Kia Mohave 2021

The company Kia presented a concept of a new generation of premium SUV Mohave, which is scheduled for the first half of 2021. We offer to your attention the latest news about the technical characteristics, as well as the first live photos of new items that will allow you to fully evaluate the features of the exterior “masterpiece” of technological thought, because it is translated the name of the concept Masterpiece.

Kia Mohave 2021

The history of the model

The first generation model has been available since 2008. Although in North America sales ceased in 2011, Mohave and are successfully sold in many countries of Asia and in the USA, attracting the attention of buyers such benefits as:

  • robust frame construction;
  • excellent off-road characteristics;
  • spacious, comfortable lounge;
  • affordable price in comparison with counterparts in Europe.

Kia Mohave 2021

Although many experts believed that after the release of the Kia Telluride 2021, which has become the biggest representative of the class SUV in the line of the brand, Mohave can simply be removed from production, the company has decided to give popular brands new life.

Presentation of the concept of the Masterpiece took place in April 2020 in Seoul, and by the autumn promise to present the production version of the premium crossover.

Kia Mohave 2021


The first thing that draws attention is the striking design of the front part and logo is not familiar to our compatriots. Don’t worry, Kia has no plans to rebrand, just for the South Korean market, the brand has its own emblem, which adorns the grille of the new Kia Mohave model 2021.

Kia Mohave 2021

The SUV has acquired new bright aggressive design, while retaining the recognizable shape of the body and other benefits, such as frame construction and a reliable, proven platform.

Vivid exterior news form:

  • the design solution visually uniting the grille and head optics into a single element;
  • cubic design of the headlights in the style of “ice cubes”;
  • luminous vertical elements that critics have already compared “teeth of the tiger”;
  • a massive front bumper with fog lamps modules and powerful protection, alluding to the excellent off-road characteristics;
  • the big wheels, which received exclusive design;
  • neat roof rails for extra trunk;
  • powerful rapids that carry both aesthetic and practical load;
  • rear lights with a 3D effect;
  • spectacular Mohave glowing inscription on the tailgate;
  • rear bumper with two pairs of exhaust system, narrow strips of the size and extra protection.

Kia Mohave 2021 Kia Mohave 2021

In General, the new Mohave 2021 looks stylish and modern, believes manufacturers should provide a high enough interest in a model, despite the fact that the range of Kia it will be located is still slightly below previously submitted Telluride.


Presentation of the concept has allowed to fully appreciate the exterior of Mohave Masterpiece, but what will be the car interior of the next generation, guests and experts remained a mystery.

If you pay attention to some similarities in the exterior Mohave and Telluride, we can assume that the cabin of the new crossover will also can be found some elements borrowed from the older brother. Although producers have promised that the interior will be completely new and will surprise everyone even more than a spectacular body design.

Kia Mohave 2021


Since the platform and the body itself in the new Mohave’t changed, we can say that its dimensions will remain the same.

1 765 mm / 1 810 (with roof rails)

Kia Mohave 2021

At this stage, for a new Kia Mohave modification 2021 it is assumed only one engine – a familiar predecessor the 3-litre turbocharged diesel 260 HP complete with a 6-speed automatic Sportmatic.

It is also known that the company’s engineers have paid special attention to the complex updating of security systems.

Price and start of sales

Original new Mohave will appear at the beginning of 2021 in the market of South Korea and China. It is possible that the model will also supply in the United States.

When can we expect new Kia Mohave in the USA and what will be its price is still difficult to predict, but it can occur not earlier than second half of 2021.

In anticipation of the official presentation of the production model, we offer you to watch a video presentation of the concept Kia Mohave Masterpiece:

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