Land Rover Defender 2021

One of the most striking innovations of the Frankfurt motor show, starting September 10, 2020, became the new Land Rover Defender, which should go on sale in the first half of 2021. The model can be called truly revolutionary, because it will be radically different from the familiar to connoisseurs of the car, which the company has put on the market for many decades.

The history of the model

Big, powerful, reliable and somewhat angular SUV, who later became a legendary Defender, Land Rover first introduced in the UK in 1983.

Land Rover Defender 2021

Among the indisputable advantages of the model were:

  • a wide range of powerful petrol and diesel engines motors;
  • permanent all-wheel drive with locking center differential;
  • robust frame construction.

To 2014 in the USA officially sold various modifications of the Defender, including pick-up, and in 2016 the production model was officially completed. But the interest lovers of the off-road to a powerful and reliable car is not faded. A limited version of the model with the prefix Works, released in 2018 for the 70th anniversary, was sold out in record time, prompting the company management to the modification of everyone’s favorite SUV.

Over the past year the network had a lot of ideas and guesses, what could be a new Land Rover Defender II generation, which had planned to bring to market in 2021. But, finally unveiled his creation to the creators in September 2020, presenting a novelty in the framework of the 2020 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA).

Land Rover Defender 2021

And hid new defender 2021 no wonder, because even a cursory look at the first live photos of new items it is obvious that changes incredibly much.


Externally, the new generation of the legendary off-roader is radically different from the model predecessor. Instead of angular form smoothly rounded body parts, is uncluttered simplicity – the spectacular design luxury apartments.

Land Rover Defender 2021

On the new exterior worked the famous designer Massimo Frascella, which was tasked to rethink the exterior of the iconic car and make it more modern, while retaining recognizable features of the beloved Defender. How well did it master, time will tell. Clearly, opinions of experts and car enthusiasts in this question disperse.

So, the exterior, which attracted the attention of new Land Rover Defender 2021, form elements such as:

  • radically changed the front part;
  • preserving the round form of headlights with led contour illumination;
  • the powerful front bumper;
  • off-road kit of unpainted plastic;
  • reliable protection of the bottom;
  • vertical air intakes in the wings;
  • the big wheels (18 to 22 inches);
  • a robust roof rack with lesnichey for the most convenient loading;
  • a large boot lid, which is traditionally the spare wheel;
  • striking rear lights cubic design;
  • fabric sliding roof (optional).

Land Rover Defender 2021 Land Rover Defender 2021

New Land Rover Defender will hit the market in 2021 in 3-door and 5-door versions (respectively, the price will be slightly different). For the two versions remain the usual notation (90 /110).

Defender 90

A shortened 3-door model will get the dimensions:

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