Korean New 2021

Along with the usual New year, in Korea, Seollal is celebrated. The main national holiday, Korean New year in 2021 will be celebrated on January 25. Its date usually falls between late January and mid-February, and marks the arrival of spring in Korea according to the lunar calendar. It is also called “Eastern” or Chinese New year.

The traditions of Korean New year

Seollal is celebrated for three days: new year’s eve, directly holidays and the following days. During this period, life in the country stops. Small shops and cafes go on a weekend, the same applies to government agencies.

Korean New year is considered strictly a family holiday. So we all go to visit relatives, going to his father’s house. Koreans respect the traditions and ceremonies handed down from generation to generation.

Spend the occasion put in hanbok. And will meet the Korean new year 2021 residents of Korea. Hanbok is a traditional clothing, which usually clothe the younger generation of the family. In these robes, made a low bow to the elders. The ceremony is called “sebe”. In response to the senior bow to deliver holiday wishes and to thank the children a symbolic amount of money – “SABATON”. This tradition is honored perfectly in all corners of the country.

Korean New 2021

In addition to fun, in Seollal is customary to commemorate the dead relatives. At the dawn of the Koreans lay the table, put on the traditional garb solum and conduct ancestor worship. Usually the ceremony of “char” is held in the beginning of the holiday to “sebe”. The main difference of this ceremony is that during the “char” to commemorate the dead ancestors, and during the “sebe” – worship still alive.

Korean New 2021

Another interesting tradition is called “roofing”. According to her all Koreans become a year older during Sallala. Earlier in Korea did not celebrate individual birthdays. So in the New year everybody just throws +1 to age, even newborns. Now birthdays are celebrated separately, but the conventional tradition has remained.

Korean New 2021

The ttok and ttokkuk

Before the traditional dishes prepared on the day of the first full moon, and it is already 15 days before Sallala. Now this tradition is increasingly ignored, and can make ttok and ttokkuk even without reason. But still, the patties and the soup must be on the festive table in honor of Korean New year 2021.


The celebration of Callala not limited to the usual gatherings at the table. Usually the celebration takes place very actively. Some people prefer traditional Board game “yunnori”. Men and boys go outside to fly kites. Also the male half can play “jegichagi” is a Korean variation of football that uses a soft ball.

Girls and women ride on a traditional Korean swing. This fresh rocking on the swing in the shape of a large boat called the “neolttwigi”. While rocking each of the girls trying to do some acrobatic trick.

Korean New 2021

Also play in “keygenalive” – juggling the five stones.

What is presented on Seollal?

Koreans prefer to give only useful presents. Most often it is a variety of gift certificates. This is a great option, because whoever received him, he will be able to dispose of the donated amount.

Also often give different food packages or cosmetics. They can beautifully wrap and present oil, cereals, canned and shower gels, shampoos, toothpastes and creams. As a present you can get and household chemicals, which will be useful later in the economy.

For Koreans the usual New year is just a Convention. Young people can get out to a party or spend an evening in the company of friends. But the main winter holiday is Seollal. It is a celebration celebrating all these days reunited family. Koreans honor the ancient traditions. Despite the fact that traditional outfits are expensive, they try to have in her wardrobe and solum hanbok to celebrate Seollal correctly.

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