Koschey. The real story — cartoon 2021

There are characters that evoke an ambiguous impression. Biography of the main character of the cartoon 2021 “bag of bones. The real story” has been known since time immemorial. This vicious bony man, whose death is in the egg. He steals beauties and keeps in close prison, but then falls victim to the brave the suitors or other protectors of the girls. It seems to be a negative type but in fact it does not cause fear and terror, and the efforts of modern animators often becomes cute. What awaits the audience in a new project? Worth looking at this in more detail.

The storyline

This time the fans are going to see something phenomenal. Familiar heroes of the universe “Fabulous patrol” will interact with the villain, only here he is not a man, a young warrior with a difficult past. Really, why nobody thinks about the fact that the hero was very young, gradually grew up and took life’s challenges. Only after many years, he has turned into the character we know now. The release date of the cartoon “bag of bones. The real story” is scheduled for 2021. After the premiere, fans will learn many new facts about the famous character, his backstory. We will talk about the terrible White Ghost who turned into a pariah cheerful young man with optimistic life plans. The young warrior has only one goal — to take revenge and become the same. He begins to withdraw into themselves and to appreciate being alone, but after meeting with the young Dryad, everything changes.

Alena, Masha. Cooking and Snow keep order in the town of Myshkin. Here fairytale characters live. City administration controlled by the mayor Koschey Immortal. He helps guide Jadwiga Petrovna. In different series appear, the devil, the Scientist cat, Water, Basil V. wise and other characters.

Koschey. The real story — cartoon 2021

The authors of the children’s project decided to make the Schoolgirls witches, who will have to take responsibility for the events in the surrounding world and to maintain a balance between the fairy world and the human world. Each of the girls manages her own element, one of the four. For example, Snow, aka the snow maiden, is responsible for Water and her friends for the Fire, Earth and Air. Adventure heroines continue for three years and very loved by the guys. In this world of special rules, so first had to get acquainted with the new universe. Old the adventure is over, it’s time for a new one, in 2021 the audience will get acquainted with the history of Koschei. The film will be slightly different from the previous plots, because it will be a young hero and a few of the young heroines, so in the case will join the love…

Koschey. The real story — cartoon 2021

Magical girls will be older and the trouble will be serious. Studio “Engine” is working on the first feature-length cartoon, which should become a real sensation:

  • This time the adventure will not be limited by the limits of Myshkin, the heroes travel into the world.
  • Old characters will be joined by many new.
  • Enter the power of an ancient prophecy, he will have to fight the young sorceress.
  • The Central motif will be a love story, only one fateful meeting, everything changes, and the heroine go on a long journey.
  • Koschey is not a negative character, the new details will make surprised those who are accustomed to the stereotypes.

Magical girls are not the primary characters, the love story of Koschei and charming young dryads. Previously, he was a mere mortal, but after completed challenges won the right to immortality. What happened on the long road and where subsequently lost lover? It will have to know the audience after the film. Unfortunately, the trailer has not yet appeared, but there are some shots that lift the veil of secrecy.

Koschey. The real story — cartoon 2021 Koschey. The real story — cartoon 2021 Koschey. The real story — cartoon 2021

The authors and their secrets

Who owe their existence to such charismatic characters? The main author of the Studio “Locomotive” is Maria Parfenova. It’s a real Charmer, from the dictates of which depend on all movement of heroes, trials on the way and adventure. Together with his creative team as she creates the tale and commanded vivid characters. The authors decided to expand the limits of the universe “Fabulous patrol” and send characters to the new worlds.

Instead of the usual images of the writers turn inside out everything that happened before this time, getting creative and considering events from unexpected angles. Because the cartoon is positioned as a family, it will be interesting to all viewers – children rejoice the colorful adventure, and adults will be interested in the concept of what is happening, because they are accustomed to stereotypical perceptions, and not think about why the wizard looks like this and not otherwise…

We have to wait for the release of the cartoon and appreciate the work of people who decided to turn up the tales and give the audience his version of familiar events. It is not excluded that it was actually.

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