Last call in 2021

The last call invokes different feelings — some are happy forthcoming holidays, others are upset due to the fact that all leave the school. Very soon children will have to enter into adulthood, to say goodbye to classmates and teachers. In 2021 the last call will mark all students, alumni, teachers and parents.

When will the last call

Last call in 2021 will ring on may 25. Note that the administration of each school can independently move the celebration to another day. For example, in 2020 celebration to be held on may 25, which falls on Saturday. But most of the schools it said on Friday, a day early.

Last call in 2021

The history of last call

The tradition of the last call has been around for several decades. In the 70-ies of the last century, our parents were the first who started to celebrate the end of the school year. Prior to this completion was marked by a modest ruler in the auditorium.

The Ministry of education of the Soviet Union was sent in 1971 an order in every school in the country. In it the government recommended to organize a special event for graduates. In the said order also indicated the date when they had held the line — on 25 may.

The first event in the 70-ies was very beautiful and solemn. In the yard of each school was held festive line, speeches, the teachers received a lot of flowers, and the students performed, showing their talent. It was at that time the tradition of ringing the bell.

In those years, the celebration of the last call and in other cities were organized only for students who have completed the 8-th and 10-th class. First passed in vocational and technical institutions, and the second was going to do in institutions. Years later, the rules have changed and the festive bells began to sound for each student. It is a symbol of the end of the school year.

Last call in 2021

Holiday traditions

  • The line is usually divided into two parts. The first is called formal, or solemn, including construction, performance Director and awards. The second part has received the name of the concert, it implies a more informal celebration of the end of the year. Usually accompanied by sweets, dinner in the restaurant and meeting dawn.
  • The official part of the line and the last call includes speech of the Director, teachers, and invited guests. The best students are marked by letters and other awards for outstanding achievements in studies, sports or other industries. Then graduate with a first grader on his shoulders, runs across the school yard, giving the last call and commemorating the end of the event.

Graduates get prepared in advance gifts and present them to first graders. Most often it is pencil cases, school supplies go sweets.

Last call in 2021

The Grand Kremlin Ball

Last call in 2021 will be a symbol of graduation for each student. The most talented and smart guys will visit the Grand Kremlin Ball, which will be held in the capital.

On the official website of the State Kremlin Palace, you can fill out an application and get on the main ruler of the country. In the form you need to write your own merits, and also to support teachers in her school. To get to the Ball can not only resident , but also any other region of the country.

Last call — always bright and memorable event. This is an opportunity to congratulate the children and to pay tribute to teachers, throughout the year, seeking to give new knowledge to students.

A beautiful song on the last call for graduates: video

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