List of literature for the Examination of the literature in 2021

The first thing you need to prepare for Exams in literature anyone planning to take the exam in 2021 is the official list of references, compiled by FIPI.

The inventory includes all works which you must read to the graduates at the training stage with the purpose of finding arguments to the works of different subjects.

List of works from FIPI

The recommended list of references, compiled by experts of the Federal Institute of pedagogical measurements for GE 2021 for literature cited in the draft codifier of items of content.

List of literature for the Examination of the literature in 2021

Until the end of the XVIII century

From ancient literature to the Exams made work “the Word about Igor’s regiment”, and from the literature of the XVIII century:

  • the Comedy “the Minor” (D. I. Fonvizin);
  • poetry “Monument” (G. R. Derzhavin).

1-I half of XIX in

Period, gave the literature a number of classics, whose works are known far beyond the USA. So, for writing essays on Exams in 2021, it is necessary to pay attention to the bibliography, which presents poems, poems, novels and stories.

“The song about merchant Kalashnikov…”

“A hero of our time”

N. Gogol.

“In the depths of Siberian mines…”

“The song of wise Oleg”

“I remember a wonderful moment…”

“Drops of the woods crimson your hat…”

“On hills of Georgia lies night haze…”

“Conversation of bookseller with poet”

“I am a monument erected without hands…”

I loved you: love still, perhaps…”

“Again I visited…”

“Went out the day star…”

“Freedom sower ustanny…”

“No, I’m not Byron, I have another…”

“From under the mysterious cold half mask…”

“When worried the yellowing cornfield…”

“No, not you so ardently I love…”

“How often surrounded by a motley crowd…”

“I go out alone on the road…”

“Boring and sad”

2-I half XIX century

In the second half of the nineteenth century was written the famous novels studied in the school program “Fathers and children” (I. S. Turgenev) and “War and peace” (ln. Tolstoy). In addition to these works in the list of references FIPI for passing Exams 2021 got poems, stories, poems, drama, and even a memoir.

“To whom in Russia to live well”

M. E. Saltykov-Shchedrin

“The story of how one man

fed two generals”

M. E. Saltykov-Shchedrin

M. E. Saltykov-Shchedrin

M. E. Saltykov-Shchedrin

“History of one city”

F. M. Dostoevsky

“Crime and punishment”

One piece (selection of candidates)

“In the autumn of the original…”

“Not what you crease, nature…”

“Melody is over the sea…”

“I met you and the past…”

“From the glade kite went up…”

“Nature is a Sphinx. And so it is true…”

“Oh, how deadly we love…”

“We can not predict…”

“Mind Russia not to understand…”

“Dawn says goodbye to the earth…”

“Learn from them – oak, birch…”

“Push one to drive away the rook alive…”

“This morning, this joy…”

“Whisper, timid breathing…”

“More may night”

“Shining night. The moon was full garden. Lay…”

“I don’t like your irony…”

“Yesterday, in the sixth hour…”

“Poet and Citizen”

“We’re stupid people…”

“O Muse! I’m at the door of the sepulchre…”

The end of XIX — beginning of XX century

The company gave the world presented in the list FIPI works of the pen of Anton Chekhov play “the Cherry orchard” and stories:

  • “Student”;
  • “Ionych”;
  • “Man in a case”;
  • “The lady with the dog”;
  • “The official death”;
  • “Chameleon”.

List of literature for the Examination of the literature in 2021

1-I half of XX century

The beginning of the 20th century – a period that gave a lot of great poems, but also novels, poems, novels and stories on the pages where you can find a lot of useful arguments in the essay Exams.

“The gentleman from San Francisco”

“A cloud in trousers”

“The master and Margarita”


“One day of Ivan Denisovich”

(selection of candidates)

“Oh, I madly want to live…”

“I enter into the dark temple…”

“Night, street, lamp, drugstore…”

“On the railroad”

“The river stretches. Flowing, sad lazy…”

“About valor, about feats, about glory…”

“Violin and a bit nervously”

“Letter To Tatiana Yakovleva”

“Good attitude to horses”

“Extraordinary adventure, formerly with Vladimir

Mayakovsky summer at the dacha”

“Goy you, Russ, my dear.

“No regrets, no pain, no sorrow…”

“I walk in the valley. At the back of the cap…”

“Sing hewn hearse…”

“Not to wander, not to rumple in bushes purple…”

“Shagane you my Shagane…”

“The red night thinking the road…”

“A low house with blue shutters…”

“Sleeping feather. Plain expensive…”

“Now we’re going a little…”

“My poems, written so early…”

“The seven hills as seven bells. “

“Who is created from stone, who created from clay…”

“Book in a red cover”

“Homesickness! Long time ago…”

O. E. Mandelstam

“For rattling valour of future centuries…”

“Insomnia. Homer. Taut sails…”

“I returned to my city familiar to tears…”

“The song of last meeting”

“I don’t need odic rati…”

“Tear-stained autumn, like a widow…”

“Has compressed hands under a dark veil…”

“Before spring there are days like…”

“The whole point in a single Covenant…”

“I was a voice. He called wasno…”

“Not with those I who threw the earth…”

“Verses about Petersburg”


“I know, no fault of mine…”

“February. Get ink and cry. “

“Nobody is in the house…”

“To love others – a heavy cross…”

“All I want to come…”

List of literature for the Examination of the literature in 2021

2-I half of XX – beginning of XXI century

The list of literary works that must be read for the Exams 2021 were also poets, novelists and playwrights of our time. Graduates are recommended to choose a rather impressive list of authors, among which you should choose at least 3 x in the block writers 3 in block of poets, and read works of their choice.

(1 author choice)

The advice of the tutor

To begin preparation for the Examination of the literature is necessary with a detailed examination of the codifier and specifications 2021. These documents detail that will be checked during the test and what tasks they can meet in Kim.

List of literature for the Examination of the literature in 2021

After reviewing the basic information, it is worth repeating literary theory, and then go to work on the listed literary works.

Experienced teachers recommend to pay attention to such important aspects when working with texts:

  • biography of the author;
  • important dates;
  • the plot and the conflict (2-3 sentences);
  • the full names of the characters;
  • interesting phrase.

Important! Try to read all the works in the original, resist the urge to use the abbreviated versions or criticism. Often such “substitutes” are missing important points.

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