 films were released dedicated to the split among the Avengers and the invasion of Thanos. “Loki” 2021 will belong to the fourth phase.

Loki TV series 2021 | release date, cast

The God of deception is a fan favorite

Among the huge number of characters there are good and evil, but the “bad guys” who have a special charm invariably become fans ‘ favorites, so it’s worth telling you more about them.

Loki is the God of deception. The hero constantly puts sticks in the wheels of his own brother Thor. In the movie “Avengers: infinity War”, he dies, but most magically resurrects in “Avengers: Endgame”. According to the Director’s idea, he simply moved to a mysterious place, as he received the Tesseract and managed to hide from pursuit. The role was played by Briton Tom Hiddleston, who will continue to work on the character impersonation. The actor is excited about the new opportunities in the lead role and is looking forward to starting filming.

The character will have to travel through human history, with the help of which he will be able to influence important events. The first appearance of the hero in America should take place in 1975, says the first promo image. The character’s character will be far removed from the reformed Loki, he must remain a disgusting and selfish deceiver.

Loki TV series 2021 | release date, cast

Tom Hiddleston in Loki

Women’s version

The film will be directed by a woman – Kate Herron. She was engaged in filming the popular TV series “Sex education”, which received recognition from the audience. Together with Michael Waldron, she also serves as a producer of the series.

The female version of the God Loki in the series will be performed by the charming British actress Sophie di Martino, who starred in “Yesterday”and” Pure English murders”. Negotiations are underway with the actress.

Loki TV series 2021 | release date, cast

Sophie di Martino

Filming will begin very soon – in early 2020. The series is scheduled for six episodes of 60 minutes each. The premiere will take place on the Disney+streaming service.

  • To describe the God Loki, you will need the most unflattering epithets-manipulator, liar, hypocrite, speaks to everyone in different languages, sneaky cunning;
  • Upcoming projects will look more like comics than movies;
  • The hero was resurrected by the love of fans all over the world, who did not want to put up with his death;
  • The logo for the series “Loki” contains the most important keys to the storyline;
  • Initially, a story about the character’s early years was planned, but then it was decided to focus specifically on the events that occurred after “Avengers: infinity War”.

Viewers can be sure that the project will turn out to be spectacular and interesting, and until it appears on the screens, you can review the first pictures with the character’s participation or fantasize about where the story of the evil cunning man will lead.

Loki 2021 TV series:trailer from fans

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