Lenten meals in 2021 by day | menu, calendar

A special time for all believers – a Great post. At this time, they can prove the strength of their faith, test themselves for the stability of moral foundations and approach the asceticism that Orthodoxy preaches. The requirements during this period apply to both the spiritual sphere of life and the physical one. This is aimed at a multi-level purification of the laity and Ministers of the Church: a person must move to a new level in body and soul. The diet that should be followed during Lent is not the result of blind choice. It is very precisely calculated to promote the spring elimination of toxins that have accumulated there over the winter. In addition to improving health, special nutrition in Lent can have a rejuvenating effect, so sometimes even people who are not believers choose this menu.


The main preparation for Lent is psychological adjustment. Modern man lives in an environment where all his needs are met almost immediately. Therefore, the strict restrictions imposed by the Church on these days are perceived by them with special negation. It is the submission to the postulates and requirements of Lent that often becomes the most difficult task. Submissiveness and humility are the first things you need to stock up on before you decide to fast.

Those who still decide to keep Lent, you need to familiarize yourself with the requirements for nutrition in advance, since the diet will be very different from the usual one. This will affect the list of products that will have to be purchased, and the cost of the daily menu.

Lenten meals in 2021 by day | menu, calendar


Lent in 2021 will begin on March 15 and will last until the arrival of Bright Easter-may 1. Its duration is 48 days, all this time the food will comply with special rules. The first 40 days are related to the period that Jesus spent wandering in the wilderness, having very little food. The next 8 days are particularly strict, as they are associated with the last stage of Christ’s life before the execution, with his torments and sufferings.

Basic rules

People who intend to fast and maintain the diet prescribed by the canons of the Church should adhere to the following rules::

  • Food is not the only restriction of Lent. It is necessary to exclude at this time from your life entertainment events, visiting noisy places and large idle gatherings. This helps to plunge into austerity, and also removes unnecessary temptations to return to the previous diet.
  • You can’t flaunt your self-control. Feeling proud even of yourself is a bad companion during Lent. Changing your diet is not a feat, but an attempt to grow spiritually.
  • The first and last seven days are the most strict. At this time, the body is readjusting itself to function with fewer calories, and the temptation to abandon your intention may increase.
  • Animal products are banned for the entire period of Lent.

Lenten meals in 2021 by day | menu, calendar

  • In addition to the set of products, you need to pay attention to the overall simplicity of the dishes on the table. Food should be built on this principle: the less food in the dish and the easier it is prepared, the better.
  • The most strict days are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. On these days of the week, all meals consist of one dinner, which should be cold and without vegetable oil.
  • Tuesday and Thursday are also just dinner, but warm.
  • On weekends, you can relax a little: they eat twice and season the dishes with vegetable oil.
  • On special days, a little red wine is allowed, but you need to be sure that it is natural.

Permitted products

To stay healthy during Lent, you need to eat a variety of foods. This will ensure that all the necessary nutrients are supplied.

Salty, fried, sweet and spicy foods can be eaten after Easter. The ideal cooking method is steamed. Grill and boiled dishes are also suitable.

The basis of the menu will consist of the following products::

  • Vegetables and fruits. They can be eaten raw, baked, boiled, stewed or cooked in a double boiler.
  • Cereals and cereals. Cook only on water, milk porridge is unacceptable. No oil is added. It is best to boil them to a stretching consistency.
  • For the supply of protein, they eat beans, mushrooms, peanuts and blueberries.
  • Bread – only black. You can buy dry bread for dietary nutrition.

Lenten meals in 2021 by day | menu, calendar

Portions should be small. It is better to eat slowly, then the feeling of satiety will come before the meal is completed.

“Fish days»

Fasting people should know that there are days when you can eat fish. It can be a small piece of low-fat varieties. To determine these dates, you need to refer to the Orthodox calendar of 2021.

The days of lent, when you can afford to fish:

  • April 7-Annunciation of the most Holy Theotokos;
  • April 25-palm Sunday.

On April 24-Lazarev Saturday – fish caviar of any variety is allowed. But even during these holidays, you need to remember that the indulgence is insignificant, so the amount of fish or caviar should be small.

Lenten meals in 2021 by day | menu, calendar

Meals by day

To make it easier to prepare a menu and prepare meals, you can use the tables that are scheduled for weeks (weeks).

Table 1. Fedorova Nedelya-the first week (March 15-21)

Day of the weekThe menu
MondayOnly water
TuesdayBlack bread and water
WednesdayRaw products without heat treatment (vegetables, fruits)
ThursdayOnly water
FridayRaw foods
SaturdayWarm dishes with any vegetable oil

Table 2.2nd week (from 22 to 28 March), 3rd week (from 29 March to 4 April), 4th week (from 5 to 11 April), 5th week (from 12 to 18 April) and 6th week (from 19 April to 1 may)

Day of the weekThe menu
MondayRaw products without heat treatment
TuesdayWarm dishes without oil
WednesdayRaw fruits and vegetables
ThursdayHot lean dishes without oil
FridayRaw fruits and vegetables
SaturdayWarm dishes with any vegetable oil

Lenten meals in 2021 by day | menu, calendar

On Sundays of March 28, April 11 and 18, you can enjoy a glass of red wine.

Table 3. Holy week (from 26 to 30 April)

Day of the weekThe menu
MondayDishes without heat treatment
TuesdayWarm dishes without oil
WednesdayRaw fruits and vegetables
ThursdayHot lean dishes without oil
FridayOnly water
SaturdayWarm dishes with any vegetable oil
SundayBefore the service-nothing, after the service-any food

Children, pregnant women, sick people or those who are engaged in heavy physical labor can not adhere to such a diet during Lent. They should talk about this topic with their spiritual mentor, who will advise them on how to limit themselves during this period.

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