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The tradition of letters to Santa Claus exists in America for a long time. Every year, the American Post office sends almost half a million paper letters – the same number goes to the residence of Santa Claus in electronic form. 2021 will not be an exception: from November 18, senders will flood post offices with holiday mail, and on December 4, the second stage of the boom is expected.

Why November 18 and December 4

It’s simple. On November 18, America celebrates the birthday of Santa Claus. The tradition is young, it is 15 years old. They celebrate the name day in Veliky Ustyug – noisy, fun, with a Grand scale and guests. The date was not chosen by chance – it is believed that from November 18, the first frosts, harbingers of winter, come to Veliky Ustyug. And after the birthday, the Grandfather goes on a trip around the country.

December 4 is another special day. It is called the day of ordering gifts and writing letters to Santa Claus. Starting from this day in 2021, all American Post offices will officially start sending letters, telegrams, and postcards. And unofficially, the first correspondence arrives at the residence of the main new year’s hero in November.

Letter To Santa Claus 2021 | USAn Post

Residence in Veliky Ustyug

Santa Claus lives in Veliky Ustyug – in this ancient city of the Vologda region, his residence is located. It has an office and postal service.

Veliky Ustyug receives the largest number of emails. You need to send them to the following address::

Where: Veliky Ustyug, Vologda region, 162390.

To: Santa Claus Mail.

All requests are received, read, and answered by the good wizard’s assistants. Letters sent to the residence contain various requests. Kids want an iPhone, a motorcycle, a computer, a promising new job for their parents, and much more.

Addressees ‘ requests are growing every year – no wizard can fully fulfill them. Helpers from the postal service try to write a response to all emails. Getting an answer from Santa Claus is already a miracle.

And in the fulfillment of material desires, children can be assisted by their parents. On the website of the magic Officepochta-dm.ruthey can order a gift, a set or a certificate of honor from Santa Claus himself. The envelope or parcel will have a real postmark from Veliky Ustyug and the signature of the owner of the residence.

Letter To Santa Claus 2021 | USAn Post

Kuzminsky forest

Grandpa the magician has another HOMESTEAD. It is located in the Kuzminsky forest in New-York and also accepts letters from young and adult Americans.

Mailing address:

Where: VL. 168 Volgogradsky Prospekt, Kuzminsky Les, New-York, 109472.

To: Santa Claus.

You can also send an email. To do this, fill in the required fields of the form at the link on the estate’s websitededmorozmos.ru/letters-to-santa-claus, attach the file and click on the “Send” button.

Everyone who sends a letter by American Post before the end of January 2021 will have a chance to receive a gift from Santa Claus. Every year, the staff of the estate in Kuzminsky forest holds a competition for the best writing. It only includes messages that the contestants brought in person or sent by the postal service.

Letter To Santa Claus 2021 | USAn Post

Requirements don’t change:

  1. Original design.
  2. Novelty of the idea.
  3. Non-standard spelling.
  4. Logical and consistent presentation.
  5. Literacy.
  6. Availability of a return address.

Emails borrowed from the Internet or other sources are not considered.

Template emails are not accepted, but many parents go to the trick: they put the letters in the freezer, and Santa Claus’s assistants pick them up from there. A great way to give your child a fairy tale. Therefore, for such cases we offer you to download templates for letters to Santa Claus. We have collected options for boys and girls, with ready-made text and empty lines. And there are even coloring letters for young artists:

Letter To Santa Claus 2021 | USAn Post Letter To Santa Claus 2021 | USAn Post
Letter To Santa Claus 2021 | USAn Post Letter To Santa Claus 2021 | USAn Post
Letter To Santa Claus 2021 | USAn Post Letter To Santa Claus 2021 | USAn Post
Letter To Santa Claus 2021 | USAn Post Letter To Santa Claus 2021 | USAn Post

Tours of the towers

Those who come to the Kuzminsky forest personally will be interested to look into the Terem of the fairy-tale Grandfather, visit his office, look into the Svetlitsa to his granddaughter Snegurochka, get acquainted with your favorite characters from fairy tales. Master classes are regularly organized in the Snegurochka Terem, during which children can make a gift for their parents or friends themselves. This gift is unusual – the miracle talisman that fulfills wishes. After a tour of the property, you can dance around the Christmas tree, go ice skating and warm up with tea and pies.

Boxes for letters

The number of correspondence in the residence is growing every year, so postal services in some regions install special boxes for letters to Santa Claus. Such mailboxes are installed at the main post Offices – they start working on December 4. Themed mailboxes contain reminders on how to fill out envelopes and the exact address to which they should be sent.

The branch staff checks new correspondence daily and sends it to its destination. The installation of individual mailboxes allows postal employees carefully check the spelling of the address. After all, children often write letters and make mistakes. Because of a mistake, the desire may get lost somewhere along the way, and this cannot be allowed. Here’s the mail and helps everyone who believes in Christmas miracle.

How to make a letter for Santa Claus with your own hands: video

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