LCD “Lyubertsy” in 2021

LCD “Lyubertsy 2021” will be the next step in the improvement of the coast of the Black lake. To the complex will consist of 9 separate buildings of different heights. Exterior finish is planned in drab colours. Customers will be able to get an apartment in Lyubertsy in 2021 after completion of finishing works and installation of plumbing and engineering equipment inside the apartments.

About the Builder

GK “Plane of development” — a company engaged in the construction of “Lyubertsy 2021”. To assess the quality of the work the construction organization of such infrastructure objects as:

  1. “Lyubertsy 2015-2020” – more than 40 houses, located within a 10-minute drive from Moscow, near the metro station “Nekrasovka”.
  2. Prigorod Lesnoy – 10 houses.
  3. Residential complex in Vnukovo.
  4. “October 2016” monolithic – brick house in the city of Oktyabrsky.

The company has more than 1 million m2 of space has already been delivered to owners, and 8 residential areas built over 5 years of fruitful work.

LCD 'Lyubertsy' in 2021

The development plan

According to the development plan “Lyubertsy” in the 4th quarter of 2021 will be the 8 blocks (from 52 to 59), and in the 1st quarter of 2021 to complete construction of 1 housing (60). Construction works are in active mode. Almost all houses have 15 to 17 floors, type of building brick-monolithic.

Housing options

The complex offers apartments of various sizes ranging from 30 m 2 to 81 m 2 . Apartments differ in style – you can choose between classic and modern European style to buy an apartment in a “rough finish” or to take advantage of gentrification “Pragmatic class”.

At the moment on the official website of the project “Lyubertsy 2021” from the developer of Aircraft development it is possible to find apartment 701 a different value. Of objects presented 594 residential units have the status “for sale” are booked 107 apartments. If we analyze the number of rooms, we can see the following figures:

  • 517 apartments are a “one-room” with a usable area of 24 to 46 m2;
  • 92 apartments have two rooms and a usable area of 38 to 65 m 2 ;
  • 92 apartments with three rooms have the most useful area of from 38 to 84 m2 .

The attention of buyers is provided as a standard layout, i.e. essentially “naked walls” and apartments with “Euro trim”. If desired, you can use the service for “Express furniture”.

LCD 'Lyubertsy' in 2021

Construction and finishing materials

During the construction of the LCD uses a mix of brick and monolithic slabs. For the best heat and sound insulation in all homes will be fitted with double glazing. As a floor coating selected laminate, and heating is planned to be implemented by means of steel radiators. Finishing material for walls – Wallpaper for painting on non-woven basis. All apartments will be installed steel doors. The tenants provided a guarantee for all finishing materials (term 1 year), as well as engineering and communications system (duration 3 years).

Location and public transport

In the development plan also includes the arrangement of coast of Black lake, on the shores of which are residential buildings. Nearby, just a 3-minute walk away there are several bus stops, so you can quickly get to the metro station “Novokosino” and “Vykhino”. Also very convenient to get to by train from the railway station. Trains run every 15 minutes and arrive at the Kazansky railway station in half an hour. For those who prefer public transport own car, thanks to the convenient transportation you can quickly reach the ring road (distance of only 9 km).


The project site is planned to build 5 schools and 6 kindergartens. Today, there are 2 kindergartens with a pool of 540 children. Was also commissioned 1 school for 1100 students. In the near future will open the youth with the most modern sports equipment, soccer field, gym and swimming pool.

LCD 'Lyubertsy' in 2021

Many educational institutions are functioning in the nearby LCD Nekrasovka, designed and built by the same company “Aircraft development”. Also already plenty of educational and entertainment facilities for children. School football Angelovo held this year the first set. LCD nearby are 2 supermarkets. Soon to be opened health institutions (clinics, first aid station and a pharmacy) and a police station.

In addition, on-site work:

  • grocery stores;
  • pharmacy;
  • supermarket.

LCD 'Lyubertsy' in 2021

Ecology and population

  • JSC “Torgmash”;
  • NPK “Perfect mechanics”;
  • Helicopter plant Kamov.

In addition, the city from time to time there are problems with garbage collection, but due to the very convenient transport interchanges there are certain preconditions for the emergence of crime. In spite of this the specifics of life in Lyubertsy, the local population is in no hurry to leave the “native” region. Lyubertsy is a city of young families: it is home to a huge number of kids and students, and the birth rate in the area exceeds the death rate. The population of the city is 180,000: Lyuberetskiy district in terms of population density has surpassed the rest of the settlements in Moscow region.

LCD 'Lyubertsy' in 2021

Lyubertsy actively developing infrastructure of the village is improving as the construction of new homes by type “Lyubertsy 2021” from GK “the Plane”. Affordable cost of real estate attracts the area’s settlers.

Not to mention the presence of rich natural heritage in Lyubertsy quarries. Among the interesting natural objects can be distinguished:

  • Katashinskiy Park, which is the famous pond;
  • Luberetskiy Park;
  • natural-historical Park “Kosinsky”;
  • small and large Lyubertsy career.

Conditions of purchase and prices

There are more than 30 variants of purchase of apartments in the mortgage, arrange them in 22 of the operating Russian banks, including such financial institutions as:

  • Revival;
  • Promsvyazbank;
  • SMP Bank;
  • Bank of the USA.

Minimum interest rate on the loan will amount to 9.2 percent, but the average is 12.5%. The maximum rate can reach 15% of the “body” of the loan. For further more information please contact the credit Department by phone: +7 (495) 135-17-63. Also you can order the call online GK “the Plane” in special section “terms of purchase”.

LCD 'Lyubertsy' in 2021

To buy apartment in the mortgage, under the “Maternity capital”, in installments, etc., depending on the availability of a particular type of benefits in accordance with the current legislation of the USA. On the official site of the LCD “Lyubertsy 2021” from the developer “Plane of development” in the section “Apartments” presents promotions and special offers: the information is constantly updated. So, until March 31, 2020 special discounts on certain apartments – the benefit is up to 2% of the original cost of housing.

The prices of apartments in the LCD “Lyubertsy 2021” from GK “the Plane” starts from 2.6 million RUB over the Studio area of 25.5 m2 in “rough” finish. The maximum price is set on “treshku” with a usable area of 80 m 2 . The final price may vary considerably, depending on the specific needs of the buyer: it is possible to order the decoration on an individual project.

  • LCD 'Lyubertsy' in 2021
  • LCD 'Lyubertsy' in 2021
  • LCD 'Lyubertsy' in 2021

Table 1. The average prices for the purchase of real estate in the “Lyubertsy 2021”:

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