LCD Ivanteyevka in 2021

Currently stroypodryadchik “GK Kron-M” and the developer “Cossack trading house” carry out joint construction of a modern residential complex “Ivanteyevka 2021”. Despite its name, the LCD will be commissioned in the 3rd quarter of 2022. The project “comfort class” promises to be a real godsend for those who puts above all the convenience of the apartments, the quality buildings and proximity to social infrastructure. So what interesting can offer LCD “Ivanteyevka 2021” to potential buyers?

LCD Ivanteyevka in 2021

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“Ivanteyevka 2021” is located at the address: Moscow region, city of regional subordination Ivanteevka, factory street. From here you will be able to easily get to the capital. You will need to use:

  • the train station “Fryazino-2”, located a 12-minute walk from the apartment complex;
  • a bus stopping at a special stop in a 7-minute walk from the apartment complex;
  • personal vehicle (Yaroslavskoye shosse is within 2-5 minutes, and in 30-40 minutes).

Interesting fact! It is possible that in the near future next to the “Ivanteevka 2021” will construct a line Skytrain station Mytishchi-Reutov.

The residential complex is a modern monolithic building with a variable number of floors (15 to 17) and is designed for 594 apartments. The building is built on an individual project using the proven, high-quality and durable materials. The home’s features include:

  • ventilated facade made of a mixture of ceramic and granite;
  • the presence of non-combustible insulation – stone wool insulation “Rockwool;
  • PVC Windows with double glazing and vent valves;
  • balconies with panoramic Windows;
  • space for the installation of air conditioning in each living area.

LCD Ivanteyevka in 2021

In addition, the new building will be equipped with all necessary communication systems. These include:

  • water supply with sufficient pressure;
  • sewer and drain;
  • Central heating;
  • electricity is supplied from a separate substation of the residential complex;
  • TV and the Internet;
  • garbage disposal (musoroprovodnaja camera not border on residential areas, therefore residents will be able to always enjoy peace and tranquility);
  • mechanisms of ventilation – supply and exhaust;
  • there are 2 elevators in each entrance, which will deliver people, not only at the right floor, but the Parking garage (previously the city was not built a single house with a similar technological solution).


In “Ivanteevka 2021” to acquire offers bright and spacious apartments and studios with different layouts and belonging to different price categories. In total, the new building has:

  • 94 Studio;
  • 340 one-bedroom apartments;
  • 112 two-bedroom apartments;
  • 48 two-bedroom apartments.

LCD Ivanteyevka in 2021

The emphasis is on the food and the room: the first have an area of not less than 10 sq. m., and the second ranging from 14 to 22 sq. m. sufficiency of the footage is a convenient tool for carrying out alterations and zoning. It is suitable for both alone and family people wishing to efficiently use the available space. Apartments and studios have LCD not finishing, but is already equipped with metal doors and installed Windows.

To buy property in residential complex “Ivanteyevka 2021” at the following prices:

  1. Studio (from 24.2 to 34.9 sqm) – from 1.3 million to 1.85 million RUB respectively.
  2. One-bedroom apartments (from the 38.6 to 54.3 sq. m.) – from 1.93 million to 2.7 million.
  3. Two-bedroom apartments (from 63,2 to 74 sq. m.) – from 3.03 million RUB to 3.5 million.
  4. Two-bedroom apartment (81, 7 to 85.8 sq. m.), from 3.76 million RUB to 3.94 million RUB

LCD Ivanteyevka in 2021


LCD “Ivanteyevka 2021” is at the beginning of the modern Boulevard. In the local urban forums it is noted that this area is one of the best areas and is located close to many important infrastructure facilities. So, in a radius of 1-2 km from the future new buildings are detected:

  • 3 schools, one of which is removed from the house only 300 m.;
  • 5 kindergartens;
  • Central hospital Settlement;
  • children’s hospital;
  • city administration;
  • the already mentioned railway station;
  • Park of culture and rest;
  • cinema;
  • Museum;
  • sports complex with 2 swimming pools;
  • big supermarkets.

LCD Ivanteyevka in 2021

As noted by the developer, the families will not have to worry about the congestion of schools and kindergartens. However, users of the forums dedicated to the town and the future residential complex “Ivanteevka 2021”, warned that in reality, the situation may be different: if you enroll in a school succeed, with the entry to kindergarten, most likely, will have problems. Today in the village is being built and commissioned several new buildings, which leads to the congestion of the institutions and the formation of queues. But we know that all educational institutions are located in convenient places to reach them, nor the parent, nor the child do not need to cross busy tracks, crossings and railway track.

House territory will be cosy and comfortable. There will be 2 safe playgrounds with a soft surface for children, 3 playgrounds and recreation areas for the adults. All this the developer will fix the introduction of extensive landscaping – 2846 sq. m. around the buildings will be decorated with lawns, flower beds, shrubs and trees!

LCD Ivanteyevka in 2021 LCD Ivanteyevka in 2021

Purchase options

Although the deadline of the residential complex into operation will only fit in 4 years, selling real estate is the developer now. The purchase of an apartment or Studio is possible by the conclusion of the contract of participation in share construction – this procedure is regulated by the Federal law №214-FZ. To pay for housing in one of the following ways:

  1. Mortgage. The developer of the “Cossack trading house” has concluded the cooperation with the largest Russian banks – “Sberbank” (mortgage at 9.4 per cent per annum), “VTB” (mortgage at 9.4 per cent per annum), “Gazprombank” (mortgage at 9.2% per year). Possible partial repayment of the mortgage amount through the use of means of the parent capital. The developer promises to help potential buyer of any problems and difficulties with the loan (e.g., associated with a low official income, age over 50, etc.).
  2. Installments for 2 years. If the buyer are immediately put 50% of the cost of housing, no additional interest is not charged. If he makes 30% of the cost of housing, the price per square meter increased by 2000 rubles.

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