LCD Murino in 2021

“Murino 2021” is a project of the residential quarter, the main elements of which are 2 storey buildings of economy class. Both buildings will complement the 4 other houses that had been erected in the framework of the project “Moscow 2017” and “2020 Murino”.

Responsible for the construction of the development company “the Plane LO”, specializing in the creation of districts in the Leningrad region. Assistant in the development of the concept made by the St. Petersburg engineering company “M4”. So what is “Murino 2021” will be able to impress potential buyers?

LCD Murino in 2021

Location and surrounding infrastructure

LCD “Murino 2021” will be located at the address: Leningrad region, Vsevolozhsk area, settlement Hillocks, Vorontsov Boulevard. Despite the fact that formally the territory of the district stretched beyond and, in practice, residents will be able to use a developed urban infrastructure.

So, just a 5-minute drive from the apartment complex is TC “North Mall”. In 20 minutes drive you can reach the metro station “Devyatkino”. Motorists also have here direct, convenient access to the Ring highway (KAD). The mobility choices exist for those who do not have a personal vehicle, near Murinsky station is a bus station and train platform.

A person who has acquired housing in the “Murino 2021”, will not be separated nor from the blessings of civilization, nor from the big city life. The village of Bugry in the moment is actively developing. Besides the fact that there is already running an outpatient clinic, 2 schools and 3 kindergartens, various development companies continue to improve this area due to the mass construction of housing and objects of social infrastructure. Guided by the principle of integrated development of the territory, “the Plane LO” will also be erected here another school for 950 places and 2 kindergartens for 210 places.

LCD Murino in 2021 LCD Murino in 2021

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In the framework of the project “Murino 2021” company “Plane LO” erect 2 additional 12-storey building, designed for 1654 apartment. The territory of the complex will accommodate 91,000 square meters, of which 59 000 sq m will be occupied by the residential part. Final delivery of the project into operation is confined to the 4th quarter of 2020.

All accommodation buildings have a fine finish. Apartments and studios are equipped with:

  • balconies with vintage glass;
  • already installed doors – exterior, interior;
  • painted ceilings;
  • floors and walls are tiled (bathrooms and kitchens);
  • conducted by wiring connected sockets and switches;
  • fixtures;
  • laid with linoleum;
  • hung Wallpaper in the rooms and corridors;
  • individual metering systems for measuring the flow of water (counters);
  • heating radiators.

Interesting fact! In addition, each entrance will have high-speed elevators – one passenger is 400 lbs. and one cargo per 1000 kg.

LCD Murino in 2021

The developer also draws the attention of potential customers that when planning and creating residential facilities they used the most advanced technology and modern materials. So for furnish of facades was chosen ceramic facing brick in beige and brown tones, complemented with artificial stone on the plinths of buildings. The walls are brick-monolithic method avoids sedimentary cracks and prolong the life of the object – according to experts, such a “monolith” can be used without interference for about 100 years.

In the LCD “Murino 2021” development company “Aircraft LO” is implemented selling of studios, one-bedroom apartments, two bedroom apartments and two-bedroom apartments. The cost of 1 sq. m.:

  1. In the Studio (can be from 22 sqm to 29 sqm) 82 751 RUB.
  2. The Studio apartment (32 sqm to 44 sqm) 79 251 RUB.
  3. Two-room apartment (35 sqm to 60 sqm) – 751 74 79 251 RUB or RUB (depending on the specific plan).
  4. Three-room apartment (75 sqm and 79 sqm) – 251 63 RUB.

This means that the proposals of the residential complex “Murino 2021” are in the following categories:

  1. Studio – from 1.9 million to 2.4 million rubles.
  2. One-bedroom apartments – from 2.6 million to 3.5 million RUB
  3. Two-bedroom apartments – from 2.8 million to 4.5 million RUB.
  4. Two – bedroom apartment- 4,8 million rubles and 5 million rubles.

LCD Murino in 2021


Around the new buildings will create a safe and welcoming environment which is suitable for both children and adults of any age and social status. It is known that near the houses there sports and playgrounds with a safe covering. Additionally there will be a dedicated area for walking and training Pets.

The opportunity to get into the building had only residents or their friends, it was decided to equip the apartment with intercom. In addition, the front door of each entrance will be metal – they will not be able to break or mess up. Inside houses to be installed with fire alarm.

The first floors of new buildings the Builder will give for commercial purposes. Most likely, it will be opened Barber shops, convenience stores and other similar establishments. It is known that the floors of the rooms on the first floor will be lined with ceramic tiles and the walls are decorated with decorative plaster.

LCD Murino in 2021

What you need to know about the Builder

“The plane LO”, registered in February 2015, is the housing market fairly young party. Despite this, the representatives of this development company since its inception has embarked on an elaborate organization of inhabited spaces, the rapid pace of construction on good quality and a decent level of service. Focus on the present, adaptability and ease “the Plane LO” was borrowed from the “Plane of development” is a large Moscow holding, which he included.

In the implementation of their projects “the Plane LO” starts not only from deadlines but also from the relevant construction standards, and applicable laws. So, building and selling dwellings in “Murino 2021”, conducted according to the principles of equity, governed by the Federal law №214-FZ.

LCD Murino in 2021

The methods of acquisition of housing

The developer has already announced the start of sales of real estate in the LCD “Murino 2021”, and this means that you can buy a Studio or apartment in this residential complex right now. To pay for the acquired area will be one of the following ways:

  1. Lump sum payment in the amount of 100%. In this case, the developer warrants to the buyer providing maximum discounts.
  2. Take in interest-free installments. “The plane LO” implements the ability to choose 1 of 2 existing programs. The main condition each of them is make an initial payment of 50% of the cost of housing.
  3. A deferred payment. Here consumers can not only pay for the acquired square metres 90 days after the actual purchase, but also get a discount of 3%.
  4. Mortgage. “The plane LO” cooperates with many leading Russian banks are ready to offer their mortgage programs, including “Sberbank”, “VTB”, “Bank URALSIB” etc.
  5. Maternity capital. When the housing also has full or partial Deposit of funds of the parent capital.

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